[Event] I Can't Believe It's Not Butterdogs XTA!
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UPDATE 6/19/20: Judging is starting up, but we have had at least once instance of XTA material not being added to the group due to Eclipse related issues (in this instance journals submitted to the event folder did not generate a notification to approve the entry and add it to the group). So we are highly reccomending everyone who submitted entries to double check the event folder to make sure thier entries are there and let us know ASAP if they are missing from the folder! Any entries that have were completed before the deadline will still be eligible for the contest! 

I Can't Believe It's Not Butterdogs XTA[Two Weeks] by Arquerite

We want to celebrate all the love for the Butterdogs April Fool's Day Post from last

ear, and spring has sprung with some seasonal Mothcats! Even though these Butterdog themed babies won't be replacing mothcats **forever**, they're here for a fun XTA event. These adorable Mothcats may be a bit species confused, but they are all heckin good puppers, and want to come home with you! And the best part of all, how much are these puppies in the window? Free of charge, they will only cost a bit of your time and creativity!


  1. You must be a Mothcats member to participate. (By being a member, you automatically agree to our Species Terms and Conditions.)
  2. You do not need to own a Mothcat to participate.
  3. Both admins and members can participate.
  4. Members who are on probation or otherwise banned from contests may not enter
  5. One person may be chosen for one design only (but there is no restriction on if you want to enter all three). 
  6. Only put as much effort into it as you're willing. (Remember that entering any sort of competition involves a risk of losing.) 

  1. Upload each entry separately. 
  2. Submit all DTA/WTA/Raffle entries to the 2020 Butterdogs XTA folder, making sure they are tagged appropriately in the title [Butterdogs DTA/WTA/Raffle]. 
  3. All WTA/DTA/Raffle entries must link back to this journal to advertise the group/event.
  4. You may submit up to 5 entries for the WTA, 5 entries for the DTA, and entries for the raffle (15 entries max if you enter all). 
    • You may not enter multiple categories with the same deviation or otherwise "combine" entries for the DTA, WTA, or raffle. 
  5. Entries must be submitted by June 15th at 11:59:59 CENTRAL TIME ZONE.
    • We will judge and announce the winners by June 30th (15 days later) 
  6. Due to the nature of this event, no collaborations are allowed
  7. List in the artist description if you are willing to gift your entry to the winner, if applicable. (By default, the answer is no - you need to explicitly say yes.)


Mothcats admins are invited to judge if they are not participating in the contest. We are not seeking extra judges. 

We will judge primarily on the following criteria
  • Creativity 
  • Sincerity 
  • Effort 
We will not be judging based on
  • Popularity 
  • Skill 
  • Friendship 
While you are welcome to talk about the contest, be mindful of other participants, and do not:
  • Post rude and/or demeaning comments about yourself, your entries, or any other participant. 
  • Do not post comments like, "You're gonna win for sure," or "I hope you win." Instead, compliment entries without the use of superlatives! 
  • Do not make comments describing how much you want to own/deserve any contest prizes (which may discourage others from participating).
Engaging in the above activities in spite of repeated reminders may disqualify your entries from consideration. 


See trait information under individual entry rules. 

Bullet; Blue Common
Bullet; Yellow Rare
Bullet; Pink Ultra Rare 
Bullet; Black Exclusive/Illegal 
Bullet; Purple Applied/Accessory 

Good as Golden (Draw to Adopt Only) - By Arquerite 

Good as Golden Bigger by Arquerite
Bullet; Blue Classic Antennae Bullet; Blue
Bullet; Pink Folded Ears Bullet; Pink
Bullet; Blue Classic Mane Bullet; Blue
Bullet; Yellow Butterfly Wings (Extended Short) Bullet; Yellow
Bullet; Blue Fluffy Tail Bullet; Blue
Bullet; Blue Classic Eyes Bullet; Blue
Bullet; Blue Round Pupils Bullet; Blue
Bullet; Blue Joint Tufts (Front Only) Bullet; Blue
Bullet; Yellow Long Fur Bullet; Yellow

Bullet; Purple Cloud Collar w/ Gold Bone Tag Bullet; Purple
Bullet; PurpleGolden Markings Bullet; Purple

  • Crafting is not allowed. 
  • Any drawing medium is accepted. 
  • Character/reference sheets are allowed. Multiple fully painted drawings on one canvas are not. 
  • Comics are allowed, with 1 page = 1 entry (with a maximum of 5 panels per page). 
  • ***NEW*** Animations are allowed, with a maximum length of 10 seconds.
  • Writing, such as character description in the artist's comments, may be included with your entries, but will not be counted in the judging process.

Sunset Schnauzer (Write to Adopt Only) - By itinerare 

Sunset No Bandana by Arquerite

Bullet; Blue Swirly Antennae Bullet; Blue
Bullet; Yellow Wolf Ears Bullet; Yellow
Bullet; Blue Scruff Mane Bullet; Blue
Bullet; Yellow Butterfly wings (Extended Short) Bullet; Yellow
Bullet; Blue Pointy Tail Bullet; Blue
Bullet; Blue Classic Eyes Bullet; Blue
Bullet; Blue Round Pupils Bullet; Blue
Bullet; Pink Smoky Eyes Bullet; Pink
Bullet; Blue Joint Tufts Bullet; Blue
Bullet; Yellow Wrist Tufts Bullet; Yellow
Bullet; Yellow Short Head Hair Bullet; Yellow
Bullet; Yellow Facial Hair Bullet; Yellow

Bullet; Purple Sunset Bandana Bullet; Purple

  • English only. 
  • Any type of writing is welcome (short stories, poems, etc.).
  • Minimum of 500 words per entry (5 stanzas for poetry).
  • Maximum of 3,000 words per entry. 
  • **NEW** - For submissions, we will allow links to Google Docs documents with your entry, but the following requirements must be met:
    • The link to your entry must be placed in a journal or literature submission and submitted to the Mothcats Gallery in the Event folder
    • You must NOT edit the text of your entry after the due date, we will be checking the last edited indicator on each entry!
    • You must remember to allow sharing (please choose Anyone with Link Can View, rather than Anyone Can edit)
    • It is preferred, but not required that you include a summary, first paragraph, or some text in the deviantart submission, so people can enjoy browsing the folder

Spring Wolfhound (Raffle to Adopt Only) - by DarlingJess 

Spring no Bow by Arquerite

Bullet; Yellow Long Classic Antenna Bullet; Yellow
Bullet; Pink Double Antenna Bullet; Pink
Bullet; Pink Folded Ears Bullet; Pink
Bullet; Yellow Boa Mane Bullet; Yellow
Bullet; Yellow Butterfly Wings (Extended Short) Bullet; Yellow
Bullet; Blue Pointy Tail Bullet; Blue
Bullet; Blue Classic Eyes Bullet; Blue
Bullet; Blue Round Pupils Bullet; Blue

Bullet; Purple Glitter bow w/ bell Bullet; Purple

  • For one raffle ticket, draw a Mothcat (or subspecies) enjoying the Springtime (perhaps with some flowers, spending time outside, or enjoying a spring rainstorm).
  • Each participant can have up to 5 entries, for 5 tickets total (you may submit multiple entries/Mothcats in the same deviation)
  • Participants may draw their own Mothcats/subspecies, those of a friend (with permission), the Mothcats Mascots, or one of the XTA Mothcats to earn tickets - just make it clear that you're entering for the raffle if you draw one of the XTA cats!
  • To qualify, entries must show at least 75% of the Mothcat and be fully colored. Backgrounds and shading are optional. 

Mothcats and all subspecies are owned by floramisa. You cannot make your own! 

Journal skin coded by floramisa for Mothcats
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Comment here with any questions!
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How do I join the group.Ive honestly been looking at it and can’t figure out how to join.

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twogoblinsHobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! There should be the option to join the group at the top of this page www.deviantart.com/mothcats by our group icon!
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MothkittenHobbyist General ArtistFeatured
Comment here to claim raffle tickets based on the above guidelines!
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TurtleCupidHobbyist Artist
[RTA] Enjoying the Sky
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[Mothcats] [RTA] Sunny Skies

this should count for 2 tickets correct?

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TurtleCupidHobbyist Artist
[RTA] Hanging on


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[Butterdogs Raffle] a cloudy day

(sorry for uoploading mine all today, I didn't know the event ended so soon afheuiw)

(hope that this style is ok! .. even though I included another character It's fine as one entry (as I believe I'm at max now))

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[Butterdogs Raffle] reflecting pool

(just one ticket! just two versions of same pic ahfuir)

(NOT a DTA entry, this is just giftart for the winner ;;!)

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[Butterdogs Raffle] swingset

(I believe this counts as three since it includes three characters??)

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TurtleCupidHobbyist Artist
[Butterdogs RTA] Experimenting!
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TurtleCupidHobbyist Artist

Good luck everyone :D

[Butterdogs RTA] Spring is a beautiful time
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PhoenixFromTheFireHobbyist Digital Artist
[MC] [RTA] Bunnies and kitties and flowers, oh my!
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PhoenixFromTheFireHobbyist Digital Artist
[MC] [RTA] B E E S
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absiste Digital Artist
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absiste Digital Artist
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absiste Digital Artist
[MC - BUTTERDOGS RTA] pile o dogs by absiste
(3 cats, should be 3 tickets, ya?)
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