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That girl's a Fighter - TTGL

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Yoko made & worn by Mostflogged
Photography by deviouselite
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That gun irks me. It just doesn't feel right. Is this how it looks in whatever game/anime/manga she appears in? Because if so... the gun will still irk me.
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That's what it looks like.
SIERRA-116's avatar
It's just so... skinny, for the size of the calibre it seems to be.

There's a reason guns that calibre look chunky.
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it's from an anime set in a fantasy world so i don't think that matters at all.
SIERRA-116's avatar
True, but it still feels... really, really odd.
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crazy, a fighter?how do you fight in this position?It says something about your knowledge how to fight, sorry,I donot want to be rude,but.....................
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it's a comment about her character/personality not that literally, right now, in this photo anything is being fought.
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I recognise your character now, after stumbling upon Gurren Lagann on Netflix.
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None of this makes sense but it's cute anyway. ^^
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How was it shooting in the ocean?
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do you respond to PM's?
Rexdragonfang99X's avatar
you look so awesome! :D
AderuKittenCosplay's avatar
How did you make the bracelets??
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lol you look so hot and that sniper is badass xD
FrostyWaters's avatar
You look sooooo warm in that picture, not freezing at all.
wow wow wow wow wow wow :P amazing.
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GURREN LAGANN! One of my favorite and influencing animes as of now!
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simply stunning!
xxdookehxchuuxx's avatar
Wow so inspiring , really beautiful !
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The longer the Gun, the shorter the.....well that won't apply here.
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