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6223 | Kirigami


Name: Kirigami
Nickname(s): --
Gender: Stallion
Age: Unknown
Height: 16 hh
Breed: EquusBallator (Asiatic, Ancient)
Phenotype: Pangare Red Dun Sunset Bronze/Yellow Poecillia (Mosaic/Mosaic) w/ Ombre & Bi-Color (carries pearl, snowflake, dusty, & jester)
Genotype: ee aa nD nP nprl nLp(Snow) nSn nDy nJe nPc nBi OmOm
Horn HEX: F9A53E

Voice Claim: Patrick Stanke (Mondego)
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Mate(s): --

Personality: Proud | Dignified | Righteous | Upstanding | Untamable
Kirigami is a child's fairy tale  stallion in shades of pastel instead of black. True to his typing, he lives a mostly solitary existence hidden deep in the forests of Asia. Kirigami is extremely intelligent and deeply suspicious of humans, observed dismantling traps in his territory or stealing from them. Too proud to graze, Kirigami prefers a meat-based diet. This practice further isolated him from the small asiatic herds in his native region, much to his pleasure.

The horned forest guardian is acknowledged by hunters, a nuisance instead a threat. It's common practice to leave off-cuts of meat at small, stone lantern markers throughout the forest as gifts to him, in hopes the stallion will leave their traps alone. Some hunters have learned his preferences over the years, otter meat preferred but Kirigami's favourite tanuki. Despite all his intelligence, he can't seem to catch the slippery little creatures by himself. The hunters that have been fortunate enough to see the stud agree that he is most present is Fall, when his pastel coat contrasts with the dull oranges and reds of the season. While the forest guardian obviously plays favourites amongst his humans, he is a menace to all equally.


Items and Changes:

Ichi (Golden Eagle w/ Natural Fire) | Phoenix +10 Denarii, +4 Stats
Ni (Japanese Wolf) | Ghoul +1 Attack Stat, +2 Stats
San (Chinese Hare w/ Red Deer Antlers) Jackalope +3 Stats
Shi  (Tanuki) | Custom Companion +3 Stats

Lineage: STARTER


Breeding Slots: 
1. FaradayEC | ID 6384 | ID 7061
2. FaradayEC | ID 3231 | ID 6466 + ID 6478
3. FaradayECID 6381 | ID 7052
4. sjogress | ID 3144 | ID 8569
5. herrpoliti | ID 1611 | ID 6450 + ID 6451
6. Razalin | ID 4792 | ID 6488
7. EveningStarrStudios | ID 6332 | ID 6535
8. MoxieMysteries | ID 1822 | ID 6361
9. SammieAsMagPie | ID 6579 | Usable
10. Buzzbees | ID 3144 | ID 8392 + ID 8393

Stat Slots:
11. Burgiethewriter | ID 7078 | Usable
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