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Farina is a multi-talented crafting fairy who's blessed Aldora with her presence! She's very mysterious and won't share her background... but for some reason, Sage acts rather strangely around her? I wonder why!!

Farina is currently away with Sage! Her shop will be closed for new orders, and selling items, but any previously ordered and currently queued items will be finished!

Welcome to Farina's Craft Shop!!

A long while ago, reptrion and I wanted to make crafting available to create limitless customization options for our beloved Mothcats... and I'm happy to say that this is the end result! Originally, Taga was supposed to come every other month or so with new crafting items and Honey would help craft items in between... but that's an awful long time to wait if you've been itching to craft accessories for your Mothcats! (Plus, Honey being able to craft without opposable thumbs bothered me.) 

From now on, this journal will be used for all things crafting-related. Generic crafting materials will be indefinitely sold here, but you can still always purchase special crafting materials from themed events! 

Crafting Service

Farina's crafting service isn't free!! You will have to pay a certain number of Flower Tokens in order to get your items crafted. In addition, it will take time for Farina to craft your items, so please be patient with her! (She will always give you an ETA, which can be shortened if you offer more Flower Tokens in return... or you can skip the waiting time entirely by providing your own item image!)

Fill out the form below to submit a crafting inquiry to Farina:

Link to Mothcat Bank:
Flower Token Budget:
Description of Item(s) to Craft: (or image if you have one drawn already)

Upon receiving your request, Farina will let you know what supplies will be needed for your desired accessory and how long it will take to complete your request. You will have to confirm the action once you receive the quote to process it and be added to the queue! 

Crafting Service Queue

Farina's shop is currently closed!

Shop for Crafting Items

(There will sometimes be sales, so keep a lookout!!) 

Red Dye by floramisa Yellow Dye by floramisa Blue Dye by floramisa White Dye by floramisa Brown Dye by floramisa Black Dye by floramisa Empty Bottle by floramisa
Red | Yellow | Blue | White | Brown | Black | Empty
Cost for One: 1 Copper Flower Token by floramisa

Cloth by floramisa String by floramisa
Cloth | String
Cost for One: 1 Copper Flower Token by floramisa

Silk by floramisa Raw Leather by floramisa
Silk | Leather
Cost for One: 2 Copper Flower Token by floramisa

Wood Beads by floramisa Leaf by floramisa Stick by floramisa Feather by floramisa
Wooden Strung Beads | Leaf | Stick with Leaf | Feather
Cost for One: 1 Copper Flower Token by floramisa | Cost for a Pile of 1 Type (Unlimited Uses): 5 Copper Flower Token by floramisa

Dye Mixing Service

(Some dyes aren't offered to purchase, so you will have to mix them instead!)

Orange Dye by floramisa Green Dye by floramisa Teal Dye by floramisa Pink Dye by floramisa Purple Dye by floramisa Grey Dye by floramisa
Orange | Green | Teal | Pink | Purple | Grey

Red + Yellow | Yellow + Blue | Green + Blue | Red + White | Red + Blue | White + Black

Required Materials: 2 Empty Bottles + Required Colors
Produces: 2 Empty Bottles + 2 Mixed Dyes

If you don't know what crafting materials/consumables are, please refer to this journal:

Guide to Mothcats ConsumablesWhat Are Consumables?
Consumables are "edits" that you can apply to your Mothcat. They can be bought with Flower Tokens during special events and include (but are not limited to) the following:
Dyes Crafting materials Accessories (crafted or purchased) Does not include the accessories that come with your MothcatCompanionsAll unused consumables are held in your Mothcat Bank Inventory. Once used, they're removed from your inventory and cannot be renewed. (Meaning they're gone forever!) 
All About Dyes 
Dyes can be bought from Taga but are sometimes handed out as gifts during special events. They come in a variety of colors, though some will need to be mixed in order to "unlock" certain colors. 
These items can serve many purposes, such as: 
Recoloring certain parts of your Mothcat* The original de

Farina art by exdog for Mothcats use ONLY!

Journal skin coded by floramisa for Mothcats
© 2015 - 2021 Mothcats
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Farina's shop is currently closed and won't reopen until MothcatMarket does!
oOIceFangOo's avatar
okay thanks for letting me know <33 I'll be sure to comment when it opens! qoq
Nix-Sil's avatar
Username: nix-sil
Link to Mothcat BankMothcats User ID
Flower Token Budget: 5 CFT
Description of Item(s) to Craft: I'd like to make a cute little necklace with the (red) Ball of Yarn and Gold Bell I purchased! Could you possibly help me out? :3c 
floramisa's avatar
Farina by Exdog by doroling 

I can! Do you have an image for me to work with? If so, then the cost of putting the items together is free and instant. 

If not, then the labor fee will cost 2Copper Flower Token by doroling  and you will have to wait about a week to receive your item. :)
Nix-Sil's avatar
Oh, sure! Does this work? (Sorry for the potato quality touchpad drawing, haha.)
floramisa's avatar
Farina by Exdog by doroling 

It has to be transparent, with similar quality compared to our other images. 

If you can't do it, that's okay! I can make it for you for the labor cost. ^^
Nix-Sil's avatar
I don't have time for at least two weeks aha so I'll just pay for it orz
floramisa's avatar
Farina by Exdog by doroling 

That's fine! You have been added to the queue!

Nix-Sil's avatar
exdog's avatar
Fa by exdog  
Hey there darling! Your necklace came out splendidly! I hope it's all you dreamed of!
Mc Bell 2 by exdog  
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Username: Dragonap
Link to Mothcat BankMothcat User ID 58 :3c
Flower Token Budget: 5 CFT
Description of Item(s) to Craft:

Teeny Myrrh Face by Dragonap
Hello, Farina! Would I be able to get the googly eyes and pink bow in my inventory super-glued onto Gabby, like so?

Gabster by Dragonap
floramisa's avatar
Farina by Exdog by doroling 

Yes! I could do that for you for free since you have all of the materials and image ready. :)
Arquerite's avatar
Oh, thank you very much! Should I update my inventory accordingly, then?
floramisa's avatar
Farina by Exdog by doroling 

Sorry, I forgot to update your bank. It's updated now!
Arquerite's avatar
Updated, thank you very much!
lepidopterae's avatar
Username: so-normal 
Link to Mothcat Bank: Bank!
Flower Token Budget: 1 CFT, 1 SFT
Description of Item(s) to Craft: What would be the cost for a pink, ruffly apron for Babbette? It would look something like this: thumbs3.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/… But solid pink, without the polka dots or the bow at the top.
floramisa's avatar
Farina by Exdog by doroling 

2 Pieces of Cloth 
1 Roll of Lace
1 Pink Dye
1 White Dye

I sell all of those items except the roll of lace, which you'll have to find a specialist for!
lepidopterae's avatar
oh wonderful! what type of specialist? and would it be okay to have an apron made and then add lace later, once I find a specialist?
floramisa's avatar
Farina by Exdog by doroling 

That would be fine! 

I think Akane is good with fabric making, but I'm not too sure...
lepidopterae's avatar
thank you Farina!! I think for now I will just go with the apron itself. could you quote me a price please?
floramisa's avatar
Farina by Exdog by doroling 

Do you own a pink dye? Ayana is selling them currently for the market but you can always mix dye (I think it costs more though)
lepidopterae's avatar
I don't have any dyes, but I hear you may also be able to help with that?
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