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So, I finally decided to open my commissions! Unfortunately, I don't have all that much of free time, so I only can offer the OC (re)design or sketch commissions (you can see all of my sketch commissions on my Twitter -

About OC (re)design commissions:
  • One character will cost you 15 USD (instead of 25 as in regular commission) or 1200 dA points, according to DeviantArt Point Calculator.
  • If you want to redesign the character, send me its old reference sheet and its new image (i.e., clothes, footwear, accessories, hairdo, etc.).
  • If you want me to design your OC from scratch, you'll need to send me its thorough description with links to images of its necessary details (i.e., clothes, footwear, accessories, hairdo, etc.).
2. Soll-DenneGallery DONE 
3. Soll-DenneGallery DONE 

About sketch commissions:
  • Sketch with one character will be $12, with two - $17, with three - $22. Full prepay.
  • There’s no way I will change it. It’s the sketch commission, not commission’s sketch, after all.
  • I draw both hetero- and homosexual couples
  • I may draw both romantic and erotic arts (e.g., pin-up, nu-art (striptease, for example)) and sexual scenes
  • No strange fetishes allowed (all those things with tickling toe, diapers, big bellies, etc)
  • No futanary, guro, rape, gay porn
1. codylake DONE
4. awesomeshay13 DONE
5. x-SplatterPaw-x DONE 
6. Ventusick10 DONE 
7. Ventusick10 DONE
8. ShadowKing56 DONE
9. FogFra DONE

Message me wherever it’s comfortable for you - here, on Discord (mother-of-trolls#9129), via E-mail (, on Tumblr ( or on my Twitter (
I'll be waiting for your interesting offers!

Alright, guys…

I’ve always wanted to do something like this, and since my birthday is just in a couple of months (it’s on March 10th in case you didn’t know),.. Why not do this right now? Damn, it’s my jubilee - 25 years, why the hell not?!

So, this is my wishlist for those of you, guys, who want to make me really cool gifts for my birthdayNew Year or any other holiday or even weekday if you just want to make me a tad happier.

So, the best gift for me is… an ARTPaint Palette Icon ultramini  Yes, just as most of the artists (and not only artists, by the way), I’m loving it when someone makes something cool with my persona (check the “me” tag) or my OCs (you can see them all in >there<, along with their sheets, but you can also just ask me or check the “my OCs” tag. By the way, Toffee is not my only beloved character - you also can ship me with either of guys from my personal harem: 

  • Cat Noir (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir)
  • Genos (One-Punch Man)
  • Julian Devorak (the Arcana game)
  • Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect)
  • Fenris (Dragon Age)
  • Dipper Pines (Gravity Falls)
  • Zuko and Bolin (ATLA, ALOK)
  • Iorveth (The Witcher)
  • Jet Black (Cowboy Bebop)

By the way, I’d love to see Luanne with Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit trilogy wink grin 

You can draw the arts (not only SFW, but also NSFW - my personal best genre is pin-up Lips revamp ) yourself or you can commission them to some artist (bonus points if you commission them to one of my favorite artists - I’ll give you the list again if you ask me nicely).

Of course, you don’t have to do that, but it would be neat if you did so. I really love when somebody is doing such pretty things for me, because I don’t always have the time to do that myself, haha.

Well, that’s all, folks! Have a nice day! FREE flying hearts Icon 

1. Put this rules at the top of the journal.
2. Put 8 facts about your OC.
3. Tag 8 people.
4. You can return the tag.
5. Put the names of the OCs and their creators (i won't do that, meh, choose whatever OC you like).

After years of hesitation, I've finally pulled myself up and bravely took the figural baton that Chizu-PS passed to me looooong time ago Sweat Emoticon 
This time you gonna get to know my charismatic goblin Dario Goldbrews a tad better. I hope you'll find that interesting.
And yes, I drew a picture specifically for that occurrence, so it's a serious business :seriously: 

  1. Let's start from the very beginning. Dario is originated from a poor peasant family and got over a lot of hardships in his childhood. Having nothing to lose, he started as a robber first, but his thirst for bigger profits and power made him to become more active. His matchless charisma let him to get along with people of power and set some useful relationships, his savvy and insight let him to read people, discover their fears and weaknesses and his persistence and cunning let him to pull the ropes that led him to his ultimate goal. And, of course, a vast amount of time, because one doesn't turn from a brigand into a Trade Prince overnight.
  2. Mister Goldbrews isn't the only the only goblin who has a thing to beautiful beings of other races. He's especially weak to tall girls with hot model bodies: long smooth legs, pretty round boobs, languid look and pretty swollen lips. And he doesn't care if the contrast is totally laughable.
  3. It doesn't mean Dario doesn't like pretty goblin girls, though. So, he find his secretary, lady Nina, to be an attractive and smoking hot gal. Although he doesn't start flirting with her limiting their interaction to business only. And no, it's totally not because he's afraid of her husband, "a man with a big gun".
  4. Aside from making trade deals, Mister Goldbrews is lucky to have a brothel of his own. Of course, he's trying really hard to keep this curious fact in secret. By the way, there was an occurrence: a runaway princess could become one of his most exclusive hookers, but it didn't happen - the deal was broken and the princess didn't get delivered to his exotic house of tolerance.
  5. Funny enough, a couple years after that he signed a contract with this very same princess. But no, he wasn't getting her as his property. Instead, it was a trade union treaty, since the princess got her power back and was crowned as a legitimate monarch.
  6. Despite his big assets and business, Dario is missing his old criminal days. Of course, the change of dying in the dirty trench due to an arrow in the knee or a dagger between his ribs is really high, but it's still much better than all this paperwork with that endless flow of scrolls, which became a true nightmare to Mister Goldbrews.
  7. By the way, that's why his visual acuty lowered drastically. That's why he had to actually get the pair of gold-framed glasses onto his hooked nose, so no hook or loop could escape his eye while he's reading through the papers.
  8. Dario's previous career as a brigand left a plenty of scars not only on his impudent face, but also on his body. He isn't ashamed of his battle marks, though. Scars are the man's decorations after all, right? wink grin 

 IRj-wFEBWY by Mother-of-Trolls
New dA policy is getting my nerves. Since this summer's end I've lost at least ten arts from my gallery. 

And jokes on you if the best thing you can suggest me is to censor my arts - it doesn't help me at all. I do censor my arts (like, using funny emojis to hide the intimate places) and I do mark my arts as NSFW, which means restricted access to underaged users. But nevertheless, my arts still get blocked and scrapped.

I've seen a lot of fetish arts and dick pics in general access and my poor Chizu-PS have seen a photo of real childbirth. Yes, literally, a blood-soaked baby getting out of vagina. And it isn't labeled as NSFW, nor it's censored in any fashion. And nobody's reporting or deleting this stuff! It's all arbitrary as hell!

Of course, I will continue to add my new arts to my gallery here, but I'd also suggest you to follow my Tumblr, since they, unlike dA, do not delete my arts.

You can see the list of deleted arts below and watch them on your own risk:

- Naughty Time with Nomma
Sea Pleasure
Double Twin Peaks
Rich Drunk and Lewd
- Naughty Valentine’s Day Card
- She Knows What He Wants
Fucks Her With Strapon
Naughty Time with Nomma 2.0
Mystic Charmers
Naughty Role Play

OC (re)design commissions

Tue Jun 19, 2018, 7:18 AM

I've finally decided to open a couple of OC (re)design commission slots! One character will cost you 15 USD (instead of 25 as in regular commission) or 1200 dA points, according to DeviantArt Point Calculator.

If you want to redesign the character, send me its old reference sheet and its new image (i.e., clothes, footwear, accessories, hairdo, etc.).

If you want me to design your OC from scratch, you'll need to send me its thorough description with links to images of its necessary details (i.e., clothes, footwear, accessories, hairdo, etc.).

I'll be waiting for your interesting offers! wink grin 

Arrow Right  Example by Mother-of-TrollsArrow Left    

Girlfriend for Max

Fri Mar 16, 2018, 7:20 AM

Sadly, Iris's owner had left fandom, so I'm unable to communicate with her :cry:  That's why I want to find the One True Love for my boy. 
Max by Mother-of-Trolls
A little info on Max: 
Bullet; Red Maximilian "Max" Fraser
Bullet; Red Male
Bullet; Red Hetero
Bullet; Red 24
Bullet; Red 6'4"
Bullet; Red Max is a soul of a company, a restless and impulsive jollier. He was born on April the 1st thus he has strong, almost maniacal attraction to all kinds of jokes and puns. He doesn't make fun to insult, but does this because of his kind and jolly nature.
Considers himself being an alpha-male and doesn't lose a single chance of showing it to dames. Max won't let his probable rivals to gain attention, because alpha-male can't have any concurrents at all. This causes him to make an incredible number of puns on his rivals. Commonly, Max is a funny guy that may interest anyone with good sence of humour. Also he loves his luxury car and this looks quite cute. 
Bullet; Red He needs a real diva, queen or goddess. He will eagerly tolerate her bratty and bitchy manners, but he needs to really love him in return - not use him as a tool to achieve her vile goals.

I hope somebody will answer to this ad .:aww lover:. 

Skin CSS © Nesmaty

Birthday Girl

Fri Mar 9, 2018, 10:19 PM

 birthday cake 
He-he-hey! Guess who’s celebrating birthday today? And who is it this immortal monster is fetching a coffee in the bed? 

Yeah, correct! It’s me, haha! Thank you very much for kind words and cute presents. I’m touched to the tears! 

I love you all! pink heart {big} 

  g7wvxbFG 1c by Mother-of-Trolls

Flowery Portraits

Mon Dec 25, 2017, 6:21 AM

Frankly, I've come with that idea spontaneously. 
I just wanted to draw Luanne with sunflowers. 

And then - Londeveik (SugureHedoro's character) in edelweiss field... 
Now it's a collection of five portraits: 
Gwendolyn and Yetta with roses
wI7zthGtkIA by Mother-of-Trolls

Chizu-PS and witcher Lambert with peonies
Ws6MSldUU5M by Mother-of-Trolls

And Errdil and chamomiles
UjGBIzQ0P8M by Mother-of-Trolls

And yet I still have got ideas for couple more portraits. 
By the way, have you noticed it doesn't really look like TDI style? Seems I'm developing my very own one.

Skin by Neko-Bear

Artist vs. OCs

Wed Oct 25, 2017, 8:39 AM

I'm asking myself one and the same question for a really long time. 
Why do watchers treat my persona as my OC?
I mean, when I draw myself people keep thinking it's my character, not myself. Same goes to Chizu-PS 
And even if we attach links to our real life photos, specify in description it's us, not our OCs, and add tag "ME" to every single art with our personas, people would say something like "Nice OC", "Your OC is really sexy", "She's gorgeous!" and etc.
We've noticed, tho, Honey-Zest and Galactic-Red-Beauty don't suffer from such problem. 
Why we are taken for our OCs? 
Why does that happen? =(

Skin CSS © Nesmaty

A good friend of mine - :iconprince-of-melancholy: - decided to start a funny collab. 
Hurry up to take part!

<da:thumb id="672357016"/>
Hi, guys! 
I've got a question for you. 
Does any of you have any goth characters by chance? Preferably girls. Could you show me them if you do? 
Because I'm planning a collab: modern witchcraft, Ouija board, tombstones, spellbooks... 
I think, you've got the idea ;)
Image Hosted by
So, on my work I drew some nice heads - both male and female ones, and I decided sell them, so they won't bother me and go into dump. I'm sure, there will be someone who gonna like these sweet faces and make my idea real ;)

SB: 10 :points:
Min: 5 :points:
AB: 200 :points:

#1 - 70 :points: (SALE)
#2 - 200 :points: (SALE)
#3 - 200 :points: (SALE)
#4 - 200 :points: (SALE)
#5 - 20:points: (SALE)
#6 - 20 :points: (SALE)
But before you order some, you'll need to know something about me: 

  1. Mainly I draw in "Total Drama" style, but I also can draw arts in other cartoons' styles, like "Gravity Falls", "My Little Pony", "Danny Phantom", "Star vs. the Forces of Evil" and some others.
  2. If you want reference, redesign or scene picture tell me all about it: clothes, colors, mood, every detail, if you can describe them. It is better to send me a references. The more accurate the better. If you can't I will do all by myself, but be prepared for results.
  3. Make your order without abbreviated words or slang. I'm not a native English speaker, sometimes I need to use a translator, and he does not understand slang. 
  4. I draw both hetero- and homosexual couples. 
  5. I may draw both romantic and erotic arts (e.g., pin-up, nu-art (striptease, for example)) and even sexual scenes.
  6. Consider, though, I WON'T depict any kind of fetishes, whatever they are (diapers, footfetish, guro are just a little bit of the kind).
  7. I don't have any fixed price list, but here are the starting prices:
Total Drama
One character (without background) $25 (+ 5$ for fees)
One character (the background) $35 (+ 5$ for fees)
Two characters (without background) $40 (+ 5$ for fees)
Two characters (the background) $50 (+ 5$ for fees)

My Little Pony
One character (without background) $20 (+ 5$ for fees)
One character (the background) $35 (+ 5$ for fees)
Two characters (without background) $35 (+ 5$ for fees)
Two characters (the background) $50 (+ 5$ for fees)

Gravity Falls, Danny Phantom, etc
One character (without background) $35 (+ 5$ for fees)
One character (the background) $50 (+ 5$ for fees)
Two characters (without background) $55 (+ 5$ for fees)
Two characters (the background) $70 (+ 5$ for fees)

The price can go up if you want nudity or erotica (sex).
The prices are negotiable, though DON'T insist on any discount, as I may reject your commission due to your meanness. 

I've got some bad experience, thus, I'm adding a new rule:
  8. If the artist thinks over the customers idea instead of him (like detailing the initial idea, picking necessary characters and/or their poses and other stuff), the price doubles.

Tagged by Endar-Spire and MarcipanChik

1. Put this rules at the top of the journal.
2. Put 8 facts about your OC.
3. Tag 8 people.
4. You can return the tag.
5. Put the names of the OCs and their creators (i won't do that, meh, choose whatever OC you like).

I decided to select Luanne. I really love this small redhead wonder. So, I want to tell you about her.
Dwarf and Hobbit by Mother-of-Trolls I'm Waiting for You by Mother-of-Trolls The Village Girl by Mother-of-Trolls

1) She's really short, only 3' tall. She's the shortest hobbit in her family.
2) Talking of Luanne's family, she's third child in her family. Beside her there're five brothers in the family. Yes, hobbits are an extremely fast breeding people!
3) Luanne's mother, Petunia, died of pneumonia quite long time ago.
4) Luanne married once, but it was a civil marriage. 
5) Her hobby is gardening. Luanne loves growing fruits, vegetables, berries and flowers. Especially flowers.
6) She loves flowers very much. Especially the field ones: sunflowers, daisies, poppoes, etc. 
7) Her bow mastery is incredible: she hardly can miss ever a tiny target.
8) Luanne dreams of owning her very own restaurant. Or tavern. Or bakery.

I hope, you're interested :aww:

I though of a theme for my new collab very long. It must cover the most number of participants. And they must like it so much everyone could find the image they like the most. Before someone suggested a cool idea - Computer Games. I guess, everyone played any of them - The Sims, Warcraft, Counter Strike, Mortal Kombat and so on... Why shouldn't we take it as a collab topic?
If it's your first collab ever, I'd like to explain you some rules. They're straight-forward, but if you need some more thorough explaination - don't hesistate asking me, I'll try to reply.

1) You may draw any number of your OCs between 1 and 7. Transparent background is a must-have. And don't use too small resolution.
If you have some troubles with transparency, send me SAI/Xara/PhotoShop-file with your drawing.

2) Please, ALWAYS name your OCs, the characters they cosplay and their games of origination. We don't want repetative characters, right?

3) It's not only possibility, but must for your OCs to interact with other (talk, hold each other's hands, dance and so on). You may depict not only your OCs, your friends'. Interaction will make it better - it will be more lively.

4) No canon characters. Only your OCs are allowed.

5) Only positive emotions, smiles, hugs and joy!

6) And the main rule - have fun!

I'll tell about deadline separately. I'll give you two months for everything. Please, make it on time! It gonna be really hard to add character that reached me at the last moments!

I hope, I made it clear. Good luck!

1. Herself as Elizabeth (BioShock Infinite) and Tamara as Annie (League of Legends) © Mother-of-Trolls :star:
2. Herself as Dovahkiin (The Elder Scrolls), Pamela Volker as Widowmaker (Overwatch), Trisha as Tracer (Overwatch), Madeline as The Doll (Bloodborne) © Chizu-PS :star:
3. Jimaine as Lara's Shadow (Tomb Raider) and Konstantina as Harley Quinn (Batman: Arkham Asylum) © AkEshiba and EvelyneChoice :star:
4. Bubbles as Anna (Tekken), Augustine as Evelynn (League of Legends), Nata as Queen of Pain (Dota 2), Monro as Alisa (Tekken), Virginia as Emilie (Tekken) and Shandi as Janna (League of Legends) © Pennsatucky :star:
5. Dexter and Bernadette as Ellis and Zoey (Left 4 Dead), Barbara as Bella Goth (The Sims), Ashley and Curtis as Kendl Johnson and Cesar Vialpando (GTA: San Andreas), Christopher and B12 as Jolee Bindo and HK-47 (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic) © Endar-Spire :star:
6. Herself as Lilly (The Walking Dead), Liudmila as Kenny (The Walking Dead), Bunny as Bonnie (The Walking Dead), Tina as Barbie (Barbie: Explorer) © KiraCactus :star:
7. Alexandra as American McGee's Alice, Iris as Harley Quinn (Batman: Arkham City) © MotherDisease :star:
8. Anna as Cammy (Street Fighter), Nora as Zyra (League of Legends) and Renge as Leona (League of Legends) © Amswerra Bullet; Red 
9. Lola as Nina (Tekken) and Marco as Zombie (Plants vs. Zombies) © Nordic-Princess :star:
10. Sylvanas as Malthael (Diablo) and Moonwill as Shadow Assassin (Heroes of Might and Magic) © MrChillie :star:
11. Aurora as Juliet Starling (Lollipop Chainsaw) © Prince-of-Melancholy :star:
12. Vida as Gabby (Neverending Nightmares), Neil as Vladimir (League of Legends), Daria as Jinx (League of Legends) © DuckyTie83 :star:
13. Rick as Ike (Super Smash Bros.) © DmitriiZelencov :star:
14. Amber as Witch (Left 4 Dead) © one Russian dude :star:
15. Sunny as Mage (King's Bounty), Foxie as Freddi (Freddi Fish) and Kesha as Luther (Freddi Fish) © one Russian dudess :star:
16. Aaron as Dante (Devil May Cry) © one Russian dude :star:
17. Jen as Lee (The Walking Dead), Charlotte as Clementine (The Walking Dead), Roger as Ben (The Walking Dead) © one Russian dudess :star:
18. Cloe as Cassie Cage (Mortal Kombat) and Sofie as Catwoman (Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe) © puehrille :star:
19. Joe as Nathan Drake (Uncharted) © TDI-CharlieBrown :star:
20. Carol as Ted Sniper (Team Fortress 2) and Vi as Blue Spy (Team Fortress 2), Esportiv as Papyrus (Undertale) and Jordan as Frisk (Undertale), Chad as Gat (Saints Row) © MustacheSkulls
21. Reese as Steve (Minecraft) and Jessica as Alyx Vance (Half-Life 2) © Prince-Of-Punkrock :star:
22. Herself as fem!Yosuke Hanamura (Persona 4), Cielo as Yandere-chan (Yandere Simulator) and Franco as Miles Upshur (Outlast) © rococoPIE :star:
23. Himself as Shiki Tohno (Melty Blood Actress Again), Nikki as Akiha Tohno (Melty Blood Actress Again) and Diana as Ciel (Melty Blood Actress Again) © MisterDalton :star:
24. loleighta as Sylvanas Windrunner (World of Warcraft) :star:
25. Herself as Osana Najimi (Yandere Simulator) and Florence as Chell (Portal) © PrettyPassionut :star:
26. Helen as Snow White (The Wolf Among Us) © PetiteTarte :star:
27. Himself as Poison Ivy (Batman: Arkham Asylum) and his boyfriend as Bayonetta © FuneralCrasher :star:
28. funkade as Geralt (Witcher) :star:
29. Lets-Get-Saiko as Delsin Rowe (Infamous: Second Son) :star:
30. mysteriously-foxy as Heather Mason (Silent Hill 3)
31. Du-Loch as Jak (Jak and Daxter) :star:
32. Herself as Mel (Portal), Clarice as Chica (FNAF) and Simba as Sans (Undertale) © The-Queen-of-Glamour :star:
33. angiesokawaii as Viola (The Witch's House) :star:
34. JediJaceon as Corvo (Dishonored) :star:
35. Jansen as Kitana (Mortal Kombat) and Makato as Mileena (Mortal Kombat) © cheekennuudlesoup :star:
36. Aidan as Shadow (Sonic the Hedgehog), Nora as Slendrina (Slendrina:The Cellar), Taira as Tails (Sonic the Hedgehog) and Maria as Yui (Diabolik Lovers) © FoxKS :star:
37. Angelica as Carmen Sandiego (Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?) and Josiah as Professor Plum (Clue) © Emperor-Lucas
38. Himself as Vergil (Devil May Cry), Colt as Alex Mercer (Prototype) and Viper as Lightning (Final Fantasy) © Wiz-Dan :star:
39. Sava as Rufus (Goodbye Deponia) © one Russian dudess
40. Danisha as Ib (Ib Game) and Richard as Garry (Ib Game) © MIGDAVART :star:
41. Kim as Goal (Goodbye Deponia) © one Russian dudess :star:
42. J as Ronan O'Connor (Murdered: Soul Suspect) and Tamara as Joy Foster (Murdered: Soul Suspect) © LaTameh Bullet; Black
43. Hayley as Chloe (Life is Strange) © one Russian dudess :star:
44. Herself as Zelda and her boyfriend as Link © Galactic-Red-Beauty :star:
45. Vity-Dream as Lara Croft :star:
46. Benedikte as Ruby (The Path) © one Russian dudess :star:
47. Mackenzie as Undyne (Undertale) and Mackayla as Chara (Undertale), Bella as The Crying Child (FNAF) and Jamie as The Purple Man (FNAF) © Stellar-Hue Bullet; Red 
48. valediaYT as Lanaya the Templar Assassin (Dota 2) :star:
49. td-catherine as Mira (Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series) :star:
50. YioMeow as Marie (Splatoon) :star:
51. Alex as Claire (Resident Evil) and Juan as Leon (Resident Evil) © MariahMireles and AaronML :star:
52. diamndz1021 as Bob (Tekken) :star:
53. AJToons as Sora (Kingdom Hearts) Bullet; Black
54. Herself as Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal Black), Rodrigo as Eddie Gluskin (Outlast), Ashton as Waylon Park (Outlast), Abigail as Caitlyn (League of Legends), Jayme as Crash (Crash Bandicoot), Nicole as Coco (Crash Bandicoot) and Wisteria as Red (Transistor Game) © DeathKissuFu Bullet; Red 
55. g0rege0us as Melanie (Murder Room) and DaveToons as The Butcher (Murder Room) Bullet; Black
56. cahenry12 as Johnny Napalm (Guitar Hero) :star:
57. TheGodOfBlue as Kenshi (Mortal Combat) :star:
58. JazeEmm as Android 17 (Dragon Ball) :star:
59. Estela as Zero Suit Samus (Metroid: Zero Mission), Dylan as Pit (Kid Icarus) and Robin as Dark Pit (Kid Icarus) © Javx77 :star:
60. CatsShouldWearSocks as Alex (Oxenfree) :star:
61. Scarlet as May (Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire) © A-KTheLittleFairy :star:
62. Himself as Hajime Hinata (DanganRonpa), Gemuko as Chiaki Nanami (DanganRonpa) and Geremy as Nagito Komaeda (DanganRonpa) © Makushi23 :star:
63. Roxy as Anka Broska (Dragon Age) and Kenny as Winston (Overwatch) © one Russian dudess
64. Lorenzo as Wilson and Gabriella as Willow(Don't Starve) © one Russian dudess :star:
65. Gaby as Ellie (The Last Of Us) © JeyLauTDrama :star:
66. Ashlynn as Cortana (Halo) and Vince as Agent 47 (Hitman) © Xanviour
67. HoneyMoon-ll as Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy) :star:
68. Casandra as Jodie (Beyond: Two Souls) © Hadaleona
69. Alan as Juan (Guacamelee) and Felicity as Tostada (Guacamelee) © Thatmexicanuzer Bullet; Red 
70. Carolina as Skarlet (Mortal Kombat) © one Russian dudess :star:
71. Vitany as Morgana (League of Legends) and Felix as Graves (League of Legends) © Gagenze
72. oxyelf as Android 18 (Dragon Ball) :star:
73. Nahuee as Sub-Zero (Mortal Combat) © TheDirectionOfDrama1 :star:
74. Louis and Indya as Sims characters © snowflake-life :star:
75. Madevil as Grox (Spore), Hades as Fireboy (Fireboy & Watergirl 2) and Dolores as Watergirl (Fireboy & Watergirl 2), Tritess as Janet Norman (The Sims) © one Russian dudess :star:
76. Himself as Bo'rai'cho (Mortal Combat) and Julah as Tanya (Mortal Combat) © xX-Ayrton-Xx
77. Sabrina as Yukari (Liar Liar) © Crystace
78. Keyla as Marceline (Adventure Time: Game) and Rebecca as Baby Luigi (Super Mario Bros) © TDSuperFan :star:
79. Julkauke as Toriel (Undertale)
80. Melanie as Beth (The Walking Dead) © Moonlight-Lovely Bullet; Black
81. two OCs as Clara and Mia (Fran Bow) © DioMoon :star: 
82. Bell as champion Cynthia (Pokemon) and Sebastian as champion Mirto (Pokemon) © SebasAJH and x-Hachiko-x :star:
83. Aria as Pom (Pom Gets Wi-Fi) and Joey as Shibe (Pom Gets Wi-Fi) © Cinnamon-Stars :star:
84. Herself as Jessica (Until Dawn) and Irene as Ashley (Until Dawn) © NaturalHipsterQueen Bullet; Black
85. Ray as Yuuichi (Re:Kinder) © MartinTDLover
86. Bear as BloodRayne and Penelope as Princess Peach (Super Mario Bros) © TILLTY :star:
87. gaby-sunflower as Ness (Super Smash Bros.) :star:
88. Holly as Mangle (FNAF) and Jasmine as Temmie (Undertale) © Mo-Moka :star:
89. Heavenly-Bright as Yrel (World of Warcraft) :star:
90. Ed as Kenij Setou (Katawa Shoujo), Melisenda as Lola (HuniePop), Candi as Scott Pilgrim (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game), Alan as Knives (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game), Pablo as Red (Pokemon), Billy as Tohru Adachi (Persona 4) and Seth as Solid Snake (Metal Gear) © Mllermanda :star:
91. Estelle as Fran (Fran Bow) © CarsyKawaii Bullet; Black
92. Amber as Aya (Mad Father) Julian alter-gioia01 :star:
93. Tesla as Mew (Jet Set Radio) © KarmicIllusion :star:
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96. Mirabelle as Jenney (Shopaholic Models) © Super23Gabriel :star:
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98. Paige and Peyton as Turnabout Sisters (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) © Creative-Horizons :star:
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101. FIuffi as Sheva (Resident Evil) :star:
102. Miguel as Dr. Angus Bumby (American McGee's Alice) and Emmy as Lizzie Liddell (American McGee's Alice) © Nemmysis Bullet; Red 
103. Eugenia as Sticks the Badger (Sonic Boom) and Hannah as Team Rocket Member (Pokemon) © one Russian dude :star:
104. Diego as Flappy Bird © Dididididiego :star:
105. Caitlin as Killer Frost (Injustice: Gods Among Us) © one Russian dude :star:
106. CassLouvre as Videl (Dragon Ball) :star:
107. Lana as Stella (Angry Birds) and Brittany as Gale (Angry Birds) © one Russian dudess
108. Honey-Zest as Sonia Nevermind (DanganRonpa) and ISHB1SH as Tanaka Gundam (DanganRonpa) :star:
109. P1NETHREE as Ryu (Street Fighter) and Parasol-Lights as Laura (Street Fighter) :star:
110. Alexia as Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) © mistynanami :star:
Today I want to make it clear about one myth...
I DON'T draw in Xara! I create my arts in SAI Paint Tool!
No one seen it coming, right?
Image Hosted by

Many people say I draw hair very well. After some doubts I decided to open special commission for haircuts sketches. Just send me a photo of haircut you want me to draw and some time later the sketch will be ready.

One haircut - 50 Points (For each haircut +30 Points)


1. valediaYT (1) DONE
2. s-o-n-j-a (1) DONE
3. AstralDaydream (1) DONE
4. TheAllMighty-Jayy (4) DONE

Hey, look! A cool artist here!

Sun Jul 19, 2015, 9:47 AM
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Hi, guys!
Today I want to introduce to you a cool artist that loves to draw elfs.
I love his characters and his style so much :heart:
I hope, you gonna love his art like I do ;)
<da:thumb id="547442109"/><da:thumb id="546500170"/><da:thumb id="495378183"/>

I think you all remember these pictures...
(It's so ugly.)
Yes, I still want to make this crossover with Marvel and DC. 
I hope you can help me choose the role for ALL the characters from TD-series :la:

Amy - Blackfire
Anne Maria
B - Cyborg
Beth - Squirell Girl
Blaineley - Emma Frost
Brick - Captain America
Bridgette - Queen Mera
Cameron - Iron Man
Chef Hatchet - Blade
Chris - the Joker
Cody - Beast Boy
Courtney - Black Widow
Dakota - Dazzler
Dawn - Karolina Dean
Duncan - Lobo
Ella - AmethystPrincess of Gemworld
Eva - She-Hulk
Ezekiel - Toad
Geoff - Thor
Gwen - Raven
Heather - Lady Deathstrike
Izzy - Lady Deadpool
Jasmine - Wonder Woman
Jo - Big Barda
Katie - Dani Moonstar
Leonard - Doctor Strange
Leshawna - Storm
Lightning - Black Panther
Lindsay - Supergirl
Mike - Two-Face
Noah - the Riddler
Owen - Blob
Rodney - Juggernaut
Sadie - Karma
Samey - Starfire
Scarlett - Madelyne Pryor
Scott - Pyro
Shawn - Rorschach 
Sierra - Harley Quinn
Sky - Psylocke
Sugar - Big Bertha
Topher - Iceman
Tyler - Plastic Man
Zoey - Batgirl

Best gift EVER

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 26, 2013, 6:00 AM

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Maddie is a miracle! 

Thank you, honey! I love you! ~ :heart: