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General Disclaimer: These terms and conditions were written with the implication that general common sense applies. This includes but is not limited to: being polite and respectful to others, always being truthful, not exploiting loopholes, and not pretending to be staff. We cannot think of everything for this rule book. As users on deviantART, you have to be at least a certain age to register. Please be mature and treat Mothcats as you would real life. Thank you.

Any questions or concerns regarding the Terms and Conditions should be sent to the GROUP and not individual admins.

We operate on a three-strike system. Members who break our terms and conditions may receive a infraction depending on the situation. After a user gains three infractions, they will be subject to consideration of being removed and/or banned from Mothcats and any future groups owned by floramisa.

I. Group & Gallery Terms and Conditions

  1. Please give credit to floramisa for owning Mothcats. 
    • Credit is required everywhere you post art of your character on.
  2. Be nice and courteous to all others. Drama is not allowed.
    • Making comments about high pricing towards anyone is impolite and will not be tolerated
    • Likewise, do not comment about how someone is "hoarding" Mothcats or similar comments. 
    • If a member problem should arise, please send a note to the group to discuss it.
  3. No "backseat" modding. 
    • There are plenty of active admins who will answer questions and correct improper behavior without needing a third party to step in. 
    • If someone is having issues or has done something wrong, note the group so that an admin can fix the issue. 
  4. Only art of Mothcats listed on the Mothcats Masterlist will be accepted into the group.
    • We do not claim the idea of moth-cat hybrids. Please do not harass users who might own or are selling designs of such characters.
  5. General Your-Character-Here submissions (YCH's) are not accepted into the group unless there is a Mothcat-specific example provided.
    • Commission journals must be Mothcat-specific or provide Mothcat examples as well.
  6. Deviations in the gallery should not be "bumped" within a 14-day time frame. 
    • Deleting or removing deviations and resubmitting them is also not allowed within this time frame. 
    • This also applies to repeated commission offers and trade journals. 
    • Please refrain from spamming our gallery. 
  7. Users suspected of cheating in Mothcats events will receive an infraction and potentially a ban, depending on the severity of the situation.
    • Most Mothcats events are RNG-based, and users are highly encouraged to participate in them to earn potential rewards, such as Flower Tokens, crafting items, accessories, Mothcat trait changes, and even Mothcat MYO's.
    • Cheating and dishonest behavior in the MothcatMarket will result in an immediate ban from the ARPG - and potentially one from the main group, depending on the severity of the offense.
  8. Please allow the admins and volunteers at least 72 hours to respond to any type of inquiry. (Bank number requests, submission review, Misaverse updates, Mothcats mentors, etc.) 
    • Users who harass admins for responses within this time frame will receive a warning for the first offense and an infraction for every offense thereon after. 
    • You may tag or note Mothkitten for any inquiries. Do not tag/note individual admins.
    • Do not tag multiple admins.
  9. Please allow admins at least two (2) weeks to distribute event prizes and gifts.
    • If two weeks have passed and you haven't received your prizes, feel free to contact us for updates on the situation.
    • You may claim prizes up until one month after each event. Users late in claiming their prizes forfeit their claim to them. 
  10. Do not "repurpose" official Mothcats artwork for use in event prompts, design editing, and accessory applications. 
  11. Only non-tentative trade/sell/raffle journals will be accepted into the group gallery. 
    • Mothcat owners are welcome to make tentative journals without submitting to the group.
    • Users seeking to trade for or purchase Mothcats may also submit to the gallery with non-tentative offers.
  12. Put word counts for any written submission either at the end of the journal or in the artist's description.
  13. Tag all submission titles for relevant collab/trade/gift/commission information in order to earn Flower Token credit.
    • We are not obligated to award tokens missed from improper title tagging.
  14. Members will not earn extra Flower Tokens for art pieces that were paid for in Flower Tokens.

II. Adoptable Terms and Conditions

  1. Mothcats are a closed species and you cannot make your own without permission.
    • Permission is given in the form of "Make-Your-Own" or "MYO" slots. 
    • All MYO designs must follow the MYO Mothcat Guidelines
  2. It is highly encouraged NOT to repost full, unwatermarked versions of Mothcat adoptables anywhere. 
    • It is highly encouraged to resize all adoptables to smaller, lower-resolution versions. 
    • It is highly encouraged to watermark all artwork to prevent theft. 
  3. Do not claim the art and design as your own.
    • Give credit to the original artist should you post your purchased adoptable anywhere.
  4. ALWAYS follow the bidding chain.
  5. DO NOT offer more than what you can pay!
  6. DO NOT hide your comments
  7. Holds are accepted for a 7 day time period.
    • Please discuss this with floramisa or the guest artist if you would like to have an adoptable held for you.
    • Holds may be cancelled under the discretion of floramisa, or the guest artist under certain circumstances.
  8. Payment plans and holds are available but must be discussed via note prior to bidding
    • Holds and payment plans are only available for AB's
    • Payment plans require a minimum down payment of 50%
  9. A maximum of TWO co-owns are accepted for one Mothcat. 
  10. Do not cause drama or harass users who are bidding on or currently own Mothcats.
  11. Users who are banned from the group CANNOT bid or make offers on adoptable sets. 
  12. Minor changes to designs are allowed as long as they are approved by floramisa first. 
    • Includes minor color and slight marking changes 
  13. Mothcats may visit Ayana's Beauty Salon for major visual design changes. 
    • Accessories and clothing may be added to your Mothcat by visiting Aldoran Fashion. 
    • Do not draw art of your Mothcat wearing accessories that have not been crafted yet, except for comedic/AU purposes.
      • Comedic/AU accessories can be uploaded once before it must be crafted for further use. 
      • Different interpretations of the same comedic/AU accessory do not count more than once
      • Accessories/items drawn for event prompts can be drawn repeatedly, but only for the event! 

III. Reselling Terms and Conditions

  1. Always link the Misaverse entry for Mothcats put up for trade/sale/raffle in the group.
  2. Users who are banned from the group CANNOT obtain ownership of another Mothcat. 
  3. Once the masterlist has been updated with new owners, the transfer cannot be reversed.
    • All trades, resales, and gifts are final. If you want a Mothcat you used to own back, you will have to trade for it back.
  4. Gifting, retrading, and reselling adopts is allowed as long as it is not a MYO slot.
    • APPROVED and REGISTERED MYO designs may be resold, retraded, or gifted. MYO slots may only be transferred as a gift. ** UPDATED **
      • Note the group to change the resale status of the MYO Mothcat - only Mothcats that have been updated on the masterlist are able to be resold (only applies to slots that were purchased). ** NEW **
      • MYO slots may be gifted to others at the MYO Exchange Kiosk if proof of slot ownership is provided
    • Offering to get a design approved and then trading it to the person is still considered trading an MYO slot and is not allowed
  5. Do not resell your adopt for higher than what you paid for.
    • Reselling at a higher price will require appraisal from floramisa prior to making the listing. 
    • Purchasing an adopt for higher than what was allowed will result in similar punishment. 
  6. Adopts may be traded for real life merchandise up to the value of money spent to purchase the design.
    • MYO Mothcats may not be traded for real life merchandise to prevent abuse and gouging.
    • Mothcats with zero resale value may not be traded for real life merchandise to prevent abuse and gouging.
      • Includes items that are "currently owned" by potential traders due to the potential shipping/handling costs.
      • See individual Misaverse entries for details on resale values.
    • The total purchase amount may not add up to higher than the original price, which includes shipping/handling costs. 
    • Intentionally trading for any amount higher requires appraisal from floramisa prior to making the listing. 
    • Disclaimer: Mothcats is not responsible for merchandise lost in transit and will not reverse any Misaverse updates based on such claims. 
  7. You may trade/sell your Mothcat for virtual pet site currency/items/pets
    • This only includes sites that allows cross-trading. 
    • All Misaverse updates must include clear trade agreements and proof that the trade took place. 
    • Disclaimer: Mothcats is not responsible for currency/items/pets lost after the trade and will not reverse any Misaverse updates based on such claims. 
  8. Designs obtained from raffles or events cannot be resold.
    • They can be gifted or retraded.
  9. Gifted Mothcats cannot be resold.
    • They can be gifted or traded.
    • Mothcats purchased as gifts fall under this rule.
  10. You cannot trade/resell your Mothcat within TWO WEEKS of purchasing and/or owning.
    • This also includes OFFERING for trades before the minimum time limit.
  11. Users are not permitted to "bid" on other adoptable auctions in order to trade for Mothcats.
  12. Asking users to send payment for Mothcats through means that break the TOS of other sites will not be tolerated. Understand that this puts both the buyer and seller at risk with not only Mothcats, but other sites as well.

IV. Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a Mothcat?
You can get a Mothcat from purchasing it as an adoptable, winning it from events, or from MYO/customs.

Are MYO's/customs open?
All details on upcoming MYO's customs can be found on floramisa's profile or on the Mothcats home page. 

Will you trade a Mothcat MYO/custom for an MYO/custom of my species?
I'll take a look, but probably not.

Can I suggest themes for future Mothcat adopts?
Of course! We're always open to suggestions.

Can I change the color of my Mothcat?
You can change the appearance of your Mothcat (color/markings/traits) by visiting Ayana's Beauty Salon

Can I add/remove accessories to my Mothcat?
Accessories and clothing may be added to or removed from your Mothcat by visiting the Inventory/Bank Updates Kiosk.

What are dyes/crafting materials used for?
Dyes and crafting materials are part of our ARPG. Please refer to this link for guides/tutorials about our ARPG elements.

Can I buy Flower Tokens with points?

Can you update my Mothcat Bank?
Bank accounts are updated every few days, so please be patient.

Will you give me Flower Tokens for X?
You will earn a set amount of Flower Tokens [info here] for submitting your Mothcat-related artwork to the group. However, you will not get any free ones just by asking.

Can I make my Mothcat MYO a Mothkitten or Mothlion (or based off an already existing Mothcat)?
No. The creation of Mothkittens and Mothlions are exclusive to floramisa only. These will be released under special circumstances. To be respectful to the owners of current Mothcats, MYOs cannot be designed off of already existing Mothcats.

I saw someone else selling moth-cat hybrid designs/species, is this okay?
Of course! In no way do we claim that moth-cat/cat-moth hybrids are 100% our original idea, and do not expect others to not make similar hybrid designs. Just in order to have YOUR moth-cat usable in our ARPG group, they need to come from us. Please do not harass or bother other artists who may draw moth-cat/cat-moth/etc hybrids, anyone found doing this will face punishment within the group!

Last updated October 4th 2017

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