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Aldoran Fashion 2 by Mothkitten

A small group of cats have gathered in front of Aldoran Fashion, waiting for Anya and Eris to speak. The two chatter softly between each other for a minute, occasionally gesticulating to the clothing they've set out, before turning to face the group.

"Well, there's a lot of you, isn't there?" Eris starts, before continuing. "Lovely, of course. Nice to see that the notice worked, but I'm sure you all want to know why you're here." She pauses for a second to gauge the group's response before explaining.

"We've been working on our new collection, but, well, we need some models. So our customers can see how it looks and all that." She claps her paws together before continuing. "And that's why we have you all here! We'll make it worth your while, of course."

Anya gestures over to the clothes. "That's what we have, over there. Go try one some of it, and we'll decide on our models once we see all of you!"

Quest Specific Rules

  1. See Quest Bulletin for full rules
  2. Check out our quest guide for general info on quests.
  3. Multiple entries are accepted for this quest.
  4. Only three entries count for the quest tracker, all entries get a reward.
  5. Collabs are ALLOWED .
  6. Each collaborator will receive the full reward.

Quest Prompt

Anya and Eris have been hard at work on their upcoming winter fashion line, but they need models to help with the release! Show up to the auditions in your best (or worst) winter-themed outfit or accessories to show them what you’ve got.

Prize for Completion

Copper Flower Token by Mothkitten + A random clothing item

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Questions can be asked here.

All entries for this quest are due on January 31st 2018 at 8:59:59 pm PDT.

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