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Psylocke - X-Men

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X-force Psylocke outfit worn & made by Mostflogged
Photo taken by the amazing Eric M. Chu
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You look amazing!
Very nice photograph.  Thanks for sharing.
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I really like the way you look in it, too.
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You gotta be my favorite Psylocke character by far. Athletic build, costume authenticity, serious, sexy, yet deadly presence in the pictures really compliment your passion and realism in character. Your photographer has a great eye for you pics to really highlight these pictures:love:
You could caption this " Wanna join my team??"
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Superbe Purple Sister..
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God you're beautiful...

If your enemy using chloroform kidnap :blushes:
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Them eyes.

Its like they can see right through me!! *hides*
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gorgeous c:
sorry to ask but where did you get your wig from? ^^
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Taobao, i can't remember the exact seller as i bought it over a year ago :>

and thank you!
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thanks! and you're very welcome c:
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This is sooooo great!
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You are so fantastic
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wow your body is PERFECT :D
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it really looks good.
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