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All stock on this account, unless stated otherwise by us on the work itself (or unless this message is updated by us to say otherwise), is made available under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike license (full legal text is available here… ), with the following altercations:
- Works that used this stock as references, which are original content and not copies of these stock images, can be distributed commercially, without attribution, and without the 'share-alike' restrictions, even if they would otherwise fall under the definition of being an "Adaptation" as per the license.*
- Read if You Want to Sell (Terms Clarification)
- No adaptation works from these stock images that a reasonable person would agree could be called a 'base' (i.e. drawings/images of generic humanoids without significant distinguishing features) may be produced.

Attribution is to be done in the following manner:
- The url to the specific deviation(s) of the stock used is to be written.
- The attribution is to be in a notice clearly visible next to the adaptation or work (if used in a collection), in a way that is obviously in-association with the adaptation/work - if space constraints prohibit placing the full attribution next to the adaptation/work, you may use a small reference to some other location that is going to be freely available and equally accessible to everyone viewing the adaptation/work, as the adaptation/work itself. (For deviantArt, artist comments will typically be sufficient to fulfill this condition, so long as the attribution is made in clearly legible font, no smaller than the default text size [the text size that would be produced for text with no size-altering formatting done to it].)
- The attribution must not be placed in the middle or end of other text in such a way that a reasonable person would think that most people are likely to miss it. This criteria includes, but isn't limited to, the fact that you must have a good faith belief that the typical viewers of your art aren't likely to "tl;dr" your description before reaching the attribution.

If you have any questions, or wish to request any exceptions to these criteria, feel free to contact us.

*If the work:
A. Only used the stock as a general/loose reference
B. Is otherwise entirely original
(That is to say, the stock was used to understand how the body might move or operate in a given position/motion, but the actual work was made without copying, tracing, or otherwise replicating or attempting to replicate a part of the stock, even if it's in a different style)
A. The resulting work can be distributed commercially (sold, etc)
B. Attribution is not necessary.

The intent behind that clause is more or less to allow people who produce essentially entirely original work, who just needed a general reference on some body position/shape, to distribute their work as they normally would without having to give attribution or miss out on potential sales on a technicality.

© 2012 - 2022 MostlyGuyStock
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Namidagawa's avatar
Thank you so much for your hard work and thoughtful rules!
If I even manage to understand how to draw hands and feet eventually, it will be in good parts thanks to you! ^^;
crlvr's avatar
Wow, some very impressive stock images :) Very much appreciated, thank you, and will of course credit and link back to you with stock images used. I'm a huge fan of the shrunken men fantasy with ladies, and you have some great poses for this scenario.:thumbsup:
EvilFujoshiChan's avatar
Do you know any male stocks on DA that allow commercial use for altered pics?
I'm in need of a commercial use stock for references.
cecentre's avatar
Can you clarify what you mean by "The url to the specific deviation(s) of the stock used is to be written"? Sorry I'm not native English speaker so I don't really understand this. Thank you so much!
MostlyGuyStock's avatar
Paste the link(s) to the deviation of the stock(s) you use :)
Razei-kun's avatar
Fairest rules i ever seen, you got a new Watcher :3
pantyslime's avatar
I'm doing an album cover project in class, so the files will only be digital, no print, and it's not for sale, just a grade. I was wondering if I could photoshop out background and use the photos in the actual image? I'm looking for hands in particular, not faces or bodies, so it's not referencing, it's actually using the image in the word. Would that be okay?
MostlyGuyStock's avatar
Sincerest apologies for the extremely delayed reply, a response which is by now probably irrelevant for you, but we wanted to reply regardless: Using our stock for school work is just fine :) If there is a place to give credit/attribution, we would appreciate it, but if not, that's okay. However, if otherwise shown to the public (uploaded online), then we would require attribution for any direct use of the photos (ie photomanipulation).
pantyslime's avatar
ohhhh okay excellent! this is quite old but that's still helpful considering i did upload it to my portfolio! i'll be sure to credit you!
megaener's avatar
Fair rules. You've got yourself a watcher.
Stasica12's avatar
Would it be alright if i use this stock for a cover of my book in wattpad?
MostlyGuyStock's avatar
If you go by just the default "attribution, non-commercial, share-alike" CC licence our stock is under, the answer would be yes only if these three things were true:
1. You gave credit for the stock by linking to that stock (for example in the description of the book or in the book itself) ("attribution")
2. You weren't trying/hoping/intending to make a profit from the book sales ("non-commercial")
3. Your book, or at least just the cover itself, was offered for everyone else to use under these same terms ("share-alike")

However, we do often make exceptions for people. The biggest exception is made for people who simply use the stock for anatomy reference, and don't just trace or photo-manip the stock - so if that's how you used our stock (you simply drew hands while occasionally looking at the stock, rather than tracing over it), then none of the above three points apply to you.

But if you do trace and/or photo-manip our stock images, then talk to us in more detail about what you're trying to do: if you explain your situation to us we may give you a more limited exception for your use of our stock specifically (for example, we may be willing to waive the "non-commercial" and/or "share-alike" clauses, depending on what the book you're doing is, how much you're expecting to be able to make off of it, etc).
AnguineAffinity's avatar
I was wondering about this. I was planing on useing some of your poses to make anthro YCH (Your character here) auctions. I've done with with some of SenshiStock's poses, and I mainly just use them to get the basic pose, as I have to change the head/leg/hand/arm shapes, so I was wondering if that's okay to do with yours as well?
MostlyGuyStock's avatar
That's just fine, thanks for asking ^^
tj4447's avatar
so these terms apply to all that have intentions of publicly sharing or publishing their work? do they still apply to individuals who have no intentions of sharing their work?
I plan to use your images as reference for my original drawings or watercolors. I have read the rules and agree.
dropkiick's avatar
Would you mind if I used your stock as a ref for pinups of my anthro/were characters with a mature theme, please? I will always give credit (never failed once), and link you back as my OC art isn't usually uploaded on dA, but weasyl <3
MostlyGuyStock's avatar
Model reply: Yeah that's absolutely fine. Honestly, if you're worried about the work used as a reference being mature, that's not something you need to be concerned about. We're absolutely fine with such things.
dropkiick's avatar
You are all fantastic, thank you <3
I just know a lot of people can be touchy with such things.
charmedlyon's avatar
So, if I want to use one of the poses, for a drawing of an OC, not to be sold or commercially used, I'd just have to credit the pose to the original image on your page, placing a link to it on my artist comment?
MostlyGuyStock's avatar
If it's an original drawing using our stock as reference, you may sell your work/use your work commercially and it's not required to give credit back to us.
charmedlyon's avatar
basically, I'm planning to re-draw this image:… and I love the staff poses in your stock gallery. I'm the kinda person that would place a link back to that pose reference image anyway.
MostlyGuyStock's avatar
To simplify our response: Yes, that's fine, and you don't even have to reference back to us for what you're doing, but it would of course be appreciated. :)
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