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Sewingstuck - Bootcover Tutorial

A tutorial I did to explain boot covers WHICH ARE SUPER FUCKIN HANDY
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When taking the base shoes out, are you cutting the heel seam open? or are we forcing the shoe back up the boot cover? Or is there enough space to tilt it free? And is that tough on your fingertips when the vinyl is as smooth as yours? I don't quite understand how to get them back after sewing the heel holding part together. Thank you so much for your help.
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At what point in the tutorial do you mean? after you've sewn the heel area you leave the bottom of the shoe open so you can still tilt the shoe in and out of the cover so you can finish fitting the cover. Once you're done fitting it you tilt the shoe back into the boot cover, and sew it closed. I hope that helped? i'm sorry i'm still a bit confused about what you're talking about!!!
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did u go an inch around ur leg when sketching on the vinyl?
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This tutorial is AMEZING! Thanks for sharing it <3
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is there a way to make boot covers but still have the heel, sole/base of the shoe to show?
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Do you think if I change the shape a bit that this method could work making fleece Nepeta paw slippers? All the other methods require ruining a shoe and I really can't do that right now.
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Can you use this for pleather?
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if it's stretchy!!
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thank you so much for this! I've been trying to find a shoe cover boot tutorial without having to use one of my boots
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This worked perfect! Thank you so much!!! :la:
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Well this is extremely handy! : o Thank you!
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WOW *mindblown* Not that I see myself ever needing a bootcover, but that is pretty freaking neato.
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thank you so much omg i think im gonna use this for my junko enoshima cosplay. thank you so much
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thank you thank you thank you thank you
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Wow this is such an awesome tutorial. You have nice legs :3
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When you hem the top, is that folding it over as one usually does with a hem, or just finishing the edge with a zigzag stitch?
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it's folding it over as a rolled hem, but then using the zig zag stitch instead of the straight stitch
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I can use this. Great Cosplay, BTW.
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Great tutorial I'm going to use it when I make my next boots :)
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