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This group is dedicated to Mr. Rob Zombie himself.

Also his movies: Halloween 1 and 2, Devils Regects, El Super Beasto, House of 1000 Corpses, The Blob, and more.
His official site:
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...YOU ARE A FUCKING GENIUS!! I just finished watching my new House of 1000 Corpses DVD, and when I remembered Doctor Satan, I decided to do some research, maybe all of you will have their minds blown just like me.

Most of you might already know this, but I will say anyway just in case. X) So the story of Dr. Satan is that his true identity is "S. Quentin Quale"(though you may have already seen that in the movie).  Doctor Satan was his nickname.  It is a folklore story known in Ruggsville and Dead Wood.  I honestly can not tell if this is true or not, but he was known for being an intern at the Willows County Mental Hospital (also known as "Weeping Willows" for the screams of pain.

Quale had believed and hoped to create his own breed of super-humans of the mentally ill.  Of course, his actions required consequences, therefore resulting in his death by being hung in a tree not far away.  But his body was discovered missing the next day.

It is said that he escaped and started to pick up his "practice" underground.  After some time, he had an apprentice follow in his path, that being Earl Firefly (the Professor).  The rest of the family knew and would help by providing bodies for the two.

Then in 1977 the family captured two victims; Denise Willis and Jerry Goldsmith.  Jerry was killed, but Denise got away. However, one of the sons of the Firefly Family- Otis Firefly, as well as a local man-Captain Spaulding, found her and brought her back.

And only now did I realize Rob Zombies knowledge and great idea for this movie.  And I was amazed.

If you haven't seen it yet then DO IT! Because this will make no sense if you don't!

By the way I got my info here: [link]
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ch-mod Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2018

Hello ! Corpse High is a casual apocalypse roleplay group currently open.

A year ago, a mysterious, incurable virus spread throughout the world and changed nearly everyone into zombies. At Shikabane High, better known as Corpse High, half-human, half-zombie survivors called Wraiths rose from what was left. Trapped between two worlds, they must band together to survive.

slice of life | action | mystery | apocalypse | casual

Feel free to join us if you're interested !

Thank you.
SailorJager Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looking for a little slice of life with a twist? Well, head on down to Juku Boarding School where the grass is green and half the student body is dead! Come and join us for a nice meal after a hard day of slicing and dicing. We are always open to those who can still breath! 

Juku Boarding school is a Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay Group with a Discord forum. We have Special missions once a month, storyline roleplay event missions twice a month, and art based mini-missions every week.

We are run by a council of 3 and welcome suggestions from all of our members and are a very friendly and welcoming roleplay community.

Join us at



» apocalypse | school | slice-of-life | survival | casual «
immaculatedespair Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
featured :woohoo: :deviation:

Thank you for the addition ^^
BootShopStory Featured By Owner May 19, 2014   Artist
Lords of then a re-visioned twist of what ( like maybe if you wrote a song....from a kind of musical genre, but developed the depth of wherever that song might take you as the creating force as an artist type thing) might be like Halloween 3? Unless that's overstating something. It kinda reminded me of Mr. Zombie doing a Kubrick thing....and then it dawned on me....that it very well made for a nice ode or nod to Halloween as well. Super fun....
BootShopStory Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014   Artist
Hey, I was just watching Good Burger...and was thinking what if it was Fear Competition and JEalousy....what would happen to Superstition?
BootShopStory Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014   Artist
It would become passive aggressive rhetoric.
It's why t.v. is lacking in superstition as an imaginative influence, and people seem their above the creative influence, and facts, and knowledge are their interstitial loud horn.
How random....
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Thanks for accepting! :}
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