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Please comment below to update registered Mothcat ID's and inventories! 

  • Companions 
  • Clothing/Accessories

Use the form below to update Mothcat inventories: 
Link to Mothcat Bank
Link to Masterlist Entry
What are you adding?: (if any)
What are you removing?: (if any) 

Reminder about bank update rules
  • Do not comment more than once for a single action. 
  • Do not tag individual MothcatMarket Runners and/or admins. 
  • Do not rush the admins/market runners to update anything. 
Failure to comply with the above rules will result in a verbal warning for the first offense and infractions every time afterwards. 

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This function has been relocated to Mothcats.com!

Please go here to perform Inventory Kiosk functions!

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Stack/Unstack Items Here!

Make sure to read about stacking here first!

Bank: (Link your on site profile here!)
Items: (Please specify whether you would like to stack or unstack them!)
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Bank: mothcats.com/user/cedar
hello can i un- stack 
 x16 coconuts 
and x30 sand 
for junkyard purposes
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Thank you for your patience! Your items have been unstacked!
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Bank: mothcats.com/user/Mouse
Items: Bamboozle Boy Goos Egg

I would like to unstack 6 of my 26 bamboozle boys please! (so that I have 6 single boys and one stack w/ 20 boys)
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Thank you for your patience! Your items have been unstacked!
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Have any questions? Ask here!
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Can I put accessories from my inventory on my Bumblebun?
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Yes, given an ID to attach them to!
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If I want to add accessories, can I add multiple or only one of the same type? Like can I attach my hooded scarf and a hat at the same time or can I attach only one?
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You may add multiple at the same time!
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Hiya! I happen to have a companion whistle somehow from like a year ago. How do I exchange it for an acorina or companion slot?
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Simply comment under the materials exchange comment with your bank/proof of the companion whistle and which of the two you would like!
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I have returned with more questions! If I add clothing items and/or accessories to a Mothcat are they required to wear them all the time, or do we get to choose? If we depict them wearing 1 item would we have to show all the others too? I'm hoping it works like a 'use any time' closet for the Mothcat in question so I wouldn't have to keep bothering y'all! XD

Also I have a couple of cats that came with accessories from Misa or guest artists. If I draw icons for those items do I need to/can I add them to the database in order to include them on the trackers or can I just stick them on the trackers for those cats?

Thank you! ^-^ :heart:
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So long as the accessorie(s) you're drawing with the mothcat are attached to them, go wild! That's really our main concern there, haha.

Those are already attached to the cats so you're good, but if you wish to draw icons for them they can be added to the DB! It's not strictly necessary, though.

Happy to help as always!
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Awesome! Gosh that was fast! ^-^ Thank you so much!
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So prepare for noob-ness... >.>

Ok I have a myo I am going to register soon and I made a custom crown for them using a clothing slot. Here are my questions:

1) Do I need to make a mothcat card for each mothcat? Or is there a different registration method?
2) How do I actually 'craft' my accessory?
3) Do I need to make an image of the accessory? How do I do that?
4) Should I wait to register the mothcat until I can include the accessory?
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No worries! I'm happy to help!

1. Generally, yes, you need some manner of ID for each individual mothcat. We do now have Journal Trackers as well, though, if that answers your question! 

2. If you're talking about using the clothing slot, in general, you would attach them as you would any other accessory, just providing an image of what you're using the slot for.
However, just as you may submit a MYO with pre-existing accessories, you can submit one with accessories made with clothing slot(s); you just need to indicate that you are using a clothing slot and what you're using it for.

3. We do need some manner of documentation of what you're using the slot for! It does not need to fit strict guidelines, however, as accessories "made" with clothing slots do not get uploaded to the DB. We'd rather you have a separate image, but if you need to and the accessory is clear on the MYO submission, you may indicate that you are using the slot for said accessory.

4. That depends on your own preference! 
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Ok thank you! I think I will try to get an image of the accessory, then register the bab. Once registered I will make a tracker journal and come back here to register the use of the clothing slot! ^-^ I appreciate your help with this!

Hopefully I can find someone to do the image for me! ^-^ :heart:
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Sounds good! I'll be here when you're ready or if you have any other questions. And again, I'm happy to help!
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Hi there! I finally haz the ability to draw again! \o.o/ If I make an icon of the accessory so that it can be added to tracker and database, how large should it be? Any specific dimensions?
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If you're aiming to have it added to the database, the final dimensions should be 70x70px!
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Ok so I submitted the database entry for it, and I am waiting for approval there. Once that is approved I will submit him to the mothchive with that listed. Then I will submit his Mothcat Tracker with it on there? Or should I wait and do the form to add it to the Mothcat Tracker after? And should I post anywhere special that I used a clothing slot to craft it? I will adjust the bank, but just want to be sure!

Also... Do I replace the Clothing Slot in my bank with the image of the Daisy Crown? Or do items disappear from the bank inventory when added to a tracker card? >.>

OMG so many questions! I'm so sorry! ;~;
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