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Zales - Tiefling Druid by Motion-Music Zales - Tiefling Druid by Motion-Music
This is Zales, my character in an upcoming D&D game.

He is a druid (you wont find much Tiefling druid, ranger, or barbarian art out there and this drawing could fit any of those, so that is cool)

Zales is a lorekeeper for the Tribe of the Black Castle, a tribe of feral tieflings native to the desolate Castle Lands, in the shadows of the volcanic Sky Cutter mountain range. He has traveled the lands and met with the other tribes of the land such as the Drow, the Abyssals, and Infernals, he even traveled across the seas to Drakaris to where he met the Dragonborn.

Many people would call him druid, and while he agrees there are some key differences between his beliefs and abilities, his people have animal guides, and with a significant lack of wood in the castle lands their spellcasters use chitin from gigantic insects as a focus.

he is 54 and has lived a good life, and has a wife, and three children. His oldest companion is dreadwing, his spirit animal and guide that is always with him.

But a change began to overtake the world, the stars began to go out one by one, and the nights grew colder. Zales had heard whispers and theories about this in his travels, and he knew what was happening. The world was doomed to die, and in the great cities the wizards and artificers built great ships to pierce the void between worlds. Zales smuggled himself and his family aboard one of these ships, abandoning the bulk of his people to their fate, an act which will forever haunt him.

but he loves his family, and will do anything to ensure their safety.
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November 8, 2017
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