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Hello, deviant friend!
A lot of  you are, as I am, film photographers (more or less casual, more or less pro, but film photographers anyway!)
I've decided to start a small "project" in Instagram: every thursday, I will upload a photography taken on film, with the hashtag #AnalogThursday . It will be AWESOME that a lot of people join me, and at the end of the day, we will be able to see a lot of awesome film photos.
Are you with me? Join the Analog Thursdays!

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(tl;dr: #AnalogThursday starting today. Every thursday, a photography taken on film. Feel free to join!)
As you may know, I am a big enthusiast of analogue photography 📷. You know, that photography involving film rolls 🎞️ and developing them with chemicals before you can see the result of your shoots. From time to time, someone asks me why I (almost) never upload film photography to my Instagram account. I've always thought of Instagram as a platform for "phone photography" (with its pros and its cons), but a few days ago I changed my mind and thought "Why not?". Pictures are taken to be seen. The more people they reach, the better.
So, this is why I am starting a series called "Analog Thursday" : Every Thursday I'll upload one of my pictures taken on film , under the hashtag#AnalogThursday. Yeah, it will be like a hardcore #ThrowbackThursday , but.. you know, go big or go home :D Join me if you want: the more, the merrier!! 🙋🙋🙋
One of the things I like the most about taking pictures on film is that you cannot know the result of your shoot in the moment. So, when you press the button, you may be taking a perfect picture or just a 💩. You just don't know, and it's great when you learn to accept that! I find that very calming: I just take the pictures, and then I forget about them, and keep enjoying whatever else I am doing. For me, taking pictures should be a "sidequest", not the reason to do something (a trip or a visit to somewhere beautiful, for example), and should interfere the least posible with the rest of the "experience".
Well, as I was saying. I'll upload the pictures in no particular order, but, as today is the first day, I decided to upload one of my favourites pictures (maybe the most favourite). I took this on a trip to Mallorca two years ago, in a beautiful small fishermen town called Cala Figuera ⛵. I am not sure of why I love it so much, may be the colors, may be the dramatic sky, may be the memories I built there, but for me it's pure feeling 😍
Camera: Lomography Diana F+
Film: Lomography XPro 200 120mm (crossprocessed)
Lens: Lomography 38mm Superwide Angle
Hello watchers!
It's been a long time since I uploaded my lastest pictures. I have been busy (job, university, moving to another house) and I didn't feel like going out with the cameras. The good news are that I have spent a few holiday days in Porto (Portugal) and I have shot a lot of film rolls!
Unfortunately, the bad news are that until september I won't be able to get them developed :(
These was the "analog news" from me. In the digital side, I have recently joined Instagram.  My username is the same as here (motagirl2: Feel free to follow me if you feel like that :)
I hope to be uploading some new pictures soon (maybe I'll upload a couple of the Instagram ones)
Hugs and kisses for you all :)

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Finally! I reached 1000 llama badges, so it evolved from "ninja llama" and now I got a "fancy llama" with its awesome tiny monocle  n_n

Ninja Llamas are awesome!

Sat Apr 13, 2013, 11:47 AM by motagirl2:iconmotagirl2:
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Finally! After a few weeks of "give a llama, get a llama", I've finally reached the "Ninja Llama" level.
Thank you all!

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Check out my blog! :3
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Uh... maybe they're the same lol

2) If you had a chance would you go away to a boarding school?
maybe :p

3) If so, where would you want that school to be?
Australia sounds nice and far far far away :)

4) What is one inside joke between you and your friends?
mmm i'm not really sure, there're lots and lots

5) Do you believe in God?
Pasta tastes really good

6) Do you believe in Jesus?
Jesus Quintero?

7) Do you believe in the devil?
I AM the devil

8) Do you believe in Santa Claus?
Of course yes

9) Have you ever been in love?
love, nice word

10) Do you find yourself incapable of love?
some people used to tell me i cannot love anyone

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tropical fishes

12) If you could name yourself what would it be?
the most cute thig EVER xD

13)What do you or other people label you as?
mota :P

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Under the sea

I tag:no one :P