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*Read if you want to sell or make money off of any type of work that stems from our stock.

**This does NOT apply to images made that used our stock as references. (ie if you draw pictures based on, but not exactly copying, our stock, feel free to ignore this journal.)

Since we opened this account, our terms stated the following:

"Works that used this stock as references, which are original content and not copies of these stock images, can be distributed commercially and without attribution, even if they would otherwise fall under the definition of being an "Adaptation" as per the license." (This statement was edited just prior to posting this, but the edit does not substantially modify the part of the meaning that this is about, so the pre-edit version is still quoted here.) - mostlyguystock.deviantart.com/…

While we realize the wording isn't perfectly clear (although we did add an asterisk at the end of that clause referring to a footnote that explains the intent more clearly on our terms after it became obvious people were having difficulty understanding it), the material that clause exempts is specifically original works that simply used the stock as a general reference for anatomy/composition/movement/etc. In other words, if you looked at our stock, then drew something that looks like our stock, that's fine. That's who this stock is primarily for - artists who need references for the human body. That's who we made/keep it free for, and that's the only type of use that gets exceptions from the Creative Commons license under which our works are released.

Photo-manipulation might be original artwork in spirit/essence, but it involves direct copies of the stock, even if it is heavily edited afterwords, or plays a small role in the picture. Similarly, unless it's exempted by that clause, there needs to be fairly readily available attribution displayed, although we tend to be slightly more lenient with enforcing that one. (Then there's that share-alike clause, which we almost never enforce, though its just as much a part of the license as the attribution and non-commercial clauses.)

The above also applies to videos, graphic art, or any other type of work that involves direct copies of the stock.

Making this stock and maintaining the uploads thereof takes a significant amount of time. We could just as easily do what many stock artists do and actually charge money for our stock. We don't, because we believe in making it freely available to those who really need it. People who abuse that, particularly by selling things that include adaptations of our work (that don't fall under the exception above), are abusing the trust and kindness under which we put the stock out for free.

If you would like to sell/make money off of any type of work that uses our stock in said copying manner, the work must be approved by us and in that case we would usually want some compensation. (Specific terms for each can be drawn up.)

P.S. We would like to thank those people who do check with us if a use is acceptable when they are unsure, and those who comply with our requests to not use the stock in a way that isn't.
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I want to sell my photomanipulations. Would you permit ?