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LEGS: Twintelle VS Min Min

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Commissioned by :icontheviewtiful101:!

Twintelle: Oooh la-la, so sensitive and soft!

Min Min: Ahahahaeehehes-s-s-top it!

Twintelle: Non. I'm going to tickle these cute feet until you give in. They look so strong too - no wonder your legs gave me so much trouble in this match.

Min Min: Ahahah-n-no! I--ahahahI'm going to win this! Iahahaha I'll get out of your hair s-somehow!

Twintelle: Aah my sweet, nothing gets out of these curls. Hmm, taking a closer look, it almost looks like you prettied up your feet before facing me... Feeling insecure perhaps?

Min Min: W-wha?! Ahahahehe...! I.. I d-don't know what you're talking about!

Twintelle: Hmmm, you did; I can feel the softness on your big toes, and your arches are a smooth delight on my fingers... Mmm, you used something from my line of lotions before the match! I can tell from the scent. Min Min, honestly, you have nothing to worry about. They are lovely as they are.

Min Min: Ahahahahaa-aren't we supposed to finish this fight?! Ehehew-why are we talking about my feet?! F-fine! I give upahahaha!

Oh! Ehehe, pardon, I got distracted. Referee, if you may?

Twintelle, Min Min, ARMS © Nintendo
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Min Min in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

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Harold30001Professional Artist
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Harold30001Professional Artist
Nice! I love it! Hey, did Twintelle wrap Min Min with her ARMS hair?
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ChaztheWeaselHobbyist Digital Artist
Not only two, but THREE hands on those feet!! I'm in love with this choice of angle, Min Min's laughing face in the background paired with her ticklish feet on full display in front, it's a wonderful sight~ Thanks for sharing!
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Skullbound-QuillStudent Artist
she's cheating though, isn't she? using her /actual/ arms while using what are meant to be her arms for this? She technically loses.
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ReaverPanHobbyist Artist
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Min Min should really be tickled more often
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DarkSpartan16Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love these two characters I hope there will be more of those two together in tickle fights in the future X3
Krazi0Shadowbear's avatar
Yessssss!!!! ARMS is going to be a spurt of new Foot Worship ideas!!!! Nice Work!!!! XD
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Yes yes yes, I love it! FANGIRLING *SQUEEE* 
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VandiwardStudent Digital Artist
The poses on this one are so good! The way Twintelle is holding Min Min feet is just precious, I also love all the attention you place on her pants and skin and I'm honestly amazed at how detailed Min Min's shoes and the audience are, and not only that... The feet look fantastic!

Breath taking work here! Just fantastic!
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Hehe, looks like Twintelle has found a new tactic she can use against Min Min! Great work, I love the crowd in the background as well!
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AttackPacHobbyist General Artist
Great story and art! This looks really cute. Keep up the good work!
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Smexy-NationHobbyist Filmographer
Twintelle is so hot and mischievous!
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Oh? This is very nice I do like what I'm seeing~ Keep doing okay? Do some more like this^^
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kingkongquerorHobbyist General Artist
this is adorable. and imagining min min's feet with lotion on them is... pretty hot, to be honest. would we be able to see a twintelle tickle pic in the future?
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maketgisavailableHobbyist Artist
Cool, also, very sexy (pity I just came XD)
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Make Tokyo ghoul 
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asari13Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So cute
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:O   This great! Min Min is my favourite and seeing her like this is just top notch! ^^
(Btw, sorry to ask but: I sent you a note and I don't know if DA send it to you so I'm just asking: Did you get it? If not; ok I can resend it.)
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Fantastic! Both the art and the description are fun. I just can't believe Ribbon Girl hasn't suffered a loss like this!
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