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My characters

Sun Feb 5, 2017, 10:43 AM


My Characters 

Heaven Nap COMMISSION by MoscoMoon

Sark Allardice 

Current Status: Deceased 
Character design (c) :iconmoscomoon:
Sark speaks with a Scottish Accent
Sark was the second Alpha of the Benevolent Wolf Pack and helped protect the pack and train them in their first few crucial years, helping to establish the pack alongside Castiel. The history of :iconbenevolentwolfpack: and Sark can be found in a comic I commissioned called 'Birth of Benevolent' which tells a lot more about Sark including when he met Azazel. Azazel was the love of his life and he bore many pups with her, his bloodline still runs thick in the Benevolent Wolf Pack even to this day while Sark watches the pack from heaven along with the other deceased Alphas. 
Birth of Benevolent by MoscoMoon
Birth of Benevolent Comic Page 1

Watching Over (COM) by MoscoMoon

Rage Against the Fire - CO by MoscoMoon

Turik Devotum Ignalis

Current Status: Alive 
Character Design by: :icondarkestxangel666:
I was originally going to make Sark my only character then Anex showed me this design of one of her future pups and I fell in love. Turik and I have been inseparable ever since. From the age of a pup he learned to talk on behalf of his mute friend Dileco, leaning the subtle movements and how to read others, this astute wolf remembers information by storing it in his 'mind forest' inside his head. He's able to remember complex names and events and words. He's learned battle techniques by roaming far and wide and learning from multiple packs and people. He has fathered many children with his best friend Tauriel and now has more grandpups than I can count. 
He trained to become the Benevolent Wolf Packs Lead Unspeakable, where his job was to terminate the lives of those threatening the pack in any sort of way. He left for a long time and recently returned to find that his family had grown tremendously. 

Bye Bye Daughter~ by MoscoMoon

Power Up... (Commission) by MoscoMoon

Captain Bratach

Current Status: Alive 
Character Design (c) :iconmoscomoon: 
Captains history comes from the same pack as Sark Allardice in the North where they all spoke with Scottish Accents. He traveled with his father who sacrificed himself so that Captain could get away, it had been his families dream to follow the direction the Allardice brothers once went and to find their new home. 
Captain is a bit of a flirt and a ladies man, he knows it too. He's always boasting about his good looks and he was used as a stud to one of the packs females, he now has a couple of children within the pack as well though he has never met them. 

Captain Blizzard (YCH COM) by MoscoMoon

End of Days (COM) by MoscoMoon

Mosco Moon 

Current Status: Always Alive
Design (c) :icontuwka: and :iconmoscomoon: 
Mosco the fox is my fursona, she's me embodied in a small fox character hence similar traits and the things she wears. She has my red hair, beauty mark, great fashion sense and big brown eyes and I adore her. She has no history or any story as she is literally me in an animal form. 
Though she did one time turn Turik, Captain and Sark into MLP characters just for the fun of it... 
Shame on her

WHAT DID YOU DO!?!?! (COM) by MoscoMoon

The Triplets (COM) by MoscoMoon

The Triplets (Liath, Niath and Riath) 

Current Status: Alive 
Character Designs (c) :iconmoscomoon: 

These three sisters were born in a pack far to the East, they never went searching for the Benevolent Pack in anyway and have no ties to it, perhaps one day Niath will make her way there. They each have their own skills, Liath the white wolf is the youngest and she's more shy than her kin. She's a medic and prefers to heal and take care of others, it's often said one day she'll make an excellent mother. 
Niath the black wolf is the oldest and she sees herself as a protector of her younger sisters. She would fight anyone who tried to cause them any harm even if she knew she couldn't win. She's also a total tomboy and has no interest at all in becoming a mother or in taking care of pups. 
Riath is the middle born and she's quirky, eccentric and full of energy often driving her older sister to despair, she's a talented huntress and works hard to keep them all fed, a role she takes on gladly. Though she's the middle born she's by far the most immature out of the three sister. 

Triplets References by MoscoMoon

Lorenzo The Lethan Wolf (COM) by MoscoMoon

Lorenzo Toshiro 

Current status: Alive 
Character Design (c) :iconmoscomoon: 
Species (c) :iconmoscomoon: 
Full Species Info can be found here: 
Lethan Wolf Reference by MoscoMoon

Lorenzo comes from a pack who were built for hunting in the north and in the snow, he's since joined the Benevolent Wolf Pack along with a few other Lethan Wolves who have now joined him. He's a caring brute who puts pride in his formalities, calling others 'sir' or 'ma'am' and always by their last names. He rarely calls someone by their first unless they have built quite an extensive friendship and he's now proud to serve the Benevolent Wolf Pack as a Pursuant. He traveled down from the North with Turik and Yukio and is serving his purpose well. 

Puppy Lorenzo (COM) by MoscoMoon

M15 - Yana and Yukio by Aliuh

Yukio Invadar

Status: Alive 
Character Design (c) :iconmoscomoon: 

Yukio is probably the most inappropriate character I've ever had and anyone who has ever spent some time in his company will vouch for that fact. He's very camp and very gay and he has a love for any and all males who are tall or large. He's not shy about making his feelings known and has already flirted with a huge section of the Benevolent packs male population. He enjoys his flower crowns and found friendship in a female wolf called Yana who keeps trying to win his affection despite his sexuality. 

Ykio by MittensTheNoble

Rizzoli Tokono by MoscoMoon

Rizzoli Tokono 

Current Status: Alive 
Species (c) :icontalmoi: 
Character (c) :iconmoscomoon: 
Still building up a picture of this little girl and will have character work of her done soon, so check back!

DarkestXAngel666 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2017
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