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Quest Bulletin By Fanface by Mothkitten


19th of May, 2020:
    All Quests, other then Scavenging, are now live! A list of notable changes made to quests are as follows:
    • Wedding Bells! ring exchange now takes place at the inventory kiosk, if you wish to change rings after the quest.
    • Heart-to-Heartnose now requires participants to provide a reference of the Heartnose on entry. Those with currently live quest entries for this quest are exempt for the remainder for the quest.
    • Let's Get Started! was closed as it was no longer needed.
    • Dye Mixing was closed due to a lack of use.
Scavenging Quests are currently pending a revamp, and will be moved later. For the time being, you may continue to use them as before, but please provide your site account instead of your DA bank. Items will be added directly to the account.

Quest Bulletin Rules/Guidelines


  1. You must be a Mothcats member to participate.
  2. You must have a valid account to participate.
  3. You do not need to own a Mothcat to participate.
  4. Both admins and members can participate.
  5. Read each quest carefully as they may have specific rules.
  6. Please be patient! We'll respond as soon as we can!
  8. See here for a full quest guide!
  9. If entries are submitted to DA, please submit to this folder!
  10. If entries are submitted to DA, please consider mentioning the site, or the specific quest!
  11. Most quests now run exclusively through the website, but some quests may still have DA based portions - check further down for details.
  12. Check each quest to see how many times it can be completed.

Submission Guidelines

Art-Specific Guidelines

  1. All art must be UNIQUE and drawn specifically for each quest.
  2. Must meet the following requirements unless otherwise stated
    • Contain [at least] a simple background that depicts the surrounding environment 
    • Show 75% or more of the participating Mothcats' bodies 
    • Be colored 
  3. Shading is OPTIONAL.
  4. Including the NPC is encouraged but not required.

Writing-Specific Guidelines

  1. All writing must be UNIQUE and wrote specifically for each quest.
  2. Written entries must be 500 words minimum unless otherwise stated.
  3. Writing must prominently feature at least one cat- very general works with no clear character focus may not be accepted!
  4. Including the NPC is encouraged but not required.

Quest Bulletin Summary

This quest bulletin will be updated randomly with NPC quests that will reward Flower Tokensitems, and other prizes. Quests can range from a variety of topics, such as the NPC requesting art, advice, "support", etc. There is no specific method to handle quests - if you feel like you can do it, then go for it! (Note: Only floramisa and authorized users are able to post quests.)

Quests are now posted on the website, and will be visible if open. Some quests may be open indefinitely, while others may be temporary. Announcements will be made as to new quests as available!

Quests fall under one of four categories and will be labeled as such:
Beginner - Introductory quests to teach users about various features
Scavenging - Quests that award items useful for crafting
Crafting - Quests for actually crafting things 
General - Most other quests fall into this catch-all category
Special - Quests for special events that often have rarer prizes

See here for a full quest guide!



[OPEN] Explore Morel HollowMorel Hollow is always full of Mothcats, but that doesn't stop it from being quite a nice place to be! The forests are thick and lush, the plants plentiful and varied, and many creatures make their home here along with the Mothcats, making it always an interesting place to be.
Despite all the activity, the hollow never seems to run out of things to find- there are always plenty of things to pick up like sticks, and the plant life gives it an incredible bounty if you're in need of that. No one will bat an eye if you help yourself, as long as you don't disrupt things too much!
Quest Specific Rules
See Quest Bulletin for full rulesCheck out our quest guide for general info on quests.
Multiple entries are accepted for this quest.Collabs are ALLOWED (prizes will be split e
   [OPEN] Explore Ronda BeachRonda Beach perhaps mostly gets its name because it's on a shore, not because it strictly matches the concept of a "beach"- you can find plenty of sand, sure, but it also has plenty of trees, and it gets rockier the closer you get to the mountains. This certainly hasn't stopped anyone from coming to it, though- a few mothcats flit around in the distance, perhaps searching for things themselves.
While the beach is very picturesque in its own right, there's plenty of evidence of human activity if you look around- there's some general litter, along with some abandoned beach items and other things that have been left around. It's likely no one would mind if someone took it upon themselves to clean this up, even if they had other ideas of what to do with the stuff. If said someone also wanted to wander around a bit more and maybe take a few other things the beach had to offer as well, well, who'd stop them?
Quest Specific Rules
   [OPEN] Explore Sarsa BeachSarsa Beach is very, very beach-like- it's very open, and quite frankly, it has an awful lot of sand. As such though, it's rich in what lives here, with plenty of critters skittering around, and with plenty of shells lying about, along with other signs of previous life.
The beach has hardly been untouched, however- taking a closer look reveals a certain amount of wood planks, and perhaps more tellingly, bits of things the pirates and sailors of the region use. Given the origin of these things, there's probably no harm in making like a pirate and helping yourself to the resources around here, right?
Quest Specific Rules
See Quest Bulletin for full rulesCheck out our quest guide for general info on quests.
Multiple entries are accepted for this quest.Collabs are ALLOWED (prize
   [OPEN] Explore Rion PeakRion Peak is a fairly popular place to be, if mostly for the Rion Springs. Even outside of the springs, though, there's plenty to do and see for the adventurous mothcat. There's caves to explore, rock formations to check out, the views... There's a reason why a tourist hub has popped up inside of it!
Along with the views, Rion Peak brings a great amount of resources for those who look around. There's plenty of rocks to spare, sticks can be found from the trees, and for particularly adventurous cats, the caves have been known to have more valuable natural goodies. With this amount of goods, it would be a shame to not take home a souvenir, wouldn't it?
Quest Specific Rules
See Quest Bulletin for full rulesCheck out our quest guide for general info on quests.
Multiple entries a
   [OPEN] Explore AlyconiaAlyconia, the hidden city of salt water mothcats.  This strange city is actually built on the back of a giant sea turtle, meaning it's never in the same area for long.  A bubble barrier protects the city, keeping it safe as the turtle swims the oceans of Falena.  A sighting of Alyconia in the vicinity of the local shores always brings out plenty of folk. Many are there for the view - the giant turtle is quite a sight to behold, and the coral castle where the royalty resides is beautiful even from a distance. However, many more profit orientated cats swear by searching in its wake.
Beach-combing is always a popular activity during sightings - some cats insist that the beaches are always richer after Alyconia passes - and you might get lucky with something that washes up. More equipped cats bring out boats to get closer and try to snatch up the sea-life that follows. Finally, only the luckiest cats have keystones, letting them get as close as possible with their boats


[OPEN] General Crafting Quest - Must Be Started On DA!
[OPEN] Fashion Design Quest Must Be Started On DA!



[OPEN] The Enchantment Station
Enchantment and Disenchantment only - Must Be Started On DA!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I submit a quest entry?
    • In most cases, you can go directly to the website, go to the prompt option in "activities",  choose the quest of your choice, and follow instructions to submit. In some cases, quests may request you start on DA- if that's the case, go to the relevant journal, and follow instructions there.
      Some quests are currently still entirely on DA- submit directly to the relevant journal as per previous guidelines if that's the case.

  • How do I get my prizes?
    • Prizes will be granted directly to your site account once the prompt entry is accepted.
  • Is there a limit to the number of quests that can be done?
    • Nope!  Do as many or as few quests as you want.
  • How many times can each quest be done?
    • Unless otherwise stated, once.  If more than one attempt is allowed, the quest directions will say so.
  • How long do I have to complete the quest?
    • The deadline will be visible on the quest.
  • Can I reuse art or use a base? 
    • No, all art must be unique and drawn specifically for the respective quests. Rewards will not be given for reused art to be fair to other members. 

Past Quests

Beginner Quests:
[CLOSED] Let's Get Started!
[CLOSED] Intro to Materials Quests

Crafting Quests:
[CLOSED] Dye Mixing Quest

General Quests:
Comparing Apples To Watermelons
Oh Honey.....
Fall Spirit 
(Walk Walk) Fashion Baby
DYE-ing To See You 
Sleepy Stories 
[CLOSED] Wedding Bells Are Ringing
[CLOSED] Much Needed Assistance

Special Quests:
[Moth]cat Shaming 
Even MORE Candy!

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