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Hey guys!!

As promised, here are some MYO slot openings for those who can't afford/haven't gotten a chance to snag a Mothcat yet (or if you just want more!!)

1 Common/Uncommon Mothcat MYO = $8/800 :points:
1 Rare Mothcat MYO = $15/1500 :points:

There is also a special sale for users who entered the recent Halloween event but did not win an MYO slot!

1 Common/Uncommon Mothcat MYO = $5/500 :points:

** Ultra rare and exclusive traits cannot be obtained via MYO to maintain the rarity of these traits!! I hope you understand. **

There will be 10 slots with no limit to how many you can purchase/own. If you are applying the sales discount, it will only count for the first slot you purchase.

REMEMBER: You cannot trade/sell your MYO slots, but you can purchase one for another user! (You will have to let us know exactly who it is.)


1. T1mberline (Common/Uncommon)
2. Ziiendris (Common/Uncommon)
3. Trainerfairy (Rare)
4. Snow-Lilly-00 (Common/Uncommon)
5. NightLlGHT (Common/Uncommon)
6. Aruiya (Rare)
7. Mimiero (Rare)
8. exdog (Rare)
9. DuskTwilena (Rare)
10. Akatix (Rare)

Please refer to the MYO Guidelines prior to submitting your MYO to the group!


I forgot to mention that 50% of all proceeds earned from this MYO window will go towards Syrriic's Cancer Fund. Anyone who purchases a slot from this window will also receive the following sticker for their User ID!


Thanks to everyone who purchased a slot! We raised $122, so $61 went to the cancer fund!

I sent it via Paypal because GoFundMe doesn't have a Paypal option.

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No... It's closed... Time difference everyone... I finally got my parents permission to use paypal ONCE and tada!! It's gone...
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This journal was from November 2015. 

We haven't had an MYO opening since the beginning of this month. MYO slots won't be opened for at least two more months. ^^;
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so like... may...ish

40mg's avatar
ha! nobody's going to hold that one against you. literally no better feeling than guiltless drawing at the end of the semester. ;v;
floramisa's avatar
Yee that's my logic! But Ocean Wars will more than likely dish out a few MYO's so you can be assured with that!
40mg's avatar
!!!!!!! ! ! !! 
sumw1's avatar
Well then, I will have to ask again when it opens!
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//slides up to
I kinda really need me a moth cat now ;o;/
Mind if I snag that last Rare slot?
floramisa's avatar
!! <33 

Of course! Thank you so much. ;w; <3 

Are you paying in paypal or points?
Akatix's avatar

I'm hella excited omf
floramisa's avatar
Okay! Please send $15 to

Thanks so much! ;w; 

I'm super excited too!!! I ca't wait to see your new baby!
Akatix's avatar
also I love this thing. Handiest thing ever eh?

And yiiiisss
New bab and I get to get in on all these things you have going on Ohmygosh. Such an active species group I'm. Well I'm hella jealous XDDD
floramisa's avatar is the greatest!! 

We're gonna have a cool event coming up soon for the holidays !! It's gonna be fun : D 

If it weren't for our amazing members, we wouldn't be trying so hard! >.< We appreciate you guys so much for being part of the community!
Akatix's avatar
Weoo! Even more excite \ouo/

And that kinda love makes it just the kind of community I want to join~ can't wait!
definitely don't already have sketches down on a sticky note. Might have a new bab sooner than I thought oops
floramisa's avatar
: DD!! I'm excited too!! 

YES I agree! ;w; I love this kind of group. <33 

And ooh! Can't wait to see!! Remember to note me the design first before submitting to the Approved MYO Designs folder!
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Could I get a rare slot, please?
weisk's avatar
Sure! Would you like to pay in points or paypal? :)
DuskTwilena's avatar
floramisa's avatar
Please send $15 to

Thanks so much! 
floramisa's avatar
Got it, thank you! <3 

If you have any questions, please ask. ^^ 
floramisa's avatar
You're welcome ! ^^
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