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By floramisa

March Monthly Mothcat Features 

Hey guys! With all of the hustle-bustle from the back-to-back events, I haven't had time to sit down and do what I've been wanting to do for a long time now... and that is monthly Mothcats features! 

This includes the following topics: 
  • Mothcat of the Month 
  • Member of the Month
  • General Art Showcase
  • Pixel Art Showcase
  • Literature Showcase
You can find more details about the individual categories below!

Mothcat of the Month (MCotM)

Mothcat of the Month is a special title given to a different Mothcat during the first week of each month. The Mothcat chosen will receive a sticker, as seem below, and featured on the front page of Mothcats for the entire month. They can sometimes make cameo appearances in our monthly events. Other opportunities for Mothcats of the Month may open up in the near future. We will let you know when these changes take place!

2017 Mothcat of the Month by floramisa

To be eligible for Mothcat of the Month, the Mothcat must meet the following requirements: 
  1. Must be registered in the Misaverse 
  2. Must have at least 2 pieces of artwork other than the "official" one (submitted to the Adoptables or Approved MYO Designs folders) 
  3. Must not have been chosen as Mothcat of the Month before 
Mothcats of the Month will be chosen by recommendation of an admin or member. If you have a suggestion for Mothcat of the Month, please send Mothcats a note with your suggestion and why you think they should win! 

Member of the Month (MotM)

In addition to Mothcat of the Month, a Member of the Month will also be chosen during the first week of each month. These members will be showcased on the front page for the entire month, alongside the Mothcat of the Month. Opportunities for MOTM's may arise in the future, but for now, they will only receive the feature on the front page, and have their nomination count towards certain rank requirements. Recipients will receive the following sticker: 

2017 Member of the Month by floramisa

To be eligible for MOTM, the member must meet the following requirements: 
  1. Must have a Mothcat Bank
  2. Must not have been chosen as Member of the Month before 
  3. Cannot be on probation 
Members of the Month will be chosen by recommendation of an admin or member. If you have a suggestion for Member of the Month, please note floramisa or Mothcats with the person you wish to nominate and reasons why you think they should be chosen. 

General Art and Pixel Art Showcases

Each month, all admins ranked Mothcat Court or higher will nominate 2-3 general art pieces and 1-2 pixel art piece submitted to the gallery. These can be from either the general art folders or the event ones. There are no requirements for the showcase. If you are chosen, you will receive a monthly feature in a journal like this!

Mothcat of the Month

Mothcat of the Month - March by floramisa

This month's Mothcat of the Month is Mothcat ID #115 - Myrrh owned by Arquerite.
She was chosen per recommendation by another Mothcats member. Congratulations!

Member of the Month


This member was chosen for their constant efforts to promote a positive environment in the community by striving to comment on as many submissions as possible and engaging other members in collaborative works. This member has brought together and made friends with many other members, and we feel like they are very well-suited for the first Member of the Month title! (A sticker will be provided soon!)

Mothcat General Art Showcase

[Anim] Oficial by Blobosaur  We're Not Damaged Goods by Calliopius  Draw me like one of your French Beps by Shadonut  selfie cats by Trainerfairy BUSINESS WITH BEP [PART 1/2] by ceIine Everything is Fine and Peachy by Calliopius

Bonus from January: 
Useless by Arquerite

Mothcat Pixel Art Showcase

 <da:thumb id="593872957"/>  Bee bounce by fanface
Bep Bep by Moth-Worm

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Arquerite's avatar
I'm a little late on this, but thank you so much for selecting Myrrh, as well as featuring my art of her! It has been an absolute blast developing her for this group, and I hope that I can continue!
floramisa's avatar
You're very welcome. <33 Thank you for being part of our community!
dessieh's avatar
Congratulations, Deyan and Shrike!! You two really deserve that!! <33
(Now I just need to suggest their mothcats for mothcat of the month and Shrike for member of the month ;P)
ceIine's avatar
omg tysm for the feature of that silly bep qvq
DemonSkylier's avatar
I like this month showcase, its a really great idea!

Also congrats to Dragonap and Calliopius!
Arquerite's avatar
Thank you very much! I'm glad Myrrh was picked ^^
Shadonut's avatar
:'DD thanks for featuring my GLORIOUS DRAWING of Business Bep!!

and of course... congrats to Dragonap and Calliopius !!
Arquerite's avatar
Myrrh: Really, now, was there ever any doubt? :3c
Calliopius's avatar
BUZZES SO EXCITEDLY!!!!! OH MY GOSH LOOK! IT MEEEE!!! Whaaaat I was not expecting this at ALL holy guacamole thank you!

And two of my arts got featured TOO! SQUEAKS EXCITEDLY

Ahhhh and CONGRATS to Dragonap for Myrrh being the very first Mothcat of the Month! She TOTALLY deserves it. What a gorgeous bby, and I LOVED learning more about her thrugh your Rion Springs prompts. <333

And congrats to all the other featured artists! So many delightful, cute arts. <3
fanface's avatar
Congrates Deyan & Myrrh!! Both are very deserving (especially since Deyan BROUGHT me here!!!)
thank you for featuring my little bloop of a pixel I'm so flattered ;v;!!
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