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Info about boids -> [link]

"Boids, developed by Craig Reynolds in 1986, is an artificial life program, simulating the flocking behaviour of birds."

This is an improved actionscript 3.0 version of my 'flashy swarm' deviation !! [link]

it's faster .... more buttons and sliders .... more particles !!!! ;)

you can adjust the following parameters :

  • Center : how much the boids want to go to the center of the surrounding boids ...

  • Avoidance: how much the boids don't want to collide with other boids ...

  • Velocity : how much the boids want to match the velocity of the surrounding boids ...

  • Sight: how far away a boid can see ...

  • radius: how close boids can be to each other ...

  • intelligence: memory of a boid ...

  • Border : on/off

  • Hunter : on/off

  • Boids : Number of particles ...

  • Reset : Resets do default settings ...

  • You can also use your mouse to play with the boids ....

    !Warning ! when you have 1000 boids .... don't adjust the intelligence slider !! ;)

    If it doesn't work ... you might need to download the newest flash-player [link]

    I hope you like it !!
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    Such a great job! I am new in ac3 and i really want to learn it so i might ask if you can share the script or the .fla of this project. It will mean a lot. Thanks in advance!