Mothcats Official Artists! [New Artist 12/9/2018]

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Hey guys! As you all may know, we recently opened up applications to become Official Mothcats Artists. As part of the Official Artists team, these users are responsible for helping Mothcats MYO slot owners design their MYO's and occasionally drawing artwork for group events and activities. All of them also take part in our Beauty Salon Service that allows complete redesigns of existing Mothcats. 

As Official Artists, we at Mothcats fully endorse them and will take responsibility for anything that goes wrong-- or right!-- with your commissions. That means that if you are having any issues with your (Mothcat MYO-related) commissions with these artists, you can take them directly up to me, floramisa.

Some of these artists take free MYO design requests. You can find out if they do under their commissions link in this journal. This service is offered by Mothcats in order to help members who might not have the means to design their own Mothcat.

Please make sure to only ask one artist at a time to design your MYO Mothcat. Only members with verified MYO slots and registered Mothcats will be serviced.

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Mothcats Official Artists

[Bullet; Red Does not offer MYO service Bullet; Red]
Salon Service: Accepts USD/Points | Status: OPEN Bullet; Green

MYO ServiceCommission Journal | Takes Requests | Status: OPEN Bullet; Green
Salon Service: Accepts USD/Points | Status: OPEN Bullet; Green

'Q'iana by cathedraIs  [APPROVED] 'V'itya by cathedraIs [APPROVED] 'A'nastasia by cathedraIs Z by cathedraIs
MYO ServiceCommission Journal | Takes Requests | StatusCLOSED Bullet; Red
Salon Service: Accepts USD/Points | StatusCLOSED Bullet; Red

MYO ServiceCommission Journal | Takes Requests | StatusOPEN Bullet; Green
Salon Service: Accepts USD/Points StatusOPEN Bullet; Green


MYO ServiceCommission Journal | Takes Requests | StatusCLOSED Bullet; Red
Salon Service: Accepts USD/Points | StatusCLOSED Bullet; Red

If you worked with any of our Official Artists on a MYO commission (or request), please consider sending in feedback about your experience! We'd love to know if someone was super extra nice to work with or if you felt like your experience wasn't up to quality standards. Thanks in advance!

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justlikesoup are you open for requests? ;o;