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Swim, Mario, Swim

Thought of this the other night when I handed my friend his ass in Mario Party 6.
I'm surprised no one thought of this sooner

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lol really funny!!
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LOL this is so really funny. :)
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HA jaw refreince!
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a nintendo production
directed by Shigeru Miyamoto
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Awesome! :D
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Mario, take my word for it! Don't look back! Swim, Mario, swim! C'mon Mario, swim! Swim Mario! Come here bro! C'mon, c'mon, Mario, swim! Come here Mario! C'mon, Mario, keep movin'! Keep movin' Mario! C'mon, a little more, Mario! Atta boy, Mario, atta boy! Come here, Mario! Atta boy, Mario, atta boy!

Mario:... Can we go home now?
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Wow! It's like I'm there!
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Is the most win thing.
Of all time.
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Nintendo movies present
Chain chomp
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Oh My God, thats so awesome!
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Y'know, whenever I see this, the drowning music in the Sonic games comes to my head. :XD:
(Maybe it's the title...)
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dont go into the water
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This is freaking amazing.
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lulzy. very, very lulzy.
BklynSharkExpert's avatar
lmao! I love this X3
*insert jaws theme here*
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Hahaha, this is great!
Awesome, I sense another good mini game using this idea on Mario Party 9?
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this is really great :D
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heh, maybe he needs his water jet pack.
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