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To some, the idea of mothers in bondage will seem incredibly perverted and utterly weird. To some of the rest of us, it is a chance to explore and share and admire images of bound (and gagged) mature females. If you belong to the second group, I hope you enjoy what you see here.

If you would like to join us, either as a potential or actual contributor or even just as an interested watcher, then please do. Hopefully we have (finally) fixed the admission access. It should now be straightforward, but in the event of any difficulties, please drop me, AshBond, a note and I will send you an invite.

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An art-appreciation group dedicated to a passion for seeing older women -- mostly mothers but also older female relatives -- bound and gagged. The group is open to all who want to create and share images of restrained and helpless mature females, or those who simply want to look and enjoy the pleasures of observing the well tied and silenced older woman.
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Has anyone ever fantasized about being tied up & gagged alongside your own mother? I’ve always had this aesthetic about us being helpless & vulnerable together since we're so close & all. Like I imagine my mom & I hanging out, watching tv in our nike socks then suddenly someone breaks in (preferably women) & have my mom & I tied up and gagged at their disposal.
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lllSlll Featured By Owner May 5, 2021
What are some other similarly-themed groups like this one--if any--on DA?
PollySoles Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2021
I've had some experience with stuff like that
BBunnytributepage Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2021
Thanks for the Add!
davidefor Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2021
Interesting theme. Being a lover of the role reversal I published some stories or pics on my Da page. The theme is a mature mother tied up, gagged  and punished by the daughter or daughters. 
letiprincess Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2021  Professional General Artist
0h, interesting group!!
I'm intrigued by the idea. For me, it's less of a mature mom, and more of a younger, attractive mother. I actually have a specific fantasy/scenario in mind:

In a quiet suburban town or whatever, there's a young boy of about 9-12 who solves mysteries as a kind of junior sleuth in his community. His single mother (late 20's to early-mid 30's) is often exasperated by the hijinks he and some of his friends sometimes get into. For one investigation, the boy is investigating the disappearance of some local funds, and finds out who the dastardly perp is. However, nobody believes him since the perp is outwardly a good guy in the community. 

One day when his mom (who is the assistant (and love interest) for the local successful bachelor detective and is thus dressed in the requisite white blouse, skirt, stockings, and heels) picks him up from school after work, he tells her about the perp and his antics. Deciding its gone far enough, the mom decides to talk to the perp and smooth things over what she sees is a misunderstanding. She goes to his house (kid is in the car too,) goes up to the front door, asks to talk the perp about her son's 'overactive imagination,' goes inside and closes the door.

Son decides to spy on the talk. Meanwhile, mom finds clues that prove the perp really is the perp, just in time to be caught by the perp (I have mom being kidnapped in a couple of ways; he grabs her and puts his hand over her mouth, she struggles, is overpowered and dragged to the basement, or perp chloroforms her and bridal carries her to the basement.) Son, who is spying, sees his mom being kidnapped and tries to find where the perp is going. He hides as the perp comes out, takes mom's car, and hides it around the back/in his garage. Perp then leaves. Son meanwhile finds Mom's boss/boyfriend and goes to find mom again. 

Mom is in the basement, tied to a chair (wrists tied behind the chair, ankles tied together in front of the chair, a couple of ropes tied over her body and around her elbows and tied behind the chair.) She's gagged with an OTM clothe that goes over her lips but is above her chin and not covering her nose. She struggles and mmphs but can't escape, and needs rescuing like the damsel she is.

Son finds mom, tries to untie her but can't, perp returns, boy has to gag mom again. Perp decides to burn down the house, boy tries to rescue mom but can't, but boyfriend arrives. Boyfriend incapacitates perp, goes down to basement, and carries mom to safety. Case is solved, mom is rescued, perp goes to jail, mom says her son is her little hero, and boyfriend and mom get married. 

Oddly specific, I know.
yardmon Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2020
really love this website. i wish that more people would show their interest in this subject as i am sure it is not just a fantasy for me alone. I am sure that just as i did, others must have real experience of doing this
gerberval9 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2019
Hey, does anyone remember a comic where a mother finds her son and his friends playing a tie up game? They challenge her to play, and she can't get loose, so then they gag her? Anyone remember that? Cause I have been looking and looking and can't find it!
I really hope it wasn't deleted...
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Thanks for accepting my new ‘Mrs. Sandman’ submissions!

Mrs. Sandman DRESSED TO KILL by The-Sandman-2017  

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Mrs. Sandman DRESSED TO KILL II by The-Sandman-2017

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Thanks for accepting my ‘Mrs. Sandman’ submission!

Mrs. Sandman DATE NIGHT by The-Sandman-2017  

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