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F2U Cat Base

By MothDvst
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Comes with multiple options of fur, eyes, mouth and whiskers. Download the PSD to access!

You may edit the lineart, and use it for whatever you like! OCs, Adoptables, anything is fine.

The only rules are that you do not remove my signature, and credit me directly with a link to my profile. You may use off of Deviantart, however you must provide a link to my account for credit.
Do not claim as your own, or repost the empty base!!

This isn't a rule, but I'd love to see what anyone makes with this. So I would appreciate it if you commented your finished pieces using the lineart below <3

MS Paint friendly version here

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Uh oh i wanna maybe put this into a Scratch Game until i learn how to draw this myself . Can i?

I will credit too and wont remove the Watermark or just put it at the Side but it will still be See able and i will make a Link in the Desc from that Game to this.

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That sounds fine!

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Is it okay to add ear tufts, hairdo (+others) and still fully credit you?

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Yep! You can edit the base however you like as long as the signature is visible and you give credit
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Alright thanks!

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Thank you! I used and credited :)

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Used for adoptables!

Song Themed Cat OTA Adoptables ~ OPEN
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hey! so i made 4 cats to sell as adopts on lioden, but i need yr written consent ;; so sorry to bug you but could you make an acc and comment that it's alright? if not that's fine too!

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Uhh I’d rather not make an account,, are there rules saying you need written consent from someone with an account? If I commented here giving you explicit agreement for you to use the base on there would that be alright?
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i think the rule is acc, but this might work too if i sent a screenshot to the mods. if you could give agreement here that'd be great

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Alright, hope this works for whoever is in charge of those rules :0

I give this user explicit permission to use my base for the sale of characters on lioden.
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ah sorry they said that doesnt work. they did say that if you dont wanna make an account you can contact or & tell them you gave permission (sorry this is such a hassle ack)

MothDvst's avatar

It's no worries at all!! It's not the trouble of making a new account, just that I'd rather not make accounts that I won't use and forget about, I'll shoot them a message rn!

WarriorCatFan53's avatar

worked! thanks so much :)

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Great! No problem, glad to help <3
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Used! (one of a few I did)

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They’re very cute!! Ty for using my base :)
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im so gona use this for my warrior's ocs!

this is so coot!

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