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Inventing Languages

By moth-eatn
Inventing languages requires a great deal of skill and knowledge. Grammatical devices must be taken into consideration, diction must be firmly established, and the pronunciation must flow smoothly and naturally.
...Or, if you're feeling a little lazy, there are easier ways...

Cause writers are just funny like that.
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The more I look at that bottom panel, the funnier it gets. BAM BAM BAM BAM!! :rofl: Thank you for the smile today. :D
CharlieHotel301's avatar
Kdjdh cosbcjb. It means "That was great!" I laughed so hard.
Hahahahahaahahaha!!! *dies* That's awesome. And so true. :P I love it!
canius's avatar
best method EVER!
CalamitySeraph's avatar
Lol! This is great! :D
Lost-Android's avatar
Eeefse Sdrg jrskgfu heskf?


I love it.
Doodlebotbop's avatar
Axel-Pwnderson's avatar
XD *is guilty of that* It's fun to smash keyboards!!! This is made of win.
tetemeko's avatar
I cracked up.
This is fantastic.
cabadrin's avatar
I want that on a t-shirt or something!
mandarin-vanilla's avatar
Dinrai mus peth allou? Schaveel nesai nostalen dos alech.

Olyva's avatar
Bwhahaha! xD
I've done that. ^^;
dark-dragon-wings's avatar
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LOL The language I have made up took me about a year to put together. >.< If only it were this easy...
FatalityFold's avatar
XD I couldn't stop laughing.
CatherinedeSilver's avatar
I still love morjken . . .
cochas's avatar
hehe i luv it!! is just something i would do XD ehehe
Larswa's avatar
Haha, loved it :D Best one ever ^^
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P-the-wanderer's avatar
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My goodness, is this ever so true! ^^ I'll make up a language right now.....

Disasadj vadlksefan kej gherte. Oooh, I don't know what it means.
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