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Hello to you and hello to all. Moski is here! And there! All over the place! Woot woot! It's been crazy, I tell you what, but it's finally time to get back on track. I have so, so many things to share with y'all. But I'm doing this through deviantArt's Eclipse function, so it might look very clunky and stale (there are no journal skins? Oh boy). Regardless, let's goooo.
  • First, I changed my nickname from Memoski to MoskiDraws. Why tho? Well, I've been mostly referring to myself online and through nicknames by Moski for the past 2 years, specially through Twitter and Discord. The "Me" is not really that relevant anymore, and the underscore of The_Moski which I had on twitter was ugly. It might not be creative, but MoskiDraws quickly showcases that "I'm Moski, and I draw", is easy to remember, and is not an attempt to look clever (you should have seen the alternatives: vanMoski, MoskiPrime, MoskiXL, among a dozen more)
  • As I've said before, I'm a part of a very, very small game development team right now, Whales and Games. Our community is small, yet thriving. So if you ever want to drop by and say hi, you should come chat with me and company at the Whales and Games Discord Server! We have gaming saturdays, DnD, artists show their own material, and we get into heated conversations about bad games and anime thighs!
  • While I've been a tremendous Nintendo Switch fan for the past years, I actually got my hands into Yakuza 0. And the game rocked. Now I'm playing through Yakuza Kiwami. This might be the hype talking, but despite some shortcomings and very frustrating fights at times, the sheer amount of content and the depth of the combat makes me want to call these my favorite AAA games. I don't remember the last time I picked up a long game of a series and liking it to the point that I want to get all of its sequels. And the openings are undiluted hype. Just look at this!
Well, that's enough for the time being. Just thought it'd be cool to give y'all a heads up. Got a lot of screenshots and artwork already scheduled to be released during the coming week. Then? Who knows. But do follow me on Twitter if you want to stay in touch. Be seeing y'all on the flip side.
Be nice to 2019, okay? It's new at this whole "year" thing.

Happy new year, people. I really don't have much to say at the moment, so I pretty much just wanted to wish you the best for the time being. I'm still evaluating things around here about what and how to approach artwork. DeviantArt doesn't seem so lively nowadays, but there's pretty much nowhere else to go, specially with the great Tumblr migration (despite my content not exactly clashing or anything, but still). I'll keep y'all informed as things develop.

But for the time being, go watch the Spider-Verse film. You don't need me to tell you that, but the fact that you can use me for confirmation bias has to count for something, right? Cheers!
I suppose we could talk about the greatness that is Delta Rune, that Undertale sequel/prequel/spinoff/fever dream/whatever. But hey, it's short enough. You should go download it and play it, preferably if you beat Undertale's pacifist mode.

But alas, no. Today was the Nintendo Direct (#nintendodirect) about Smash Bros Ultimate (#smashbrosultimate). Spirits mode and World of Light modes look like my favorite kind of grind, and the Piranha Plant character looks like a fun oddball.

It's great to see that, even if not as playable, characters like Isaac from Golden Sun and Majora's from, well, Majora's Mask, get some sort of participation.

Got any thoughts on the matter?


(Still waiting for a sequel, Sony...)
So, as you may have noticed, I'm somewhat back from a spree of hiatuses. Like, I came back from one, did a thing, and then disappeared into the mist. What gives? I don't even know. Studies, commissions, losing "it". A bit of everything. So I can't even tell if I'm back back, but at the very least, I'm submitting more in these days than what I did in recent months.

Now, here's the thing... What the heck is Moski into nowadays? Long time followers may remember me from my Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale times. Others know me for drawing a lot, a lot, or indie-game related stuff. And others may have begun to follow me recently from Twitter. So, what is 'moski into nowadays?

Just like my problems, a bit of everything.

There's no real connection into what I draw. If anything, I see myself as somewhat hedonistic, maximizing pleasure. And not by drawing lewds or anything (not that I'm opposed. Just ask Jorge), but by drawing designs of characters that I really love, in order to practice to finally get into character-based commissions as opposed to Streamer based. Indies, AAA games, F2P, there's so many interesting creatures it's hard not to be a fan.

Speaking of fanboyism...

  • Hyped as can be for Smash Bros Ultimate. I mean, who wouldn't? As much as I love Sony, Nintendo Switch might have become my favorite console of all time if only because of portability and the promise of Animal Crossing. A little Smash Bros here and there doesn't hurt.
  • But hey, if there's something big from Sony, it's Yakuza. I mean, I played Yakuza 0 on PC, but it was for years a Sony exlusive, and it's still console exclusive... I think. But hey, if more people get to play Yakuza 0, the better. It's mindbogglingly good. Some cheap fights here and there with extremely frustrating moments, but out of a possibly 2 hours of accumulated frustration, I got 41 hours worth of top quality gaming moments. Laughter, tears, everything in between up to and including them together. Can't recommend it enough.
  • Fortnite. To be honest, I suck at it. One Wild Victory Royale across 3 seasons, but can't beat free, and Save the World is my kind of grind.
  • New Binding of Isaac expansion was recently announced. Isaac might as well be my favorite game of all time, so of course I'm super hyped. I even bought it again for Switch, and I'm enjoying it from the beginning once again.
  • Warframe keeps evolving. The grind never ends, and I'm one with the grind.
2018 has been a very interesting year for the gaming world, and it'll still be a ride all the way into december. Here's hoping y'all plan accordingly. Getting into so many cool games can't be cheap. Cheers!

So sure, Fortnite 6's season begins today...

And sure, it has kickbottom skins...

But don't let that distract you from the fact that, in 1988, Goro Majima stormed the Dojima Headquarters with nothing but a baseball bat, a knife and breakdancing skills, and singlehandedly incapacitated no less than 30 yakuza.

Slow day. Thought I'd share random thoughts and an aweome Yakuza 0 scene. I really wanted to rewatch it. Peace, my droogs.


With that out of the way, hello, y'all. I'm checking in because of said favor, sure, but because I've also planned a quasi-return of sorts. I've got a few things drawn, and I seem to be doing them faster as time goes by. Heck, I'll submit one in a few minutes, and the rest within the next days or weeks. I'm hyped to finally be back at drawing! I'm still focusing on Whales and Games drawings and gamedev, but we're heading into some cool places in the future with it. Do drop onto our Discord server if you want to chat anytime!

Now, for bulletpoint cool stuff:

  • Hyped for Isabelle for Smash Bros Ultimate? You bet your wholesomeness I am.
  • Bunch of Nintendo stuff. Online is so not worth it, but for some reason, the NES games with friends seem more fun now than back in the day. Is this the retro fever?
  • Majima, Majima, Majima, Majima Constructiooooon

Related, Yakuza 0 might be my favorite game I played in 2018. Goro Majima ftw! Cheers!


It's ya boy moski with the hottest takes of the gaming world in Mexicorino. No need to like or subscribe, since it ain't gonna help ya.

Now, really, just dropping by to upload some things and hype. Warframe's getting a fantastic update sometime in the future, and I've been listening to that song on a loop almost daily. It's just so good.

On other subjects at hand, I've also gotten into Fortnite (I mean, who hasn't), Hyrule Warriors has become my most played Nintendo Switch game, my brother and I ordered a Playstation 4, and I've reorganized my life a bit. With JorgeAamelo coming back from his Japan trip soon, we should start going full throttle on content for out gamedev team. Expect some news sometime in the future, hopefully! Actually, scratch that. Don't expect, just in case. But be pleasantly surprised if we do deliver.

We might end up playing Fortnite instead of being productive. Who knows. Anyhow, if you ever wanna chat, company and I will be at our discord server. Cheers, peeps!


It’s ye boy Moski. Dropping quick for some e3 thoughts! Come share yours with me! It was a fantastic presentation overall (except for you, Square Enix and EA. Really? Just more of the same, and no mention of Avengers or FF7?). Lots of games to be pumped on and to hype for. Here’s my top 10 of things that the e3 got juuuuuust right!

10 – Gwarsh, Sora.

Kingdom Hearts 3 trailers are still shattering my mind. It’s very hard to even tell where the plot is at this point. But having Pirates of the Caribbean, Frozen and Toy Story universes around is my kind of bonkers. A Ps4 with the KH collections is also a fantastic idea.

9 – Unpopular opinion: I’ll miss New Dante.

I loved DmC (I was never that fond of Dante anyways). Still tho, Nero and Old Dante look so great this time around. The action looks impressive, and the attacks are outrageous. This game should fill that “feel like a badass” fantasy like none other in the e3.

8 – Of all the companies, Ubisoft is looking rad and fab

I’m not exactly a Beyond Good and Evil fan, but not only does the game look gorgeous. Their initiative to get fan artists on the thing is outright bonkers. And free For Honor, becoming BFFs with Nintendo, Assassins Creed Odyssey looking mighty sharp and Division 2 seemingly aiming for redemption, well, I guess that this is a good time, maybe not to forgive Ubisoft, but at least give them another chance.

7 – TLOU 2 wins the “Best Gritty Game Around”

I don’t like how these conferences keep getting packed with gritty people with guns and super violence for the sake of violence. I mean, I love some of the games, but I’d rather just take one or two and play more variety. With that in mind, TLOU 2 still looks like the very best in that department. It looks even more fluid than the original one. Also, while we're at it, the Ghost samurai game seems like it'll give them a run for their money. And Death Stranding is still weird.

6 – Spider-man vs Sinister Six

Although most of what was shown of the game looked scripted or QTE based, I wouldn’t really mind if most of the game was automatic if the visuals and action keep being as impressive as on the Spider-Man game presentation. This reimagining of the Sinister Six looks way too radical. I can only hope that the 6th member is Dr. Octopus, but given the reimagination of this thing, changing things just a bit may pay out.

5 – Hi, I’m Daisy.

Smash was one of the best “reveals” of the conference, no doubt, with all characters ever coming back and then some. Alternates like Princess Daisy (who is the best princess ever) were a cool addition. Plus, a lot of alternate costumes, maps and trophies are making this so super packed with content. Adding Ridley doesn’t hurt either.

4 – PC Master Race

With 1000+ hours on Warframe, I was really looking forward to some short presentation of the next update. Instead, they had a very, very short teaser. At least, the update is coming out this week. But hey, not only did they show a bunch of cool looking games as well, but Yakuza 0 is finally coming out to Steam! Updates for Killing Floor 2 and gameplay of Just Cause 4 don’t hurt either. 

3 – Devolver Digital’s conference has… plot development? What the hell?

Devolver’s parody conference not only was gaming’s most expensive shitposting, and a hilarious show at that. Nina hosting again, the Loot Box Coin (which they actually ran out of. What the heck is wrong with you, people?), the Gif/Jif debate and Devolver Classic were great one-two punches, but the ending was just bonkers. A gaming conference with an actual narrative? Bananas!


2 – Game Pass gives Xbox an incredible value proposition

I don’t plan to buy an Xbox, and y’all know I’m a Sony fan. All things considered, their conference was the best of the big 3 to me. Not only did they showcase great game after great game. Even if most of those aren’t exclusive, the idea of buying an Xbox One X and paying 60 bucks or so to instantly access some hundreds of games is beyond belief. I also applaud that, despite the disaster of EA’s Command and Conquer mobile announcement, they made it look like they ruined Gears of War with a Funko Pop spinoff, only to immediately reveal that the next real Gears is also on the way. Eat your heart out, EA!

1 – Bethesda doesn’t hold back.

Fallout 76 “online survival” sounded horrible a week ago. But seeing it in action, it’s now my most anticipated game from the e3. Prey’s Mooncrash DLC (which trailer’s music has haunted me ever since) seems like an AAA roguelike, which might just make me buy the game. Rage 2 looks dope, new Doom can’t hurt, and, of course, formal announcement of The Elder Scrolls 6, and that new IP (the devil’s out on it being fun). On the show division, Todd’s participation ("Degenerates"), the jab at Wal-Mart Canada and Skyrim for Alexa were super entertaining ("I eat ALL of the cheese"). In my humble opinion, they had the best real conference this year.


Shame of the year: EA’s presentation. After their terrible lootbox controversy, they really needed to gain the customer’s trust back. What did they do? Ruin the dreams of Command & Conquer fans, and overall, display an unremarkable presentation.


This is just me. Here’s hoping y’all have some hot takes. Lemme know about ‘em. Cheers!

Getting closer to officially anouncing commissions here. I mostly need to finish catching up with a bit more of weird drawings here and there, and then I'm good to go.

There were some good jokes this year around. Not many too special though. The announcement of the MLRGRGRGLGLL language support for Hearthstone, Path of Exiles getting a Battle Royale mode (which is actually playable), Sanic the Hedgehog shirts and 8-bit Pokemon Go are the ones on top of my head. But the true winner (with the best deal in the history of VHS) goes to Payday: The Animated Series:

Not to mention that the music is supremely rad.

Now that we're on the believable time again, I extend a friendly reminder that I'll be storing a lot of my past art, so go download anything you want while you can. Pretty much all of it is on this folder, Pending Deletion. While I won't be really deleting it (it was the plan before realizing there's a "Storing" option), it'll be hidden from the public. Heck, maybe some of the "fun" art from before will get stored as well. Here's the reasoning, and a little complaint I've got with deviantArt:

  • I've been submitting art to this account for 4 years. Since then, I've improved my skills to the point that I've been able to take commissions.
  • However, when I submit new art, there's a good chance that the "More From" section shows art that's about 4 years old, or a bunch of sketches, or things that don't reflect what I currently do.
  • Basically, my new art gets paired with old art, which can give mixed messages to people checking my account
I'm 2/3rds done with my Masters Degree studies in Marketing, and I've been reevaluating how I brand myself. Going forward with commissions, I need to showcase whichever is more accurate to what people can expect from me today. If deviantArt had some sort of option to let me prioritize More From, I wouldn't be doing this.

It's a tough choice, but it's a necessary reconstruction. Hope y'all understand.

Anyhow, that's it for today. Cheers~

But what if I were to delete very old stuff and replace it with new art? Ohohoho. Delightfully devilish, moski.

Like I said on my previous Journal entry, I'll do a gallery sweep sometime in the future. I already chose which files I'll delete, and I put them in this folder. Be sure to download anything you'd like to keep. I don't usually like deleting art, since, tbh, I'm not ashamed of what I've uploaded. However, because deviantArt's "More From" section's algorithms are so bad, I can upload a brand new Warframe drawing and people will be recommended to check things I drew 4 years ago. This is bad branding, specially since I'd like to get into commissions in the future.

Again, not a drill. I'm full aware that it was a bad idea to come up with this on April Fools of all days, but I wanted to start moving forward since tomorrow is my last final exam of the period. Besides, I moved the files from their respective folders to this one. If this is a prank, it's one that would take me an hour or two to fix. Nor worth the squeeze.

Welp, that's it for now. Now go eat some mouthwatering steamed hams, you dawgs.


Edit: Hold on. Apparently, deviantArt has a "Store" mode to save the files instead of outright deleting them. I might make use of that instead, but I'll probably be even more picky about what stuff to keep. If I store something and you ever want to see it, just let me know :P
First things first, happy April Fools'. Aka, the worst moment to make a journal entry, because odds are that you'll believe this is a joke (also, take a shot every time you read "I'm quitting dA" today).

So yeah, other than random uploads here and there, you may have noticed I've been absent for most of the year until now. Masters' degree, vacations, an overall authors' block, losing a lot of commission files, focusing on Whales and Games content... It's been a woopah. Truth be told, I don't feel confident right now that I'll be able to reverse the situation, but that is the plan. Tomorrow is my last exam for the current school period (I like how I keep calling it school like I'm in middle school when it's masters degree studies). Hopefully soon after, I'll be able to draw again guilt free. Maybe even start taking commissions!

For the time being, I just felt like writing. Here's a few things that Moski has done in the past months:

  • Played Night in the Woods and... Well, it was okay. Fantastic setting and story, and it's one of the few games that have prevented me from sleeping due to filling my mind with deep thoughts. But as a game, it's more of an interactive story with walking and a mini-game thrown in every now and then for good measure.
  • Getting my tenno legs back at Warframe, closing on 900 hours of gameplay. My most played game by far :B
  • After a year of procrastinating, I finally fulfilled my end of the deal with JorgeGameDev and watched Steins;Gate. Best non-battle anime I've seen. Serious pacing problems here and there, but overall, a fantastic experience. Not to mention that it has a lot of gratuitous engrish.

  • What else? Ehm... Watched The Greatest Show twice, and have listened to many of its tracks a couple dozen times, maybe more.

  • Oh yes. Hyped for Smash Bros whatever it is.
'tis all. If you ever wanna talk, I'm at Whales and Games' Discord chat server. Mind that the place is mostly for indie game developing, but still, it's a small and cool community.

Anyhow, that's it for the time being. Seems that I let most of my Core membership go to waste this time around. Eh, c'est la vie. Cheers!


Edit: Oh, I forgot to mention. I plan to make a purge of sorts. To save the older art in a folder or something and maybe even remove it from dA. Nothing in stone, and I might be too lazy to actually do it (and sure, if I don't, you get to call it an April Fools' prank). But if I do make up my mind, I suggest you to go around and save the drawings you want to keep before I store them or delete them or whatever. Most will be very old art or sketches or anything that I don't think relates to my current persona. In other times, I've just jumped from one account to another. I'm not doing that again, but I still have to do some spring cleaning.

What a change, right?

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 22, 2017, 7:51 AM


Hey there. Saturday mornin' moski ready for an update-io. Last time I said "Got my Cintiq, so I'll draw a bunch!". I got my Cintiq, and I didn't draw a bunch. Masters degree studies, some accidents and drama and what not got in the way, and I've been floating around without pace for a while now.

But I'm still alive and kickin' and takin' names and stealin' dreams. Making some sense of that good ol' goshdarned world in the only way I know: Fanboying like a foo'

First, I want to thank y'all once again. Over 1000 watchers now! You're all so kind :D!

You might remember how I was all into Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale back in the day. Aka, 28+ comics of not-Smash shenanigans plus a Zeus side arc. Ah, the classics.

ASA 15 - Spinning in by MoskiDraws  ASA 23 - Tactical decision by MoskiDraws

But alas, there's been not enough Playstation stuff that have hyped me up for quite some years now. Same goes for Smash Bros and other crossovers.

But if you've been paying some attention lately, you might have seen my latest works. New comics, but from a different nature.

Hots comic - MVP by MoskiDraws  Hots comic - Nerfed for good by MoskiDraws

Heroes of the Storm is, like pretty much any big MOBA out there, a seeminly bottomless pit of possibilities. And that's taking in mind that I don't even know any Blizzard game other than Overwatch, which wasn't on Hots until recently. Guess I'm just a sucker for crossovers. Let's hope I can get some more of these done in the future.

However, I hope doing this kind of stuff doesn't discourage you. Again, thanks for the 1000+ watchers. But still, I can't really tell how many of you follow me around for PSASBR stuff or for Indie stuff or whatever. And I don't think that a good portion of you are into HotS or even know about the game at all. I just hope these grow on you, as they're among my moskiest stuff to date!

Anyhow, thought I'd just catch up with y'all. Let me know if there's been something interesting going on in your end. Cheers, ma' people.

Red Cintiq Standing By

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 6, 2017, 8:51 PM

"Okay, 'moski. What's the haps with you?"

I finally saved enough and spent enough to dig into a good ol' Wacom Cintiq 13HD drawing tablet display thingaling gadget thing-o. Spent the last couple of days, weeks, heck, months, doing commissions and focusing on homework. But now I've got a legit case for coming back to drawing, even if I start slowly and with sketches.

So... sketches.

Yes, sketches.

Post 'round here with suggestions for stuff for your good friend 'moski to draw and I'll take some of them and use them for test subjects to get my drawing fluids going. Come on, come on, come on. #nopromises


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Journal Entry: Mon Apr 3, 2017, 8:07 AM

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The Ultimate Indie Boss?

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 29, 2017, 12:01 PM

So, I've been continuing very slowly my indie game project thingy. And even while I'm yet to finish lining and coloring many of the past characters, I've been doodling even more:

Since I also mentioned that I pictured the whole thing as some sort of crossover fighting game think, I've also thought... who would be the final boss?

Let's brainstorm a bit. Heavy spoilers from a lot of indie games incoming, so I hope you don't really mind.

You're good? I'm good. Let's do this.

Ballos - Cave Story

Image result for cave story ballosImage result for cave story ballos

As the (secret) final boss of Cave Story - one of the classics -, Ballos' powers and story are something to behold. Since lore-wise he's already a powerful magician of sorts with nearly unlimited power, he'd work both as an excuse to have many indie games mix around and as a multi-stage boss of epic proportions.

The Dealer - Hand of Fate

Image result for Hand of Fate Dealer

Again, with so many characters, The Dealer can justify their crossover. Akin to Galactus on Marvel vs Capcom 3 or Polygon Man on Playstation All-Stars, this guy could just stand behind while summoning minions with his cards, and actually do some Master Hand-esque attacks when the situation calls for it.

King of Armello - Armello

Image result for Armello kingImage result for Armello king

Time for a curveball. I'm yet to draw a character from Armello, and I've been thinking about either the original rabbit and bear, but I've also thought about drawing the King instead. In Armello, the Rot is slowly killing him, but the corruption is also spreading on the land, allowing for powerful dark creatures appearing. And even when close to death, the King is no pushover. Even when you can select from many characters in Armello, the King is the one constant, and the ensuing battle for hegemony can have several outcomes for the king, who can either die, get assasinated, or even be cured.

I also thought that I'd like to see Asgore from Undertale, but the King of Armello would be far more interesting... unless you consider...

sans - Undertale

What's worse than a final boss? A final boss that you can't hit. Rather than the typical fight where you have to defeat your opponent, having sans would be one where you'd only need to outlast him, against all odds. In the vein of it being somewhat anticlimatic, I've pictured this as some sort of secret boss battle, that you'd only have access to if, say, you defeated most of your opponents with cheap tactics like using items or letting the timer run out or something.

Space Bear - Pit People

Image result for Pit people bear

Yes, the game is not out yet, and the Space Bear can't be fought (yet?). But still, Pit People's world is so twisted that anything can happen on it, specially if the Bear can just grab whole places and put them together somewhere else. A fight against the Bear would, again, be like fighting Galactus in MvC3, but with the traditional The Behemoth's twists. Allow for the bear to thwack the players with airships, asteroids, enormous ice creams, a bunch of cats, and whatever it has around. And it has 4 arms, so it could put them all to use at some point.

That's pretty much it for this time. I'm mostly doing this for fun, and I'm inviting y'all to come up with your own ideas. Heck, I could end up getting more fuel for this weird project thing. Show me what you got.


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Someone's doing a PSASBR project

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 22, 2017, 7:25 PM

This brings a tear to my eye.  :iconmr-herp-derp: contacted me not long ago suggesting a collaboration for a PSASBR collab. As much as I'd like to participate, I have my hands full, but it sounds fun. Here's the pitch: 

"The idea is a bedtime story told in rhyme feature a few of the characters, the idea was from an Animaniacs sketch.  I would write the word and the other person would draw the pictures."

Sounds like a good time to me. If anyone wants to pick up the mantle, you've got my support and my admiration. Do contact Mr-Herp-Derp if you're interested.

Thank y'all for your time. See you in a bit, when I'm back from my trip (again) to renew my visa (again).


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Is it the right time?

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 21, 2017, 2:49 PM

I've been a bit silent, yes, but now that I've done some progress, I can finally start showing off what's next:

Because I can't go a year without making a big (alleged) indie game crossover drawing. I've already uploaded a few, with more finished and scheduled for a later moment. Let's see if this one doesn't lose momentum.

So, in the sketch, there's over 30 characters, from the mainstream to the obscure. If you know them all, then you'll impress me. Ideally, I'll be doing more, with no idea of how big this can be. Hopefully this one will look great in the end.

Anyhow, that's it for now. See ya!


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Switch Woes Hoy!

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 1, 2017, 10:17 AM

But first, a goof!

Now, for reals:

Regardless on my opinion on the Switch or not, there's one true barrier that's holding me back: The price. And no, it's not like "but it costs the same as X!". The dollar and volatility of the market are a mess. To play Zelda Breath of the Wild, I have to but a Switch.

And to buy a Switch, in Mexico, that's 470USD, with the game being at almost 70USD. We're talking 540USD. Meanwhile, I still have to get a PS4, which I can get bundled with Uncharted 4 from amazon at 370 (doesn't mean I'm getting it soon-ish either)

I ended up just getting River City Ransom Underground. At 7USD in mexico's Steam Store, that was the best deal of the year to me. I highly recommend it for beat-em-ups fans.

Hope some of you can get it at a fair price, or that it's of no mater to use. I'd like to know what you think of it first hand. Reviews are all over the place, and I could do with some closer-to-home trustworthy hands. Cheers!


PD: In unrelated news, Jim Sterling (thank God for him) is no longer under legal threat. Rejoicing!

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Night In River City

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 27, 2017, 8:02 AM

I'm torn. As an indie game afficionado, I play a lot of varied games. From artsy games like The Beginner's Guide to the silly like Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015: Do You Still Shower With Your Dad?. I play heartwarming games like Undertale and the testosterone fiesta that is Broforce. On my top 5 games I've got poop-galore Binding of Isaac, ultra violent Hotline Miami and the cute toy that is Little Inferno.

So, at this point, I'm torn. I have two games on different sides of the spectrum claimoring for my attention and money. Anyone else would tell you that they're no direct competition. And they're not. And still, as to not buy everything compulsively, I have to choose.

On one side, here's Night In The Woods:

When people think of antropomorphic animals, things like Animal Crossing and Zootopia come to mind, with cute animals doing fun stuff. But then, there's stuff like Bojack Horseman that try to tell more serious stories (while also allowing the fun animal charm to show off every now and then).

From the prerelease information, NITWs uses a carefully constructed artsy style to tell a story that seems to go into a very dark direction. To me, the strongest part in the trailer is the "Missing child" poster being covered by an advertisement. And the phrase "At the end of everything hold on to anything" sends a chill down my spine, of the likes I haven't felt since Persona 3, Pony Island or Undertale.

On the other side of the ring, theres River City Ransom Underground:

It's no secret that River City Ransom Advance is one of my favorite games of all time. So, when the kickstarter of RCRU appeared back in 2013, I was disappointed that I couldn't back it up for problems with my payment methods. Regardless, I've been following it up every now and then, and it's finally coming tomorrow.

This is a piece of art in a completely different way than NITW. Pixel-perfect super fluiod animations for a fast paced sidescrolling brawler. No deep thoughts, no explanation of the human soul. Just unadulterated "vigilante justice". A game that seems fun to the core.

So, there you have it. I've been thinking this for a while. Both seem great (and yes, I'm accounting for your opinion, dantiscus ), and I'd love to play both at some point of the year. But for now, I might settle with River City. That thing's rad, and I might be able to get a couple of friends to jump in with me.

Ah well. That's it for this time. Cheers!


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