[RELOCATED] Inventory/Bank Updates Kiosk

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Deviation Actions

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Please comment below to update registered Mothcat ID's and inventories! 

  • Companions 
  • Clothing/Accessories

Use the form below to update Mothcat inventories: 
Link to Mothcat Bank
Link to Masterlist Entry
What are you adding?: (if any)
What are you removing?: (if any) 

Reminder about bank update rules
  • Do not comment more than once for a single action. 
  • Do not tag individual MothcatMarket Runners and/or admins. 
  • Do not rush the admins/market runners to update anything. 
Failure to comply with the above rules will result in a verbal warning for the first offense and infractions every time afterwards. 

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This function has been relocated to Mothcats.com!

Please go here to perform Inventory Kiosk functions!