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By floramisa

September 24th Update: Added Hurricane Maria info!

September 20th Update: We've updated the journal to include the recent earthquake + resource links. Please help our friends in Mexico and the Caribbean!!

As many of you already know, hurricane season has been especially devastating. We, at Mothcats, wanted to do something to help raise funds for hurricane relief - but we wanted to try something a little different from our usual fundraiser auctions. 

For this fundraiser, you will get to choose which fundraiser you'd like to donate to. We highly recommend that you do your research before donating to certain organizations. Charity Navigator is a good site to use when searching for charities. Heart to Heart International and Direct Relief seem to be reliable organizations. The only request we're making is that you do not donate to American Red Cross, as it has a history of being shady.

Convenient Links for Research/Donations

For every $1 USD donated earns 1 Hurricane Point (HP). We've made a compiled a series of items in "packages" that can be purchased with HP.

Please donate a minimum of $5 USD. Redeem HP at this comment. You must show receipt of donation.

Other ways to earn Hurricane Points (per account): 
  • Share this journal via poll, status, OR journal. [+1 HP max.] 
  • Share this journal via other social media. (Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.) [+1 HP per platform, up to +4 HP max.]
Any participants who contribute to HURRICANE RELIEF [donated, shared, and contributed bonus incentive] will earn the following sticker: 
Fundraiser - 2017 Hurricane Relief by floramisa 

We now also have one for EARTHQUAKE RELIEF contributors [donated, shared, and contributed bonus incentive]. "The world is rebelling." - Arquerite 2017
Fundraiser - 2017 THE WORLD IS REBELLING by floramisa

Donate at least $30 total to either (or both) causes to obtain both stickers! Otherwise, you'll get the one that is most relevant to your donation. 

=========== Themed Item Packages ===========

AWR Beebo by Mothkitten AWR Grumpy Pillbug by Mothkitten AWR Spidner by Mothkitten
1x AWR Beebo
1x AWR Grumpy Pillbug
1x AWR Spidner

WRA Bookworm by Mothkitten WRA - Earthworm by Mothkitten WRA - Nightcrawler by Mothkitten Gummy Worm - Sour by Mothkitten Gummy Worm - Sweet by Mothkitten
1x WRA Bookworm
1x WRA Earthworm
1x WRA Nightcrawler
1x Sour Gummy Worm
1x Sweet Gummy Worm

[Birds...?] - 5 HP
Feather - Red by Mothkitten Feather - Brown by Mothkitten Feather - Blue by Mothkitten Feather - Green by Mothkitten Feather - Light Iridescent by Mothkitten
Feather - Dark Iridescent by Mothkitten Feather - Blue Peacock by Mothkitten Feather - Green Peacock by Mothkitten Feather - White Peacock by Mothkitten

2x Full Feather Set

[Little Gardener] - 10 HP
Watering Can - Leaf by Mothkitten Watering Can - Elephant by Mothkitten Seed - Infused Ensha by Mothkitten Pile of Dirt by Mothkitten Pile of Sand by Mothkitten Bag of Seeds (L) by Mothkitten Flower Pot by Mothkitten
1x Leaf Watering Can
1x Elephant Watering Can
5x Infused Ensha Seed
1x Pile of Dirt
1x Pile of Sand
1x Large Bag of Seeds
5x Flower Pot

[Gotta Go Faster] - 15 HP
Hedgehog - First Place by Mothkitten Hedgehog - Grass by Mothkitten Hedgehog - Albino by Mothkitten Hedgehog - Bright by Mothkitten Hedgehog - Dull by Mothkitten
Mysterious Coin - Bronze by Mothkitten Mysterious Coin   - Malachite by Mothkitten Mysterious Coin - Nickel by Mothkitten
1x Full Set Hedgehogs
1x Full Set Mysterious Coins

[Materials Package] - 5 HP
Wood - Plank by Mothkitten Gears by Mothkitten Glass Shard by Mothkitten Leaf by Mothkitten Pile of Sand by Mothkitten
Pile of Dirt by Mothkitten Pile of Bones by Mothkitten Paper - Index Card Stack (x10) by Mothkitten Rock by Mothkitten String - Brown by Mothkitten
1x Everything Above

[Premium Materials Package] - 20 HP
Wood - Log by Mothkitten Gears by Mothkitten Glass Shard by Mothkitten Leaf by Mothkitten Leather - Raw by Mothkitten
Pile of Sand by Mothkitten Pile of Dirt by Mothkitten Pile of Bones by Mothkitten Paper - Cardboard Box by Mothkitten Rock - Cinderblock by Mothkitten
Circuit by Mothkitten Plastic by Mothkitten Rope by Mothkitten String - Brown by Mothkitten Beeswax by Mothkitten
Rock - Copper Ore by Mothkitten Rock - Silver Ore by Mothkitten Rock - Gold Ore by Mothkitten Tablet - Silver by Mothkitten Tablet - Gold by Mothkitten
2x Everything Above

[Pastel Gambler] - 15 HP
Easter Egg - Red by Mothkitten Easter Egg - Orange by Mothkitten Easter Egg - Green by Mothkitten Easter Egg - Blue by Mothkitten Easter Egg - Purple by Mothkitten
Easter Egg - Pink by Mothkitten Easter Egg - Glass by Mothkitten Easter Egg - Opal by Mothkitten Easter Egg - Silver by Mothkitten Easter Egg - Golden by Mothkitten
1x Full Surprise Egg Set
[Not automatically opened.]

=========== Customization Packages ===========

[Custom Clothing Package] - 10 HP
1 Clothing Slot by Mothkitten
5x Clothing Slots 

[Basic Companion Package] - 10 HP
1x Silver Acorina 
1x Silver Companion Slot 
30x Companion Bait 

[Premium Companion Package] - 20 HP
1x Gold Acorina 
1x Gold Companion Slot
1x Silver Acorina 
1x Silver Companion Slot 
50x Companion Bait 

[The Artist] - 25 HP
Red Dye Bottle by Mothkitten Orange Dye Bottle by Mothkitten Yellow Dye Bottle by Mothkitten Green Dye Bottle by Mothkitten Teal Dye Bottle by Mothkitten Blue Dye Bottle by Mothkitten
Purple Dye Bottle by Mothkitten Pink Dye Bottle by Mothkitten White Dye Bottle by Mothkitten Grey Dye Bottle by Mothkitten Black Dye Bottle by Mothkitten Brown Dye Bottle by Mothkitten Marking Primer by Mothkitten
1x Full Dye Set
5x Marking Primer

[The Eccentric] - 50 HP
Essence Of Rainbow by Mothkitten Essence Of Silver by Mothkitten Essence Of Gold by Mothkitten Essence Of Iridescence by Mothkitten Essence Of Glitter by Mothkitten Essence Of Glow by Mothkitten Dubious Potion by Mothkitten Marking Primer by Mothkitten
1x Full Essence Set
2x Dubious Potions
10x Marking Primer

=========== Miscellaneous ===========

[5 Copper Flower Token by floramisa] - 1 HP

[Any 1 item, 
2Silver Flower Token by Mothkitten or under, from MothcatMarket shops] - 2 HP

[Bunny Gardener] - 10 HP
Seed - Flowerbun by Mothkitten
1x Florabun Seed

=========== Donation Extras ===========

fanface has offered to draw one mini for every $10 USD donated! More info here.

Arquerite has offered to draw one full body for any donations over $50 USD!

floramisa has offered to draw one shaded full body for any donations over $100 USD!

Journal skin coded by floramisa for Mothcats
© 2017 - 2021 Mothcats
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Calliopius's avatar
Arquerite my lovely spider-bird angel. First of all: Thank you for contributing an art incentive to encourage people to donate, you're A Good. <3 Second of all: Does "any donation over $50" include multiple donations that cumulatively equal $50 (like if we split the $50 between 3 different charities, for example), or just single donations of $50+?
Arquerite's avatar
You're quite welcome! To clarify, I'm offering art based on cumulative donation total, not single donations, so you definitely qualify - thank you so much for your contribution! 
Calliopius's avatar
Okay, cool! Thanks for clarifying~ Should I go ahead and drop you a note, or is there a specific protocol I should follow?
Arquerite's avatar
Please just send me a note or DM, if you wouldn't mind! Thank you!
Furreon's avatar
Is there a deadline for this?
floramisa's avatar
End of hurricane season, November 30th! ^^
Calliopius's avatar
I have a question! Do any of you know how to donate to Topos? There's a Paypal email, but donations don't really fall under "send to friends or family" OR "pay for goods or services." So I'm a little lost and was wondering if any of you have figured it out. Thanks in advance to anyone who can clarify!
floramisa's avatar
Based on this: 

It looks like people are sending as goods and services. I'm inclined to agree, since you're hoping that the donation will go towards a service to help other people. ^^
fanface's avatar
Oh man the earthquakes are bad too. This is a wonderful program you guys have set up and, even though I'm not directly affected, I sincerely appreciate all that you do to give back to this world!

I had one small question, although I might be overlooking it?? But how long does this go till? I'd like to donate every payday until it ends (and probably after, but you know what I mean)
floramisa's avatar
You're welcome! 

I set the deadline tentatively to the end of hurricane season, which appears to be the last day of November! 
fanface's avatar
Okay, thank you angel!!!
floramisa's avatar
You're welcome!
mewhaku's avatar
Can we share and all for an additional 5 HP if we share all over again for the Earthquake relief? =o (If we had already for Hurricane Relief)
floramisa's avatar
Yes, that is fine! We appreciate any and all forms of help. In times of need, we can't afford to be picky about things like this!
mewhaku's avatar
Oh I was just curious! I don't need more bonus HP, but I'll try and do another social media blast soon~
floramisa's avatar
No worries. ^^ Thank you!
Improbable-Tori's avatar
What sort of organizations would be off limits? For example, we had an animal shelter that was really devastated by Irma, would I be able to donate to them directly to help out? Or would you guys prefer organizations who provide/offer more of a variety of services to assist people?
floramisa's avatar
The only thing we're hoping not to raise donations for is the American Red Cross. If the organization you plan to donate to is trustworthy and you know that your money will be put towards helping those who have been affected by these disasters, that's okay!
moshigal156's avatar
I just had a question, when will the sticker be awarded/distributed? I figured it'd be given out at the end of the fundraiser, but I couldn't find anything regarding an end date/deadline.
floramisa's avatar
I hear that more hurricanes are on the way, so let's make the deadline after hurricane season has ended. ^^
moshigal156's avatar
Sounds good to me. I hope we raise lots of money for the charities.
floramisa's avatar
Let's hope so!
FudgeyCaramel's avatar
If only I could help... T.T
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