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My Bio
I'm a Philosophy, Politics and Law student who draws for fun.

Tools of the Trade
tablet, pencil, paper.
Other Interests
Foreign Languages and Astrology


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it's been a while. My last update was in 2009. I'd say I've pretty much abandoned my deviantart profile, until now. Just so you know a little bit about who I am these days, let me tell you. I'm in my sophomore year of college pursuing a degree in philosophy, politics and law. I don't draw nearly as much as I used to because well, I haven't had the time I suppose. That's a sad excuse, I know. One should make time for things that matter, yeah? Time for important things like our loved ones, our families, our homework, and ourselves. I took plenty of time for these things and not a minute for deviantart in over 2 years. Well I suppose it happ
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im not dead

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im just not on the interwebs anymore. I got a job/internship/volunteer gig at a library and have been working there for 4 weeks now. Its been taking up all of my summertime. No comic-con this year. ahwell, sacrifices must be made. the good thing is, I know my alphabet forwards and backwards. I can alphabetize in almost half the time it would've taken me a month ago. I can teach mexicans how to use a computer in spanish better than i could a month ago.  I deal with customers better than i could a month ago.   actually, the job at the library is sortof fun and is somewhat rewarding.  plus im saving moneys for a car..... which i need. btw i
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hi hi

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I no longer have internet at my house. This means I can't upload any artwork until... we can afford internet again. I have been drawing alot recently, and I'm even working on a collab with a friend at my school who is a graffiti artist/raver. Its full of neon colors and such. it ought to turn out nice. so instead of uploading art, I'm uploading poetry. yes, poetry is sortof lame. I actually try rhyming though. the reason I've been writing alot of poetry lately is because it's assigned for a creative writing club I joined at my school. It's Fun. I also joined the chess club. I love it even though I lose frequently. But I am learning and I
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I hope you're still drawing. Have not seen you post in a long while!
We have arrived onto the future!
wake up from your asleep!
yo Hayley, you ever played league of legends? we should play some time its fun... well let me know by message if you wanna play heh

btw great profile id it looks good!
Just wanted to swing by with a hello. :)
Hi there. I noticed you submitted art to #RTFC before. Well, #RTFC is now a deviantART group, and the "art by members" has changed from the old system. If you can find the time, please resubmit your work and rejoin the club! Just go to #RTFC and click on "Join Our Group" at the top of the page. You'll automatically become a member of the group again, and then you can get more traffic to your Rumiko Takahashi pictures by linking them in our gallery. To do that, after becoming a member again, simply click on "Contribute Art" at the top of the page, find the series that your picture belongs to (you can submit it to multiple folders if it includes more than one series), and click on the plus sign. From there, choose "Contribute an Existing Deviation" and choose the picture from your gallery. Tada! People can now find your artwork from the club through the gallery rather than through plan text, like it used to be. With the new system in place, any comments and faves will automatically appear on your own original submission, even if they find it through our gallery! It's totally more convenient than it was before, so here's hoping you consider resubmitting your work. The old "link from a journal entry" method will be taken down soon, so if you want people to find your artwork from our club, be sure to do this as soon as possible!