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Yo Yo!

So melodies first artbook is about to get sent off to print! :D which is super exciting-- we just have one problem rofl

due to the amount of guest artists-- and page counts-- we need one more guest artist to make the section even and printable.

In saying that-- this guest artist will need to get their piece completed within the next week-- which i know is a very tight deadline and apologize for such short notice;

Guests artists in return for their artworks, are featured within the book via their artwork-- plus an index at the start of the guest artist section with your name and website listed with a thumbnail of your contributed work so people know you're the one behind it.

If you'd be interested in this last spot, please either comment below with an example of your work, or send me a note <3

I won't reply to submissions, but if you're picked for the spot I'll be sending you a note with details.

Thanks in advanced guys ; 7 ; !

~Boxie <3

Melodies VIP Membership

Sun Jan 19, 2014, 2:17 PM by Little-Miss-Boxie:iconlittle-miss-boxie:
Hey hey guys :D

have a new idea i've been tossing up to do, and want to hear your thoughts on it <3

Thinking of creating a VIP section of the site just for VIP Members, the way to gain membership will be most likely through the patreon page (this one for anyone wondering ) Which means you'll get the perks of membership-- plus the perks lower then its price too :) so the request livestreams and monthly wallpapers at current.

To gain membership a pledge of $15 or higher on the patreon page is required, so some of you guys will be members already! SURPRISE PERK <3

So now you may be wondering– just what do i get with this membership? well let me fill you in!

First off you'll gain access to the password protected site-- you'll get your own VIP Pin to enter and see all its happenings.

There you’ll find exclusive weekly Wips of upcoming pages, livestream and google hang outs announcements, when im working on pages :D watch how they're done and feel free to shoot as many questions as you like :)

Plus– a private forum site just for you guys! to chat with other readers and anything MotH related

As well as all that, you get to see what’s coming up for your monthly gift!

that’s right– each month you’ll be sent a collectable monthly gift! at the moment I'm looking at collectable cards and prints, but if more people join in on the membership program, hopefully we can give away some bigger goodies further down the track <3

Plus you'll get your very own hold-it-in-your-hands Melodies of the Heart VIP Membership card– with your own unique number! and that number  shows your the # member to join! so if you were the second person to sign up for membership you'll be #2 and it'll be shown on your card! how cool is that :D wont your buddies be jelly when you're #2 and they're #14 //slapped

PLUS! you'll be being a huge support to Melodies by using your pledge to help fund the series and ultimately speed up the page releases and content <3

I also have plans to add more to the site! and am more then open to any suggestions from you guys!

so yes! let me know what you think guys :) and if theres enough of you guys honestly interested I'll get everything moving this week <3

and if you have any questions, suggestions or an inquiry dont be shy to send a comment or private note <3

~Boxie x

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Support page here:

Hey guys!

As mentioned at the mid and end of last year, i was looking into doing some sort of fundraising through crowd funding to get Melodies of the Heart into full time production and use it as a full time job as opposed to having to slowing the series down due to another job.

After seeing a few other webcomic artists use this site, i thought this would be the ideal solution and place to set up for Melodies crowd funding.

I would like to invite you all to check out the fundraising page and consider helping fund the project over here:

Not only will you be helping me achieve my dream of doing this kind of thing for a living, but you’ll also be getting way more content to read way more regularly, plus if Melodies goes well, this will pave the way for my other series waiting to be worked on further.

I'm equally excited and terrified to see how this goes ah hah;

Thank you so much again guys for all your support! As always, it really does mean the world to me <3

And speaking of the comic! expect a bunch of new pages soon! i took a small break over new years and this week due to my birthday (which is now today :U ohmangold ) so been very busy heh <3 but regular updates are resuming now so stay tuned!

Also if you could help spread the word-- by faving this journal, sending it to a friend or rebloging the tumblr post here:…

it would be greatly appreciated ;; w;; <333

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Hey hey guys! its that time of year! so to celebrate i thought we'd do a give away!

I'm giving away 5 character chibi commissions like these to five people---->

Like many of the mention battles going around lately-- this'll be kinda similar! :D

To Enter all you need to do is

1. Fave this journal!

and then

2. Mention some friends in the comments of this journal and invite them to come check out and read Melodies of the Heart! :D

The more friends you mention that join the group-- the higher chance you'll have at being chosen as a winner for the give away!

This giveaway will run till the 18th of December! so get in quick! :D

on the 18th i'll count up the comments and mentioned friends-- and work out highest bracket number of friends that are mentioned and do read and join the series-- then randomly select 5 winners from that bracket! :D

The only rule for this is to please not mention complete randoms or people you dont know! please stick to only inviting friends! :)

Best of luck guys~!! and have fun! :D

if you have any questions, just give me a buzz! <3


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Hey guys! :D

The comics about to hit its 100th page! which is pretty exciting \ o 7 o /

so to celebrate such an event-- Melodies first art book is being pushed into production! and it'll go on sale for a discounted price for pre-order the month of its release :D plus a few other bonus goodies for those who get first few orders <3 but more shall be revealed on that later

The book is planned to be full colour and 40-45 pages (perhaps more!) but hoping to have around 12 guest artists featured as well within it

I have a few people willing and already confirmed for a spot-- and a few more people i wish to ask ; w;/

but the chance to apply to participate in the book is open for anyone willing to :D So in saying that, if you're interested in being one of the featured artists, please either comment below with examples of your best work-- or note me if you'd rather do that :)

Please note spaces are limited-- and not everyone will be accepted im sorry ; v; so please dont be discouraged if you apply and are not picked for a feature slot.

Please also note-- i wont respond to any applications till I've decided on who will fill the slots, once chosen i'll contact you to tell you ; w;/

I'll be accepting Applications of the next 3 days <3 and will contact those picked during the following week <3

If chosen-- you'll have at the least over a month - 2 months to create something for the feature-- perhaps longer depending on everyones availability ; w;/

Artworks to be featured must be Melodies of the Heart related only, due to reasons of copyright anything to do with crossovers/fanart for other series/animes/mangas/etc wont be allowed sorry ; v ;/

You're more then welcome to post the full illustration you create online once completed, you dont need to wait or do a half preview or anything like that u wu/ <3

If you have any questions, feel free to ask :D <3

~Boxie <3

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