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Eternal Darkness ch. 17Ness, Porky and the Commander walked back inside the base after Ness's announcement. Everything went exactly how they wanted it. The world was destroyed and the tens of thousands of people who agreed to come to them were now citizens of New Eagleland while the rest of humanity was killed off.The Commander had gone back to his and Ness's room. Walking inside he removed his mask and set in on the nightstand. He then sat on the edge of the bed and reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring box. Opening it he stared at the ruby ring inside. He had chosen a ring made of ruby because the color matched Ness's red eyes. It's true that he wanted to marry Ness, but he was scared that Ness wouldn't want that. Sighing he closed the ring box and put it back inside his pocket before laying on his back with his feet hanging off the side of the bed. Suddenly there was a knock on the door."Come in."The door opened and Lucas walked inside. Seeing his brother looking stressed he sighed knowing that the Commander didn't even try asking Ness about marrying him. He was the only one who knew that the Commander bought a wedding ring and was planning on proposing to Ness."You know, you'll never know the answer unless you ask. Come on just ask him I'm sure he'll say yes."The Commander sat up and stared at Lucas with a nervous look on his face."Yeah, but what if he says no? Then I'll end up looking like a fool.""Why would he say no? You love him and he loves you. That's all there is too it. Just stop being a pussy and ask him."The Commander took in everything that Lucas said. It was true that they loved each other and perhaps Ness would say yes. Nodding his head he stood up and walked over to the door and opened it before leaving.Ness was sitting on his throne next to Porky. He noticed that his boyfriend was acting weird for the past few weeks. The Commander would be nervous around him and he wondered what was wrong with his boyfriend.Speaking of his boyfriend he saw him enter the throne room and walk up to him with once again a nervous look on his face. Having enough he stood up from his throne he walked over to the Commander and stood in front of him."Listen Commander, I've noticed that you've been nervous for these past few weeks and I want to know what's up. Is there something you wish to ask me and you're nervous about my response, is that it?"The Commander nodded his head."Well what is it? I won't get mad I promise."The Commander took a deep breath before getting down on one knee and pulled out the ring box from his pocket and opened it up revealing the ruby wedding ring."Ness, ever since you saved me that that 11 years ago you gave me a purpose. My life was boring before you came along. Despite the fact that you erased my memories I hold no grudge against you. You make me smile everyday. I love you and it would make me happy if you became my husband. Will you please marry me?"Ness smiled. He was really touched at the Commander's speech to the point where he can't say no. Not that he was going to."Yes, Commander. I will gladly marry you."The Commander smiled before slipping the ring onto Ness's left ring finger before the two of them kissed.Porky being the only one to witness it was happy for his friend. He knew that it won't be long before the news of their proposal gets the attention of their army. Knowing the two of them they probably want to get married right away."Well I'm happy for you two. So I'm assuming that you two want to get married right away?"Ness and the Commander broke apart and turned to look at Porky with smiles on their faces."Yes we do my friend. I'm thinking of next week. Well I better prepare there's so much to do!" with that said Ness took off.The Commander looked at Porky bowing before taking off to tell his brother of the news. Heading toward his brother's room he knocked on his brother's door before walking in. When he got in he saw that his brother was watching TV.Lucas upon hearing the knock and the opening of his door turned to see his brother walking toward him with a smile on his face. He smiled knowing that everything went well."See I told you he would say yes didn't I?"The Commander rolled his eyes."Yeah, you were right. Anyway I want you to be my best man at the wedding. Think you can handle it?"Lucas was touched that his brother was actually asking him to be his best man at his wedding. Even though he has been with the army for 3 years now it was good that his brother trusts him."I would be glad to."The Commander nodded his head."Great, you better not disappoint me." with that said the Commander left.The Commander's marriage proposal spread like wild fire across New Eagleland. When Ness had informed the Pigmask's about him marrying the Commander they began to gossip among themselves. They told one citizen who told another and soon enough the entire Kingdom knew. Everyone was excited for the marriage between one of their kings and his right hand man.A week had eventually passed and it was the day of Ness and the Commander's wedding.As of right now the Commander was looking himself over in a mirror in his and Ness's room. He was wearing a white tuxedo and black dress pants. He was currently tying his tie on him. After finishing he brushed the non existing dirt off of his suit. He heard the door open and watched as Lucas walked in wearing his own suit."Are you ready Commander?"The Commander nodded his head and followed Lucas out of his room and into the elevator. They rode down to the first floor and exited the elevator. Taking a deep breath the Commander walked out of their base and up to Ness who was standing in front of the building.They had decided to get married in front of their base so that everyone in the kingdom had a view of them.The Commander took Ness's hand as he smiled at him before the two of them looked at the priest who began his speech about love and how it brings two people together. After a couple of minutes talking it was time to say their vows.The priest looked at Ness."King Ness do you take the Commander to be your husband? To love him through thick and thin. For rich or poor, in sickness and in health to death do you part?"Ness smiled."I do.""And Commander do you take King Ness to be your husband? To love him through thick and thin. For rich or poor, in Sickness and in health to death do you part?"The Commander smiled."I do.""By the power invested in me I officially announce you married. You may now kiss your lover."Ness and the Commander smiled at each other before kissing causing the citizens of New Eagleland to cheer to the newly wedded couple.
Eternal Darkness ch. 16After breakfast Ness had left to go and expand the island so they can begin to expand their territory. It would take a few hours for Ness to do this so in the meantime the Commander and Lucas had time to themselves. The two of them had gone to the Commander and Ness's room to talk. Once they arrived they sat on the edge of the bed to talk about how these last 8 years went."So Commander, what's it like working for King Ness and King Porky?"The Commander didn't even need time to think about this. Working for them is great. They didn't treat him like they treat the Pigmasks. These past 8 years had been great. Sure Ness had brainwashed him and erased his memory, but that didn't matter to him. Ness had saved him and gave him a new purpose. Sure it was an evil purpose, but he didn't care. He was having so much fun."It's great Lucas. For the first time in my life I'm not bored. I'm stronger then I'd ever be if I was on the good side, I mean I already proved it to you. You know if you had just joined us in the first place then it would have saved us a lot of trouble."Lucas rolled his eyes."Well I wasn't going to just let things go your way. Though look at how well that turned out. The world is in ruins and darkness covers the entire sky. I shouldn't be surprised, you were always better then me.""Well you were better at getting mom's love then me. You were her 'baby boy' as she put it. Meanwhile I was stuck with dad who showed no concern what I got hurt. He wanted me to be the man of the house when I got older and according to him men don't show any signs of weakness yet he showed that when mom died. I'm glad that I killed him."Lucas completely forgot about that. 8 years ago he knew that the commander of the Pigmask army killed his father, though he didn't know that the Commander was his brother. He should be angry, but what his brother told him about their father changed his mind. He never noticed that their father had high expectations of his brother and he felt bad that he was treated as an adult rather then a child who only wanted to be treated as one."So what will we be doing once King Ness is doing expanding this island?""Weren't you paying attention to Ness? We'll be building the houses for our subjects. It will take a couple of years, but once it's done we'll gather people for our kingdom.""Oh right. Sorry about that. So when will he be done?"Just then the door opened up and Ness walked inside."Well that went by quicker then I thought. I really underestimated my power and ability to do things quickly. Now all we have to do is build houses and our new kingdom will be complete."The Commander looked at Lucas."Well what are we waiting for? Let's get busy."3 years laterThe heroes were currently living on Eagleland. They had been traveling from place to place taking in all of the destruction that the Dark Dragon had caused. They were currently planning on making a rebellion against the Pigmask army. Jeff had changed his mind about going into hiding and began making weapons for everyone. Though he will be staying out of the fighting. They knew Ness and Porky were planning something and they were planning on counteracting it.Right now Ninten was training with his new bat. It was no ordinary bat. It was designed by Jeff to be able to transform itself into a powerful cannon. He couldn't wait to try his new bat on actual Pigmasks and not to mention Ness and the Commander. Little did he know that his chance would come sooner then he thought. He was interrupted by Kumatora coming into the room he was in."Pigmask ships have been spotted heading in this direction. Jeff wants us to be ready."Ninten smiled as he followed Kumatora until they exited their hideout only to see hundreds of Pork Beans flying above them and landing all over Eagleland."What are they up to? Are they here to finish destroying this place?"Kumatora shook her head."I don't know. However, whatever they're here for can't be good so let's go."Soon the rest of the heroes arrived except for Jeff. With everyone present they all scattered into different directions in order to stop the Pigmasks from whatever they were doing.Ninten teleported to Twoson and saw that the Pigmasks were escorting some people into the Pork Beans while they killed other people. Knowing what to do he charged toward the Pigmasks. However before he could get close to them he saw something coming toward him very quickly from the sky. He barely had time to dodge as he felt something very sharp cut his cheek as whoever came toward him flew past him. Turning around he was surprised to see Lucas flying in the air with wings on his back and carrying a large scythe in his hand."It seems King Ness was right about you guys living here. This is our last stop after all."Ninten raised an eyebrow."Last stop for what?"Lucas rolled his eyes as he began twirling his scythe around."Are you stupid or something? Can't you see the Pigmasks taking people? Anyway I don't have to explain anything to you. Stay out of the way or else.""No way Lucas. I'm stopping you right here!"Ninten transformed his bat into a cannon and began firing energy blasts at Lucas.Lucas flew toward Ninten all the while dodging the energy blasts. When he reached Ninten he fired an PSI Love at him causing an explosion that sent Ninten flying. He then flew toward Ninten and slashed him across the chest with his scythe almost cutting him in half.Ninten cried out as blood shot out from his chest and he landed on the ground groaning in pain.Lucas noticed that the Pigmasks had finished gathering people into the Pork Beans. Taking one last look at Ninten he flew away as the Pork Beans flew away from the island.Ness was tapping his foot as he was waiting for the Pigmasks to come back with his final subjects. Hearing the sounds of engines he finally saw the last hundred Pork Beans arrive as the landed on the ground. He watched as people came out of the Pork Beans as they all joined the crowd surrounding Eagle Tower. He watched as Porky came out of their base and stood next to him along with the Commander. He finally greeted his subjects."Welcome everyone to New Eagleland! I'm glad that you had the smarts to come here. As you can see this is the only place in the whole world that isn't destroyed. Porky and I will take good care of all of you. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask the Pigmasks. If you want to talk to me or Porky then you'll have to make an appointment to see us. That is all my loyal subjects. The Pigmasks will escort you to your new homes. Good luck and I hope you enjoy your stay here." with that said Ness, Porky and the Commander left to let the people get settled in to their new lives.
Eternal Darkness ch. 15Ness and the Commander went back inside the base after watching Nowhere Island fall apart. According to his calculations the rest of the world was in a similar state. With the sky permanently red and black the world was coated in darkness. It was better then he could have ever thought possible. The two of them continued walking to the elevator. Entering it Ness punched in a code before hitting the 99th floor button where the Bedroom suite was located. When the elevator reached the 99th floor the two of them got out and walked down the long hallway. The Commander was about to enter his Bedroom when Ness placed a hand on his shoulder."That's no longer your room. You're staying with me now. I already moved your stuff into our room."The Commander smiled and pulled Ness down to his level to kiss him.Ness leaned in to deepen the kiss. He could feel the Commander's tongue licking his lips begging for entrance. Deciding to be nice since the Commander had completed his job and ended the world he decided to allow the Commander to have control so he opened his mouth to allow the Commander's tongue inside. He allowed the Commander's tongue to explore his mouth for a while before he used his own tongue to play with the Commander's. He lifted the Commander up causing the Commander to wrap his legs around Ness's waist. Ness then carried the Commander to their room all the while still continuing to kiss him. Using his powers to open the door he walked inside and closed the door with his foot. It was then that they broke apart. He then set the Commander on the ground.The Commander took the time to observe his new room. He noticed that the room was a hell lot bigger then his previous room. There were two dressers and a king sized bed. Next to the bed was a large nightstand that had a lamp and an alarm clock on it. Looking in the Bathroom he could see a shower along with one of the hot springs that are found all over Nowhere Island."This room is amazing master.""Thanks, though you don't have to keep calling me master. Ness is just fine. Although you and Porky are the only ones who can refer to me by my name without using master or king."The Commander nodded his head as he removed his mask and placed it on the nightstand. He then removed his bloodied jacket followed by his clothes, boots and socks. He then walked over to the dresser that had his name on it and grabbed a pair of pajamas and changed into them. Walking over to the bed he climbed on and pulled the blanket over him."I'm tired. Is it okay if I go to sleep?"Ness smiled and nodded his head. His commander did deserve the rest after working hard the entire day to pull the needles. Although his commander had great stamina he did have to deal with a lot of stress which between working all day and dealing with the Pigmasks it was no wonder why the Commander was so tired. He watched as the Commander closed his eyes and went to sleep. He couldn't help but to smile at this before he left to prepare for phase two of their plan.Lucas and the rest of the heroes were in his house planning what to do next. Surprisingly his house had remained untouched by the ground splitting apart. He sighed looking at his bandaged chest before looking at the stump where his left arm used to be. He was upset that he failed at pulling the most needles. Deep down he knew it was a pointless task. Even if he had pulled the sixth needle he had no idea where the 7th one was. Though now he had a feeling that it had been at their base the entire time. With no way to get there and with the Commander and Ness being able to teleport, it was impossible for them to win.Kumatora looked around the room and noticed the depressed looks on everyone's faces. She then looked out the window at the red and black sky. Jeff had informed everyone by using some sort of device that the rest of the world was in a similar state as Nowhere Island though nowhere near as bad."So what now?"Jeff who was pressing buttons on his monitor device in his hand sighed."Luckily the idea of us crashing our ship came to mind so I had a second one built in secret. I just summoned it to this location so it will take about 12 hours for it to get here. As for what we should do? I don't know about you guys, but I'm going into hiding. Fighting against Ness and Porky's army is completely suicide."Poo glared at Jeff."So, you're just going to give up? Stand back and let things continue getting worse?"Jeff glared back at Poo."Getting worse!? Take a good look around you Poo! Darkness covers the entire sky! The entire world is in ruins! How much worse can it get!?""Don't worry it won't."The heroes jumped and turned around to see Ness standing at the doorway with a smirk on his face.Ninten narrowed his eyes and pointed a finger at Ness."What the fuck do you want!? Are you here to brag about your plan for the rest of the world?"Ness chuckled at Ninten's question. He found it amusing that they think he was stupid enough to spill his entire plan to them. No, that wasn't the reason why he was here."Sorry Ninten, that's not why I'm here. I'm here to offer Lucas a chance to join my ranks. Judging by your looks Lucas, I'd say not only did you lose your left arm, but you also suffered internal damage as well. Left as you are now I have to say that you might only have a few years left to live. Come with me and I'll gladly fix you."Kumatora walked over to Lucas and stood in front of him."The fuck he is! You can't fool us with your lies!"Everyone then heard the sound of vomiting and turned to face Lucas to see him vomiting up blood.After vomiting a few more times Lucas looked up at Ness weakly."Can you take away my ability to feel guilt?"Everyone else gasped in shock from Lucas's words.Ness smiled and nodded his head."Yes. I promise you, you'll feel no emotions at all."The other heroes couldn't believe what they were hearing. Lucas actually wanted to go with Ness. Ana was the first to speak her mind."Lucas, you can't be serious! Jeff can make you a replacement arm and we'll take you to a doctor to heal you!"Lucas slowly stood up and walked towards Ness and stood in front of him before turning to face the others."No normal doctor can heal my insides. Besides, I miss my brother. Please take me away from here."Ness gave an evil smirk at the other heroes before grabbing Lucas's only hand left and teleported them away.Ness arrived back at the base and walked Lucas toward the Chimera Lab. Bringing him inside he walked him toward the operating table and instructed him to lay on it. He then spoke to Dr. Andonuts and told him what to do before walking back to Lucas."Dr. Andonuts will preform the surgery to turn you into a chimera. As promised he will tamper with your brain so you will never feel guilt again. See you later new recruit." with that said Ness left.The Commander woke up to the alarm going off. He slowly opened his eyes to feel Ness's arms around him. He used his powers to turn off the alarm. Turning his head he saw Ness smiling at him."Good morning my sweet commander."The Commander smiled."Good morning to you too."The Commander sat up and placed his bare feet on the ground and wiggled his toes. Removing his pajamas he went into the Bathroom to take his shower. When finished he exited the Bathroom as Ness went inside to take his shower. He got dressed and put on a new jacket that was clean. Lastly he put his mask on.10 minutes later Ness walked out of the Bathroom and got changed before the two of them teleported to the cafeteria to eat breakfast.While eating the Commander saw someone out of the corner of his eye walk by with blonde hair. At first he paid no attention thinking it was one of the other Pigmasks. It wasn't until he heard a familiar voice did he finally start paying attention."May I sit here Master Ness?"The Commander's eyes widened when he say his brother holding a tray of omelets in his hands. Just by looking at him he could tell that he had been turned into a chimera."Ah, Lucas you're awake faster then I thought. Of course you may sit here."Lucas nodded his head as he walked around to the other side of the table and sat across from Ness and the Commander. He looked at the Commander in the eyes and bowed his head."Good morning sir."The Commander was puzzled before looking at Ness with a questionable look on his face."I visited him last night and offered him to join us and he did.""That's right Commander he did. Thank god too because I would have only lasted a few years. Enough about that, what exactly is the next phase in the plan?"Ness smiled."I'm glad you asked Lucas. Basically the army is going to travel around the world and bring the people who swear their loyalty to us while the rest will rot on their own. Every kingdom needs it's subjects. First things first, we need to make this island even bigger so I'll be doing that. After that we'll start building homes for our subjects. It's simple as that."Lucas tilted his head."What about the people who refuse?"Ness gave an evil smile."They die."
Eternal Darkness ch. 14The Commander left Tanetane Island as he was headed to the Chupichupyoi Temple to get to the sixth needle. He wasn't going to let Lucas pull anymore needles. However upon arriving he noticed that the entrance was covered by vines. Lifting up his right arm it started glowing with red energy. He then swiped at the vines expecting them to be cut, but to his surprise nothing happened. He growled as he kept swiping trying to cut the vines, but to no avail. He knew that only one person knows how to get past the vines. Exiting the Chupichupyoi Temple area he walked over to Ionia's house and broke down the door. He stormed up to Ionia and grabbed her by her throat."Tell me how to remove the vines to the Chupichupyoi Temple or else you'll die differently then your friends."Ionia started struggling as she glared at the Commander."You need the Water of Time to open the way, but I'll never give it to you."The Commander chuckled. He was amused by her resistance and it only fueled his entertainment."I wasn't expecting you to."The Commander slammed Ionia on the ground before stabbing her with his clawed hand. He then reached into her pocket and pulled out the Water of Time. Not saying anything else he left her house and went back to the Chupichupyoi Temple. When there he poured the Water of Time on the vines and watched them bloom before disappearing. He was about to enter when a voice stopped him."Hold it right there Commander!"The Commander sighed before turning around to see Lucas and his friends standing there with a determined look on their faces. Gritting his teeth he drew out his sword."I grow tired of these games. I was really hoping to avoid a fight, but I guess that's impossible now. If you want to die so badly then that's fine by me."Poo looked at Lucas."Lucas, we'll keep him busy while you pull the needle. Make it quick though."Lucas nodded his head as everyone charged toward the Commander.The Commander ran toward the heroes and noticed that Lucas ran past him. Realizing he was after the needle he turned around to run after Lucas, but was hit by Paula's frying pan knocking him to the side. He noticed that everyone was attacking him at once preventing him from going after Lucas. He was about to activate Giygas's power when he noticed something zoom from the sky and went inside Chupichupyoi Temple. A second later Lucas was thrown out and crashed into Paula knocking them over.The heroes surprised by Lucas being thrown out watched as Ness stepped out of the Chupichupyoi Temple with both of his arms turned into corrupted claws."Now that was just unfair. Ganging up on my commander so that Lucas can pull the needle. Well since you like playing unfairly it's only natural that we play with the same rules. Commander I'll deal with them while you deal with your brother."The Commander nodded his head as he walked up to Lucas. It was time he settled things between him and his brother. If you asked him before all this ever happened if he would ever fight his brother he would have told you no. However things were differently here. He was on the bad side while Lucas was on the good side. Standing over Lucas he grabbed his arm and teleported them to the desert."There now no one will bother us. I'll make this quick."Lucas tore his arm out of the Commander's hand and jumped backwards as he glared at the Commander."I won't let you pull that needle! I'll stop you no matter what it takes!"Lucas preformed PSI Love before firing it at the Commander.The Commander rolled his eyes as he easily blocked it with his sword. He then swung his sword vertically sending a huge wave of black energy at Lucas.Lucas jumped to the side to avoid it, but the Commander had sent another wave at him. He tried to dodge it, but couldn't fully avoid it so it ended up passing through his left arm completely cutting it off. He cried out in pain before falling to his knees.The Commander walked up to Lucas before grabbing him. He lifted Lucas in the air before slamming him on the ground. He then slashed Lucas across the chest with his clawed fingers sending blood shooting in his face. He frowned before wiping his face off with the sleeve of his jacket. Seeing his brother panting he lifted his sword in the air before stabbing Lucas in the chest making sure that Lucas doesn't get up. Bending down he grabbed Lucas before teleporting them back to Chupichupyoi Temple. When he got there he saw the other heroes laying on the ground. He tossed Lucas over to them before heading inside the temple. Walking up to the needle he pulled it watching as dark energy shot out from the hole causing the island to shake before stopping. Walking out of the temple he noticed that the heroes had gotten back on their feet."It's over. I pulled 4 needles and you only got two. You never had a chance at stopping us. Now if you'll excuse me I need to pull the final needle and awaken the Dark Dragon. Shall we go master?"Ness nodded his head as he grabbed the Commander's hand and teleported them back to the throne room inside their base. Ness dragged the Commander over in front of the thrones. He turned around to face Porky."We won. The world is now doomed. All he has to do is pull the final needle to awaken the Dark Dragon."Porky smiled completely proud of the Commander for doing his job."That's great Ness. I'll wait here and wait for your return."Ness smiled back as he pulled out a remote out of his pocket and pressed a button. The floor started to shake as it lowered itself going underground. Once it reached underground he and the Commander started traveling further into the cave. After a couple of minutes they finally reached the needle."Well here we are. Ready for the ground finale?"The Commander nodded his head as he walked over to the needle and pulled it. The ground started to shake more violently then ever before."Dark Dragon hear my words! I am your master now as I have awakened you! Plunge this world into eternal darkness and leave it in ruin expect for where we stand now!"The darkness that shot out from the hole where the needle was started taking the form of a dragon with glowing red eyes before disappearing. Eventually their island stopped shaking.Ness smiled as he teleported him and the Commander out of the cave and outside of their base. He could see the citizens of Tazmily Village pointing at the black and red sky completely covering up the sun. In the distance he could see Nowhere Island falling apart as the Dark Dragon had awakened. He grabbed the Commander's left hand and started stroking it looking at the Commander with a smile on his face."I'm so proud of you my sweet commander."The Commander smiled as he leaned his head on Ness's arm."Thank you master."Together they watched the world fall apart as the first phase of their plan was complete.
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Thanks again for your patience and support! I'm the only person running this page, so I'll try to do my best. My powers are limited. The group's founder intended to give full permissions to me at some point, but she forgot and I've lost contact with her. If anyone would happen to know how I can get in touch, please tell me. And as always, let me know if you have any questions :)

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InspiredByEB Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2019  Student Digital Artist
We need to raid Stonehenge cuz we wanna see TONY!!!111!
CARTOONSGIVESMELIFE Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I found my people
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Myoni52 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is so cool! Can I join!????
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AfrieHeart Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2018  Student Artist
I need to join this!
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Redstrikesback Featured By Owner Edited Oct 29, 2018  Student Digital Artist
I'm working on screenshots that replicates an RTS classic, it's called Command and Conquer: Red Alert Re-imagined where its a Humans vs Birds scenario. Right now i'm nearly done with one faction which is the S.B.B (Soviet Bird Brigade) and i'm working on the U.M.N (United Mother Nation). A campaign for it is in the works as well as a story to both sides. My question is, should I join?
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