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On Your Guard - Batwoman

By Mostflogged
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Batwoman costume made & worn by Mostflogged
Photo by Eric M Chu
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© 2012 - 2021 Mostflogged
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wow! You make a pretty amazing batwoman!
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thank you so much!! ;o;
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I love this, would you mind if I drew this image and linked back to you? Absolutely fantastic work!
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aww, not at all!! thank you for asking 8)
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You're the best!
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Simply stunning!!
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Nailed it. Awesome stuff!
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Ahhh I love this too XD
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Lol, I found your cosplay arts casually on Google when I was searching a cosplay from Batwoman... and I did manipulate it and did a poster for an ipotetic movie about her! I'm sorry if I did it without requesting you ;_; I really didn't pubblish online anywhere... it was more like a test/training with Photoshop CS6... but if you authorize me, I could publish it as my first deviantation, mentioning you and Eric M Chu in the credits! :) or at least I would really like to let you see it :3 dunno if it's obvious that I really like this cosplay! :D
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haha thank you for asking me before you post it!! and yes as long as you credit me that should be fine, i'd love to see it! 8)
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I've done it, yee! °D°/ It took me forever. But now you can find it easily in my profile :3 I'm like two years in deviantart, and never post anything, lol. Since now +w+
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AAAAHHHH THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY!!! I LOVE BATWOMAN, YOU PULL IT OFF SOOOOOO AMAZINGLY!!! (I'm sorry, I tend to go nuts on the caps when I get excited!)
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Awwww!! no I'm glad!! thank you so much <33
CrystalEquinox's avatar
No, thank you for all your lovely cosplay!
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Don't worry, you're plenty bad-ass. >//u//<
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SHE IS THE FUCKING NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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Said it before, saying it again.....FEARSOME!

New look, totally awesome. You should do more of that! =D
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thank you so much!! it was a very different costume for me, I'm glad you think I was able to pull it off 8)
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