Daily Poll #134 Am I the only person who unwatches someone if they keep posting 'stream online' images and the same pieces of artwork over and over despite me clearing it from my notifications already?
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No, I unwatch those artists too
Depends how good their artwork is
I watch every stream thats uploaded
I just put up with it for the art
It doesn't bother me much
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By MoscoMoon   |   Watch
Published: November 25, 2016
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TUWKAHobbyist Filmographer
I don't like those Images with stream announcement , but I just delete those 'artworks'  from my Watch messages :'D
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DasChocolateProfessional Digital Artist
I don't really watch people that spam stream links but I do have someone that constantly spams polls about how inactive they are. @_@
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HAHAHA I hope you dont mind my polls? let me know if they bug you ^^
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DasChocolateProfessional Digital Artist
Nooooo you are perfectly fine lol. You only post poll questions which is fine since they are fine. xD it's mostly when people spam like 16 polls a day on the same subject.
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Oh god yeah I dislike those people too ;.;
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ts-animalgirlHobbyist Digital Artist
I hate it as well both these things are well.

I know they want to keep any potential buyers updated, but when you watched them for their art, and all you get is their adoptables, auctions, ych etc. images being updated every five minutes whenever a new bid is placed or a something is purchased it does start to get annoying. 

I also hate it when an artist updates an image, but then doesn't state why it was updated. Did you change something about the picture or in the description? Please say why you updated so I know! Otherwise, I feel like they just do it to try and get the picture more attention. 

In terms of stream image alerts, why can't they just use the artist's update function rather than submitting and deleting or updating the picture every time they stream. 

For me, the situation is more annoying, since my browser likes to ignore me deleting notifications and brings them back after a few minutes. So I go to DA thinking a new image or journal is up, and it is just my browser re-showing the same image five times in a row. 

Ugh! Sorry Mosco for the longish post. Got a bit carried away I guess! ^^'
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AliuhProfessional General Artist
I do find that irritating, but I understand why they do it, so I look past it.  

What does drive me crazy however, is when someone posts a journal and keeps re-submitting it over and over with no changes to the content.  I mean... unless you get a hundred new watchers daily, its the same darn people seeing it!
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This is how I feel with adoptables ;.; I have a lot of people who try to sell adoptables and if there's a batch of 30 the minute even just 1 goes they update it and I get the notification again. Like god damn it. 
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AliuhProfessional General Artist
Ah, that too!  Also things that are up for auction, come to think of it.  :noes:  A lot of people seem to update it for every new bid.  
I don't quite get it...
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