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Amazing Artists (Streetfair's raffle)

Fri Sep 28, 2018, 7:44 AM


Streetfair's 1,000 Watcher Raffle

:iconstreetfair: is having a raffle to celebrate hitting 1,000 watchers! 1000!!!!!!! That's an AMAZING number!!! But the amazing person that they are didn't want to hog the glory to themselves, they want me to feature some other amazing talented artists that I've gone and followed and you guys should check them out too! 

Here they are: 
A Shadow Badge by Shadow-D-Husky - This amazing piece is done by the wonderful Shadow-D-Husky it reminds me a lot of a Balto like style and I love the whole sticker aspect to this picture! How cheeky is that pose? HAHAHA

Many Lights by HoneyLovage - Can we just talk about the lighting in this amazing piece by the talented HoneyLovage please? I can tell that they really worked hard to play with lighting and as someone who doesn't do art myself I can only IMAGINE how difficult this must have been to do! Such a beautiful picture :heart: 

Too Hot ... by Brysfine - BAHAHAHAHA I've not laughed this much at a picture in a while, this was done by the brilliant Brysfine and this hilarious piece is one I think we can all identify with... makes you wonder just how do male lions keep their cool with all that fuzz??? 

WOOFER by Luna-Stark - This cartoon-y style by Luna-Stark is adorable, there's something about that pose and cheeky little face that just made me smile! 

'Amur Leopards' by CherishArt - From Cartoon-y to REAL check out this amazing piece by the outstanding CherishArt!! If I could draw this well you'd find me in Africa drawing pictures of all their wildlife, this artist is AMAZING. 

In The Good Old Summertime by FlapperFoxy - Lets jump to a traditional hand drawn like style now that reminds me of some kind of historic paintings, this amazing piece was done by the wonderful FlapperFoxy and for some reason reminds me of paintings I've seen in history museums :o outstanding!

Dino Gnar go RAAAWR by Jblask - Okay can we just... hahahaha talk about how hilariously adorable this is? I mean lets face it if this happened to us... would we be screaming and running in fear or cooing as we died? This is adorable! Nice one Jblask!!

Chibi Fox :3 by FigoFox - Look at this little fox-o by the adorable FigoFox! Have you ever seen something so innocent in your life? Pictures like this are the reason why I'd love a pet fox one day :heart: 

.:Collab:. Adamee and Pathea Royal canin by Strawberry-Tate - Those of you who follow me for a while know I'm a sucker for a picture with great lighting and here is another example, the shading from the sunset in this piece throws beautiful shadows over the characters and I'm in awe, it had to be featured here. Well done on this piece Strawberry-Loupa

A good day's rest - by Fecu by BurtanTae - From digital to a sweet hand drawn like feeling from our next artist Fecu this adorable picture is beautiful and it's rare for me to see such great poses and anatomy in a hand drawn style like this so well done!!! 

Burtan at Work - my own sketch creation by BurtanTae - This adorable little sketch by BurtanTae is a great stepping stone and shows off great future potential into their role as an upcoming artist!

Down into the Darkness (remake) by Solkeyia - Its rare and bold for artists to take on underwater pictures, but thats exactly what Solkeyia has done here. The lighting (I know I have a thing about lighting) on the top of the water takes my breath away, I don't know how artists can do this and make it look so easy when I know it's not! Amazing piece! 

Playing Stars by Danno1991 - Finally by no means least we have this piece by this piece by Danno1991 here, the glow around these characters looks simple but I've tried to do this before and it's not haha! I love the playful pose of the two as well, very well done! 

Check out Streefairs raffle here:  (CLOSED)1000 WATCHER RAFFLEHi guys!
I have never done this before so I am very excited! I am doing this raffle to celebrate reaching a 1000 watchers, which has been a dream of mine since I first started out on here!!
:iconiloveitplz: :iconiloveyouplz::heart:
You guys have given me such undescribable amounts of support and I have met so many incredible people on here; every single one of you is fantastic artists, writers or creative enthusiasts and you all deserve endless blessings:heart:
Now on to the celebration raffle!! I am trying something a little bit different with this and I hope it works!!:D
I will give out ticket numbers as you comment with the link and the winner will be chosen at random with this generator:
So firstly, let's do the important part, PRIZES!! :dummy:
First prize:
- A full illustration with a detailed background and two characters
- 500 points
- A sticker pack of 7 stickers
Examples: (just to give an idea of the backgrounds and with obviously less characters in tho,


Turik Devotum Ignalis Kaserix Family Tree

Hey all! So ever since I left FH I've noticed that Turiks family tree has grown... almost out of control! HAHAHA 
So I need everyones help to track down all the names and pictures to build a massive family tree =D 

Why Bother Helping?

Well, any pups your character has or your siblings characters etc can come back to the tree that will be posted and see who their ancestors were. Who knows maybe this line will extend out of FH onto other websites and continue for years and years and they will never know the history of the fact they were related to YOU and me. So lets help out anyone wanting to learn about where they came from shall we?

So what do I need from you? If you or someone you know has a character from this line in ANYWAY, please can you help me by filling out the below form. 

If your character has had pups you don't have to fill it in for every pup but if you can at least send me along the sheet with the designs on it and tell me their names or genders (if you have them already attached to the image even better!) 

If you have a friend who doesn't have deviantart and their family is part of this line or they have a character here please fill it in for them =D you don't have to own the character to give me the details! I'd really appreciate it! Thank you so much!

First name: 

View the progress here

Turik and Ravek thank you! 
Discovering Crystal Caves (Commission) by MoscoMoon

Points to Spend

Thu Jan 11, 2018, 11:48 AM


Points To Spend (CLOSED)

Hey all, I've got around 4,000 points at the moment and I'm really looking for some artwork to spend this on. I'm particularly in the market for MLP artists because I don't have enough artwork of Pixie Star and Mr Wright. However I am willing to spend some points on some wolf art if I see something in particular I like!

I'm really fussy about the style my characters are drawn in so please do not be offended if I say no, it just means that I can't see your art style suiting one of my characters. 

If you're looking to make a few points then post your artwork down below (along with prices) or link me below to your commissions sheet / journal and I'll take a look. 

When it comes to MLP I prefer something as close to the cartoon as I can get, I'm happy with basic I just love the MLP style. As for wolves, I am not a lover of SUPER real, I like an element of 'anime' or 'cartoon' like look around them. 

If you're interested in my characters as well as the styles of art I like then here are some examples!

Refs of characters: 
Pixie Star by MoscoMoon Nocturnal Adopt (OPEN) by MoscoMoon 
Turik Reference by MoscoMoonCaptain Reference by MoscoMoonSark Reference by MoscoMoon
Yukio Reference by MoscoMoonFaileas Reference by MoscoMoon

Lorenzo - Northern Delta by MoscoMoon October Reference by MoscoMoon
Raziella by MoscoMoon

Style of artwork: 
Raziella By Mittensthenoble-dbessn1 by MoscoMoon North | Commission by Strayay My Pixie Star by Novaintellus

M23 - Burning Autumn Morn by Aliuh  Night Cuddles by TUWKA October by TUWKA Running in the forest by hecatehell

Gold evening by Scheadar Follow the Stardust Trail by Nightrizer  .:Commission for:. MoscoMoon by Nafsi-chan

[PC] Headshot -Yukio- by Plumpig [Com] October by Zu-Nasr


Wed Sep 13, 2017, 5:34 AM



I am looking for some people to help with creating adoptable Lethans! 

You'll be made an admin of the group and we'll discuss the creation of Lethans (how many etc) and the cut will go 40/60 where you will receive 60% of the points made from each adoptable and the other 40% will go to me and the group to help pay for line arts and commissions. 

If you're interested please go here to apply: :iconlethanwolves: 

ClosedHey all!
So I want to kick start this group and get it becoming a LOT more active. I want to get people excited for the species and really try and spread it. We're saving up for a super group membership and also for new variants of the species (so watch this space!)
To help with this I am looking for NEW art contributors and also another co - founder to help spruce up the page and give it some love and affection!
So do you want to become a contributor or co creator? (Co creators can still make and sell adoptables!)
The fill out the form below and respond in the comments:
What position are you applying for? (Contributor or Co-Creator)
How active are you on Deviantart?
What Lethan will you most design adoptables for? (only Savannah and Digger are open):
Provide some examples of adoptables you've made (please showcase your best designs as many as you can to really give us a taste of the designer you'll be! It's going to be these designs that will really impact our decision).

'Anime Wolves'

Mon Sep 11, 2017, 5:24 AM


'Anime wolves' stolen artwork for commercial gain

So this is a trend that's come to my attention through SEVERAL journals by artists whose art has been stolen without their permission and used. 

This affects not only the artist but also the character owners if that artist has done art for them on a commission. Both the artist and commissioner (character owner(s)) should be asked for permission to use the art before it can be used. This wouldn't be too big an issue except NO credit is given, no links provided and these people are making MONEY through the google adsense option. 

Where can you find these videos? Just search 'anime wolves' into youtube and have a look. You'll likely find hundreds of stolen artwork all being used to make money by people who pieced the videos together. 

So if your an artist or character owner go and have a look, if you see art you recognize even if its not yours; challenge it and report the video (especially if they have comments disabled). 

Help spread the word about this if you have friends and artists who may be affected! I'm going to be tagging people I know whose artwork I've already seen stolen or people who I think may be at risk and I'd advise you all to do the same.

Original Post where this was highlighted: 
Wuuutt ?!?! [update 3 post final ANGERY WULF KIDS] by Lunegrimm

:icontuwka: :iconkorcher: :iconanexenspirit: :iconbuioumbra: :iconkxns: :iconmythyciel: :iconakerious: :iconz-a-d-y: :iconaliuh: :iconmittensthenoble: :iconplumpig: :iconnoodlesuperpot: :iconshiinrai: :iconloch-naessy: :iconsharksbowsncookies: :iconindominusrexx: :iconpierced-lies: :iconhcbbit: :iconraykalnova: :iconlevbott: :icontouyjah: :iconyukitashi: :iconsignlessgenesis: :iconcera-dawn: :iconarankay: :iconwolf024: :iconqueen-zafira: :iconthethornsofarose: :iconchavichews: :iconkestreltailart: :iconmsidgaf: :iconcreaturnal: :iconmischievousraven: :iconmirhyung: :icondrunkenroyalty: :iconxcorrupting: :iconsedillio: :iconthewolffight: :icondeadlylupine: :iconsegamastergirl: :iconsofimxd: :iconwanderingwolverine: :iconfecu: :iconaurru: :iconsilviltar-sti: :iconzeven-dust: :iconnafsi-chan: :iconstrayay: :iconazorart: :iconbibambi: :iconcrowskies: :iconargona-tf-spy: :iconadelish: :iconemberwolfsart: :iconsilverbloodwolf98: :iconalphaartist6: :iconnatsumewolf:

Pony Contest Winner

Fri Jun 2, 2017, 1:04 AM


First of all I'd like to thank EVERYONE for entering! 

:iconashvanna: :icondustysporks: :iconthethornsofarose: :iconzailune: :iconnashi-hime: :iconnovaintellus: :iconhydrana: :iconilynalta: :iconscheadar:

I choose the winner based on the brief... I needed a pony that represented the modern world perfectly. After reviewing all the entries I fell in love with so many of them but one in particular stuck out the most. 

Congratulations Krrrokozjabrra!! 

Spec Wright (Closed) by Scheadar

Reason I chose him: 

I ADORE his simplistic design but what made me fall in love MOST with him was the backstory. I am A SUCKER for media and film, I studied film and television at College and with my youtube channel I am determined to make it into the industry. One of my favourite classes WAS script writing which is what this pony is all about. 

I have visions of him taking Pixie Dust to Hollywood (or the pony equivalent) and showing her the entire industry. 

I'm going to speak to Krrrokozjabrra about possibly changing his cutie mark though as it's the one thing I wasn't keen on his design. 

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who entered! Your designs are your own feel free to go and sell them now or keep them =D 


CLOSED for judging!

Thu Apr 27, 2017, 9:12 AM


Pixie Star [C] by Scarlet-Spectrum

Hey all! 
Been a while since I did a contest so here we go :) 

This contest is to help find a partner for my new character Pixie Star! She's a pony character adoptable that I totally fell in love with, I literally adore her SO MUCH! I'm not a big MLP fan but when I saw her I had to have her. Thing is, now she's lonely :( and I want to get her a friend. However there really aren't that many male MLP adoptables out there being made, so I decided to do a contest. 

The prize will be your choice of $30 to a paypal account or 3,000 points on your DA. The best thing is, even if you don't win you can go on to sell or keep the design you came up with! 

So as with everything there's a couple of rules: 
1. The design you make can be new or an existing design that's never sold, but please don't post an excessive amount of adoptables that you've never managed to sell because I want more than just a look. 
2. HE MUST BE MALE! I have a number of LGBT characters already but after flushing out Pixie's character I've decided she's straight and I really want a male pony too. 
3. It must be a pony but I have NO preference to Pegasus, Unicorn, Land or Zebra etc you can be as creative as you want!
4. There are 2 ways to enter this contest (but only 1 winner): you can either put forward a design you're happy for me to have completely by the end of it. That is you sign over all copyright of the design to me and are happy for this option, OR you can put forward your own OC / fursona pony as long as you're happy that I will be having pictures made of the two which I will link you too. If you choose this latter option please make sure you're 18+ years of age (not that I'm saying any of the fan art will be dirty but just because it would be weird for me as a 26 year old to have a character with romantic involvement to someone too young.) If you choose this option as well I don't want your pony playboy to cheat on my little Pixie Star >=( no one likes a cheater. 
5. You must flush out the character, the more thoughtful the story / background the more likely I am to pick him.
6. You can enter as many times as you want, you can make your design on a custom base. You can use a pony creation tool online, you can make the pony and put him in an awesome picture / pose. You can submit more than 1 picture of him to help his story if you want too (even a picture of the two characters together! I don't mind!)
7. Your design must be done by 1st June (this is the contest end date).
8. You must fill out one of the below templates depending if you're submitting a design you want me to have rights too or your own character. If you don't fill out the form your entry won't be counted. You MUST fill it out for EACH design you do! 
9. You can enter as many times as you like, just post in the comments below to enter!
10. To help others find this contest and to help me advertise please publish your design on your own DA and link to here in the picture description. You can either fill the form out in the picture description of your own design or in the comments below with a link to the picture on your own DA. All I ask is that you also advertise this contest by linking it in the description of your design! 



Please use this form if you're using a design you wish ME to have full rights too at the end: 
Character name: 
Species of Pony: (Eg: Unicorn / Zebra etc)
Reference / Picture(s): 
Personality Traits: (Eg: Stubborn, funny etc) 
How they met Pixie Star: 
Other Info: (Eg voice actor / music theme etc)
I have read and agreed to all the rules, including handing over copyright ownership to you should I win: (Sign with an electronic signature eg: 'MoscoMoon')

Please use this form if you're entering in one of your OWN OC's. Please keep in mind that you're giving me permission to have future artwork made of them: 
Character Name: 
Species of Pony: (Eg: Unicorn / Zebra etc)
Reference / Picture(s): 
Personality Traits: (Eg: Stubborn, funny etc) 
How they met Pixie Star: 
Why is your OC a good match with Pixie?: 
Other Info: (Eg voice actor / music theme etc)
I have read and agreed to all the rules. I am happy for you to use my OC / character in any artwork you purchase and I also accept that my character will not be able to enter into some form of romantic bond with another character unless I discuss with MoscoMoon first. I am also over the age of 18 years old: (Sign with an electronic signature eg: 'MoscoMoon') 

Entries so far:…

Now to help you, here is a bit about my character: 

Pixie Star

MLP Adopt #3- Closed by Scheadar

Pixie Star lives in a woodland village filled with other Pixie / Elvish looking ponies. They carry forest scents, natural colours and they dislike anything that damages their natural environment. Things like trains and buses etc are frowned upon as well as any non natural foods (muffins and cakes especially). 
Bored by her culture and driven by curiosity Pixie started to leave the heaven of their village and stumbled out into the modern world where everything literally blew her mind. Though she has a deep rooted (no pun intended) fondness for the natural environment particularly forests and rivers she is also very curious about the industrial worlds too. Her family once they realised what she was doing tried to confide her to the village but she just carries a lust for breaking their rules. 

Personally the kind of male pony she'd likely fall for would have some kind of ties or links to the industrial / modern world rather than the kind of world she's from. Since he'd serve as a reminder of her rule breaking and her curious discoveries. 

If you have any questions about her let me know below. 

COMMISION   Running Free by IIIWhiteLieIII

My characters

Sun Feb 5, 2017, 10:43 AM


My Characters 

Heaven Nap COMMISSION by MoscoMoon

Sark Allardice 

Current Status: Deceased 
Character design (c) :iconmoscomoon:
Sark speaks with a Scottish Accent
Sark was the second Alpha of the Benevolent Wolf Pack and helped protect the pack and train them in their first few crucial years, helping to establish the pack alongside Castiel. The history of :iconbenevolentwolfpack: and Sark can be found in a comic I commissioned called 'Birth of Benevolent' which tells a lot more about Sark including when he met Azazel. Azazel was the love of his life and he bore many pups with her, his bloodline still runs thick in the Benevolent Wolf Pack even to this day while Sark watches the pack from heaven along with the other deceased Alphas. 
Birth of Benevolent by MoscoMoon
Birth of Benevolent Comic Page 1

Watching Over (COM) by MoscoMoon

Rage Against the Fire - CO by MoscoMoon

Turik Devotum Ignalis

Current Status: Alive 
Character Design by: :iconanexenspirit:
I was originally going to make Sark my only character then Anex showed me this design of one of her future pups and I fell in love. Turik and I have been inseparable ever since. From the age of a pup he learned to talk on behalf of his mute friend Dileco, leaning the subtle movements and how to read others, this astute wolf remembers information by storing it in his 'mind forest' inside his head. He's able to remember complex names and events and words. He's learned battle techniques by roaming far and wide and learning from multiple packs and people. He has fathered many children with his best friend Tauriel and now has more grandpups than I can count. 
He trained to become the Benevolent Wolf Packs Lead Unspeakable, where his job was to terminate the lives of those threatening the pack in any sort of way. He left for a long time and recently returned to find that his family had grown tremendously. 

Bye Bye Daughter~ by MoscoMoon

Power Up... (Commission) by MoscoMoon

Captain Bratach

Current Status: Alive 
Character Design (c) :iconmoscomoon: 
Captains history comes from the same pack as Sark Allardice in the North where they all spoke with Scottish Accents. He traveled with his father who sacrificed himself so that Captain could get away, it had been his families dream to follow the direction the Allardice brothers once went and to find their new home. 
Captain is a bit of a flirt and a ladies man, he knows it too. He's always boasting about his good looks and he was used as a stud to one of the packs females, he now has a couple of children within the pack as well though he has never met them. 

Captain Blizzard (YCH COM) by MoscoMoon

End of Days (COM) by MoscoMoon

Mosco Moon 

Current Status: Always Alive
Design (c) :icontuwka: and :iconmoscomoon: 
Mosco the fox is my fursona, she's me embodied in a small fox character hence similar traits and the things she wears. She has my red hair, beauty mark, great fashion sense and big brown eyes and I adore her. She has no history or any story as she is literally me in an animal form. 
Though she did one time turn Turik, Captain and Sark into MLP characters just for the fun of it... 
Shame on her

WHAT DID YOU DO!?!?! (COM) by MoscoMoon

The Triplets (COM) by MoscoMoon

The Triplets (Liath, Niath and Riath) 

Current Status: Alive 
Character Designs (c) :iconmoscomoon: 

These three sisters were born in a pack far to the East, they never went searching for the Benevolent Pack in anyway and have no ties to it, perhaps one day Niath will make her way there. They each have their own skills, Liath the white wolf is the youngest and she's more shy than her kin. She's a medic and prefers to heal and take care of others, it's often said one day she'll make an excellent mother. 
Niath the black wolf is the oldest and she sees herself as a protector of her younger sisters. She would fight anyone who tried to cause them any harm even if she knew she couldn't win. She's also a total tomboy and has no interest at all in becoming a mother or in taking care of pups. 
Riath is the middle born and she's quirky, eccentric and full of energy often driving her older sister to despair, she's a talented huntress and works hard to keep them all fed, a role she takes on gladly. Though she's the middle born she's by far the most immature out of the three sister. 

Triplets References by MoscoMoon

Lorenzo The Lethan Wolf (COM) by MoscoMoon

Lorenzo Toshiro 

Current status: Alive 
Character Design (c) :iconmoscomoon: 
Species (c) :iconmoscomoon: 
Full Species Info can be found here: 
Lethan Wolf Reference by MoscoMoon

Lorenzo comes from a pack who were built for hunting in the north and in the snow, he's since joined the Benevolent Wolf Pack along with a few other Lethan Wolves who have now joined him. He's a caring brute who puts pride in his formalities, calling others 'sir' or 'ma'am' and always by their last names. He rarely calls someone by their first unless they have built quite an extensive friendship and he's now proud to serve the Benevolent Wolf Pack as a Pursuant. He traveled down from the North with Turik and Yukio and is serving his purpose well. 

Puppy Lorenzo (COM) by MoscoMoon

M15 - Yana and Yukio by Aliuh

Yukio Invadar

Status: Alive 
Character Design (c) :iconmoscomoon: 

Yukio is probably the most inappropriate character I've ever had and anyone who has ever spent some time in his company will vouch for that fact. He's very camp and very gay and he has a love for any and all males who are tall or large. He's not shy about making his feelings known and has already flirted with a huge section of the Benevolent packs male population. He enjoys his flower crowns and found friendship in a female wolf called Yana who keeps trying to win his affection despite his sexuality. 

Ykio by MittensTheNoble

Rizzoli Tokono by MoscoMoon

Rizzoli Tokono 

Current Status: Alive 
Species (c) :icontalmoi: 
Character (c) :iconmoscomoon: 
Still building up a picture of this little girl and will have character work of her done soon, so check back!

Current Registered Lethan Wolves

Fri Dec 30, 2016, 1:51 PM


Current Registered Winter Lethan Wolves 

Lorenzo The Lethan Wolf (COM) by MoscoMoon

What is a Lethan Wolf? 

All information regarding the species can be found here: 
Lethan Wolf Reference <----- Click for full scale) 
Lethan Wolf Reference by MoscoMoon

Currently there are only 10 registered Winter Lethan Wolves, anyone else pretending to have one have stolen the design / copied the idea. 

They currently are: 

Lorenzo Toshiro

Gender: Male
Lethan Mark: Back Left Rump
Reference # Leth101
Owned by: :iconmoscomoon: 
Design by: :iconmoscomoon:

In The North (COM) by MoscoMoon

Lapiana Ginga Hakuven

Gender: Female
Lethan Mark: Lower back
Reference # Leth102
Owned by :iconwanderingwolverine:
Design By: :iconwanderingwolverine:

Lapiana by MoscoMoon

Laeroth (No Last Name) 

Gender: Male 
Lethan Mark: Left Shoulder
Reference # Leth103
Owned by: :iconloch-naessy:
Design By: :iconloch-naessy:

Laeroth by MoscoMoon

Leda (No Last Name) 

Gender: Female 
Lethan Mark: Right Cheek
Reference # Leth104
Owned by: :iconspartay:
Design by: :iconmoscomoon:

Adopt1 by MoscoMoon

Loskava "Lena" Lanoskiya

Gender: Female
Lethan Mark: Left Ear 
Reference # Leth105
Owned by: :iconkatangakitty:
Design by: :iconmoscomoon:

Adopt2 by MoscoMoon

Laszlo Letharian Amaroo

Gender: Male 
Lethan Mark: Left Cheek
Reference # Leth106
Owned by: :iconprojectalice1:
Design by: :iconprojectalice1:

Laszlo by MoscoMoon

Luthias Arivs Vause

Gender: Male 
Lethan Mark: Left Cheek
Reference # Leth107
Owned by: :iconpierced-lies:
Design by: :iconpierced-lies:
Luthias by MoscoMoon

Lenore Xhara

Gender: Female 
Lethan Mark: middle back
Reference: # Leth108
Owned by: :iconladybenefit: 
Design by: :iconladybenefit: 
Lenore by MoscoMoon

Leif Aaren Jenolsen

Gender: Male 
Lethan Mark: Right Rump
Reference: # Leth109
Owned by: :iconxkiriwolfx: 
Design by: :iconmoscomoon: 
Winter Lethan Adoptable (CLOSED) by MoscoMoon

Lilian Rion Hanazawa

Gender: Female 
Lethan Mark: Top of Muzzle 
Reference: # Leth110
Owned by: :iconmirhyung:
Design By: :iconmoscomoon: 
Winter Lethan Adoptable (CLOSED) by MoscoMoon


Gender: Female
Lethan Mark: Stomach 
Reference: # Leth111
Owned by: :iconsnowyleoaprd:
Design By: :iconmoscomoon:
Winter Lethan Adopt 2 (CLOSED) by MoscoMoon

Levi Rorschach

Gender: Male 
Lethan Mark: Chest 
Reference: # Leth112
Owned by: :iconScottishy:
Design By: :iconmoscomoon:
Winter Lethan Adopt 2017 (CLOSED) by MoscoMoon

Lionel Stärke

Gender: Male
Lethan Mark: Right side
Reference # Leth113
Owned by: :iconmeganzas: 
Design by: :iconmoscomoon:

Winter Lethan Adopt (CLOSED) by MoscoMoon


Second Generation Winter Lethans


Lanex Toshiro - Sharmall

Gender: Female 
Lethan Mark: Forehead
Reference # Leth201
Breed-able: Yes
Owned by: :iconanexenspirit: 
Design by: :iconmoscomoon:

Eg1 by MoscoMoon

Latrel Toshiro-Sharmall

Gender: Female 
Lethan Mark: Right Hind
Reference # Leth202
Breed-able: Yes
Owned by: :iconthethornsofarose: 
Design by: :iconsubtleliteracy:

LethanPupper by MoscoMoon

The Discussion by TUWKA

OC 8 Facts

Sun Dec 11, 2016, 3:16 AM


Tagged by the AWESOME :icontuwka: 

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.
(You can tag back if you'd like, just with a different character)

Rub My Belly Please by WierkaKita
Picture (c) :iconwierkakita:
Design / Character (c) :iconmoscomoon:

My Boi Yukio (Yuk / Yuki for short)  

Full name: Yukio Invadar

1. Yukio's look was based off an obsession with the Bleach character Yukio Hans Vorarlberna
2. He is my first fully gay character, Turik had his tenancies and yes he dappled but he eventually went on to settle down with Tauriel. So Yukio is my first fully gay character =D 
3. He is a major flirt and highly inappropriate and he literally doesn't care, he is completely and apologetically himself. 
4. He has an older sister called Yushi 
5. I wanted a character with a simple design because I've realised that I've come to love simple looking characters. 
6. He's a sucker for a male with a strong looking jaw <3 
7. He's completely melodramatic and over the top especially if he ever gets bored (lord help us all). 
8. Flirting is in his blood so even if he does find himself a mate I highly doubt he will be faithful. 

Okay now I tags the following people: 
1. :iconmeganzas: and Garuka 
2. :icontouyjah: and Jamie 
3. :iconspartay: and Emilia 
4. :iconloch-naessy: and Nessy
5. :iconkorcher: and Luxis

Guys picking a winner was beyond hard! I think there were 50 entries in total and only 3 could be winners :( 

I consulted with a lot of friends and work colleagues and I'd also like to thank :icontuwka: for helping me decide as well! 

I ended up with WAY MORE runner ups than I'd have liked because I just loved so much of the art that was submitted!!!! In the end the pictures selected were the ones I felt represented the characters the best <3 

Anyway without further ado, here are the winners! 

All for the fallen by TheInfiniteChaos
'All for the Fallen' By :icontheinfinitechaos: 

I cannot describe how much I adore this piece, not only had the artist really captured Sark but look at that bloody fur. Just look at it. LOOK AT IT. Not to mention the fact she listened to his description being that he was once a warrior who is now deceased, this picture just brought me so many emotions and feels for my beloved deceased boy and that's why (along with that amazing fur) it was awarded #1. 

Congratulations for winning!!!! You win the £50 / $66 and the full body art by :iconwildmountains:
Please send me a note as soon as you can to discuss the collection of your winnings =D 

Why'd You Come, You Knew You Should Have Stayed by WierkaKita
'Why'd You Come, You Knew You Should Have Stayed' By :iconwierkakita:

This style of art is so unique and not one I usually would go for but for some reason this picture stuck out to me and a lot of others who helped me judge this contest. There's just something so beautiful about it. I love the fact the artist paid particular attention to the fact that Turik travels to far off lands and distant places. 

Congratulations for coming second!!!! You win £30 / $40 and a headshot by :iconwildmountains:
Please send me a note as soon as you can to disucss the collection of your winnings! =D

[Contest] MoscoMoon - Story time by Aleterne
'Story Time' by :iconaleterne:

Okay the fact the artist used 4 characters was a bonus, but I adore this picture for so many reasons, the fact the artist paid attention to the fact that Turik was an avid story teller then has shown that through beautiful imagery for us all to see. This was another favourite picked out by a few people helping me judge! 

Congratulations for coming third!!!!! You win £20 / $26 and a headshot by :iconwildmountains:
Please send me a note as soon as you can to discuss the collection of your winnings =D 

Runners Up (Originally was only going to be 3 but I've ended up with 7 and still wish I could have chosen more ;.;) 

Windy Whistle (ANIMATION VIDEO) by Tienala 'Windy Whistle' By :icontienala:
Captain by WildMountains 'Captain' by :iconwildmountains:
The Triplets by Silverbloodwolf98 'The Triplets' by :iconsilverbloodwolf98:
<da:thumb id="628689733"/> 'Vengeance' by :iconshapsi:
Ritual by CorvidVolk 'Ritual' by :iconcorvidvolk:
This is My Home... by Loch-Naessy 'This is My Home' by :iconloch-naessy:
<da:thumb id="626451322"/> 'Contest Entry #4' by :iconmeganzas: 

Congratulations Runners up you are getting awarded 500 Points!!!!! Please note me about how you wish to receive these points (through widgets / donation pools etc) 

I wish I could have given something to everyone who entered because in all honesty there were just so many amazing pieces ;.; and some of the runners up I wish I could have given spots to as well, judging was so hard! I am so sorry if you didn't place, all the art was fantastic and I hope you all take part in any future contests that I hold :heart: Thank you! :heart:
Hey all, 

I am holding an art contest since my last one for the fursona was so successful. This time it's for artwork of my characters and there will be MORE than 1 winner!!!!

First Place: £50 / $66 + FULL BODY by :iconwildmountains: 
Second Place: £30 / $40 + Head shot by :iconwildmountains:
Third Place: £20 / $26 + Headshot by :iconwildmountains: 

If you can't accept cash prizes, then I can convert them into points if you'd prefer :) 

Runner Up Prizes:
£5 or 500 points 

How to enter?

1. Pick one of my characters (or more than one) and draw artwork of them. 
2. Post in the comment below a link to your entry. 
3. Share this post once you've entered (this could be in the description of the artwork you've posted to your own DA).
4. You can enter more than once, as many pictures as you'd like. 
5. Be kind to other artists entering the contest. 

The contest will end on the 1st November 2016, which gives you 3 months! The earlier you post art though then you can forget about it :) 



Turik is an 'Unspeakable' for a peaceful pack. He would fight one on one with anyone who challenged the pack and would often kill them. He was a story teller and loved learning, he would often travel far and learn as much as he could, including exotic fighting techniques from other packs. 
He remembered all the information in a 'mind forest' which worked the same way as a humans 'mind palace' would work. 

Turik Reference by MoscoMoon


Captain is a wanderer and comes from a pack far in the north. He speaks with a Scottish accent and is often quite a flirt with the ladies. 

Captain Reference by MoscoMoon


Sark is now deceased, no longer with us. He was the Secondary Alpha of a famous pack known as the Benevolent Wolf Pack. He was trained as a warrior and was more of the strong silent type. 

Sark Reference by MoscoMoon

The Triplets  

The triplets were born with exotic markings and stark coat colours. 

Eldest: Niath the black girl, strong raised as a protector and fighter. First born and largest of the three sisters. 
Middle born: Riath the pink girl, girly and flirtatious, raised as a provider and hunter. Second born and middle sized of the three sisters. 
Last born: Liath the white girl, quiet and shy, raised in a shielded world and trained as a healer and pup sitter. Last born and smallest of the three sisters. 

Triplets References by MoscoMoon

My Fursona: Mosco  

PC:moscomoon by TUWKA

Frequently Asked Questions  

1. Can I enter? 
Of course, this contest is open to everyone and anyone! 

2. Can I draw your characters as something different or do they need to be canine? 
I am not one to cramp on creativity, if you want to turn them into humans, MLP characters, Lions etc then go on =D I think that would be very interesting! If you'd like to know more about their character to know about how their style would be then send me a note!

3. What kind of artwork do you like?
I am a strong lover of digital artwork, which can be seen by all the commissions I've ordered recently, if you're curious to the kind of art I like just look at my DA and see the kinds of pictures I've ordered. :) 

4. Can I help in anyway? 
Sure, if you're an artist and want to offer any artwork to any winners or runners up then send me a note! I'll check out your stuff and get back to you. 

5. How will this be judged? 
Primarily it will be me who judges it, however I will also be posting the entries on my personal facebook for family and friends to help me decide.

6. How many runner ups will there be? 
Depends on how many entries :) 

7. Do you like gore?
Yes! I'm all about the gore, but not so big on the nudity of 'furries' so I'd stay clear of that. 

8. Can I submit more than 1 entry?
As I said in the 'how to enter' section yes you can =D as many as you want. Only 1 can win though, I won't allow the same artist to win multiple times. 

Any other questions please note me!!!

:star: Folder of entries: :star:…

:star: Updates :star:

4th August: More New prizes added for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. 

Terms and Conditions:
Please note that by entering a picture into this contest you hand over the copyright to myself. Even if you don't win the artwork you created of my characters will still belong to me. Feel free to put your art name on it and I will ALWAYS give credit to the artists when using. 
However you will have NO RIGHT to resell the artwork or give it away to anyone else, UNLESS you strip it free of my character first. You agree to this when you enter the contest. Any questions, please note me.
So it was very very difficult to choose, there were so many that I liked. Ultimately I took the designs to facebook and my family and boyfriend and there was a winner. I'd like to thank EVERYONE for taking part and as you took part I am giving you a token to have 3 free pups designed for your OC if you ever want that service done :)

In 3rd Place

When I saw this design I was delighted, unfortunately the reason it didn't win was because it was a little too 'wolf like' and not quite the fox like design I had in my mind. I ADORE the anthropomorphic version of the wolf however and the markings on the back inspired by my tattoos. The scarf was were designed too and the eyes and hair were spot on in terms of colour. It was one of my favourite designs! 

Artist: :iconaliuh:  

In 2nd Place

MoscoMoon Design CE by Shiinrai

This design was one of the favourites on facebook, it was always between this and the winner. The litle wolf / fox is beautifully designed with stunning markings and quite the attitude. If I could have two personas I'd have chosen this one as my second one without a shadow of a doubt. Love the markings around the muzzle etc. The only thing that concerned me was apart from the attire there wasn't anything that spoke uniquely of me, it was this that decided the winner... 

Artist: :iconshiinrai: 


In 1st Place...


Nearly there... 

Getting annoyed yet? 

Okay done teasing... 

IN 1st Place

Untitled by TUWKA

Artist: :icontuwka: 

 There was a lot of reasons why this one was picked. The fact the artist took the time to ask me my favourite colour so she could turn my pawpads that colour and the ear tips was really a big tipping point. She got the feel of the 'fox' spot on with the big ears and I love the simplistic colour of the fur and the markings. Also... look at that little tongue bar... she even got my tongue piercing right. The Harry Potter t shirt was a bonus, I just love the look of this little one so much. When I sent the designs to my boyfriend this was the first one he selected too and on facebook there was a lot of debates between this one and the design by Shiinrai. 

Guys I'd like to thank EVERYONE for entering. Seriously! I can't give you something for it but I really appreciate the time you took to design this for me it really means a lot. Anyone reading this MUST go and watch ALL the artists involved. Here were all the other entries... in all honesty there wasn't even one I DIDN'T like. 

Design For MoscoMoons Fursona Contest by LipsynkFennec by :iconlipsynkfennec:
I loved the fact they based the design off two of my OC's Turik and Sark, I thought that was such a creative touch <3 I love those boys but I just don't think I wasn't them part of my fursona sorry ^^ 

 by :iconkisellee:

I loved the outfit, the artist really paid attention to the details of what I wear and those shoes look IDENTICAL to mine in real life, seriously well done!!! Ultimately it was the red colour of the design that I decided wasn't for me. 

Design a Fursona Competition by Loch-Naessy by :iconloch-naessy:
I love the fact the artist made my leg warmers 'markings' I thought that was amazingly creative haha, also that you can see lieelt markings representing my tattoos, in the end I was looking for a little more mix of colours that some of the other designs presented. 

Contest Thing by TheLunaDaWolf by :iconthelunadawolf: 
I really liked this little design, I loved the hair became markings on the little fox rather than it having separate hair. The thing that made me not choose it was because I literally hate the colour grey haha, it was still an adorable design though :heart:

Fursona entry by LonewolfKumniver by :iconlonewolfkumniver:
How cute is this? I love the artist took inspiration from my tattoos and the colours used and the little red hair. The thing that stopped me picking it was the complexity of the markings, they'd be hard to replicate if I ever wanted to do colour art myself. I was looking for something a tiny bit simpler ^^ 

ble by LeaveTheKing by :iconleavetheking:
How cute is this? I love the little toe markings and the fact they even put different outfits on! The only thing stopping me was like the other grey design I don't like the colour grey, still an adorable design though <3

Moscomoon contest entry by AlphaArtist6 by :iconalphaartist6:

I really liked the mix of colours on this design and how the markings blended together, it was really nice and the different colours they did with the eyes. They were really nice, the fact that the human version had my tattoo was super cool too. However the mustard yellow colours was why I decided against it, but still a fantastic design by an excellent artist :heart: 

Thanks everyone!!!

Hey all, 

So for ages I've been wanting a fursona to call my own, but I've never been that good at designing nor did I really know what animal I wanted to be... so I have decided to host a contest where I will invite anyone who wishes to enter to design me a fursona! 

After seeing zootopia I would love one to call my own and I have a few ideas I'd like to be included ^^ 

1. I want it to be a canine; preferably a marble fox! Though I also love wolves <3
2. I want the design / ref to feature the character in an anthropomorphic style and as a regular animal. It's up to you how much clothing / accessories etc you include on both.
3. Please be nice to other contestants don't bash them or ridicule their entries.
4. To submit please post in the comments below a link to your contest entry, if it's not linked in the comments below it will not be counted.
5. DEADLINE is Friday 27th May 

Okay so me! What you should know is I have short red hair, I love wearing white top / t shirts preferably off the shoulder ones and jeans. I wear high top shoes and black & white leg warmers. 
I have a thin silver bracelet on my left wrist that says; 'I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.' And around my neck I either wear a triforce necklace from the game Zelda or a white bandana. I also adore my knit hat *.* So much!!! 
I had brown eyes and I have two tattoos, on the top right of my back is a leaping tribal wolf which looks like it's leaping off my shoulder and on my left waist I have a tribal star design. Also I am Scottish... in case that influences your opinion. Any aspects of my personality can be discovered from watching even just 1 of my vlogs: 

Here are some images to help you!

As far as body image... shape size etc I am 5foot 4 inches and the rest can be seen in this image...

 photo me3_zpswf0zkrxt.jpg

My hip tattoo on my left waist can be seen here: 

 photo tattoo_zps1ozti0ym.png

My triforce necklace AND ring on my left hand can be seen here: 
 photo Necklaceampring_zpsb7f4wbmd.png

Hightops look like these: 
 photo Hightops_zps6xqcvr8l.png

As for the hair/hat and scarf they can be seen in these images below, ignore the handsome man, he's mine ;D MUAHAHA you can't have him. 
 photo me1_zpssxufjjkp.jpg

 photo nit hat_zpsmq8qzfcq.jpg

 photo me2_zpsg26nvb1o.jpg

I probably wear the neck scarf more than the triforce necklace to be honest. If you have any questions feel free to note me for more information or to clarify ^^

Only one winner will be picked ^^ and they will win either $50 through paypal or the equivalent in points ^^ good luck!

1. Can I have more than one entry? 
Yes you can enter as many designs as you want as long as you link it in the comments below. 

2. What is a marble fox?
 photo me2_zpsg26nvb1o.jpg

3. Can it be traditional?
Yes traditional or digital as long as it isn't black and white ^^ I'd like colour =D 

4. Can we use bases?
Sure, please please please make sure you have full permission to use this base in a contest to win money and make sure you follow the copyright owners guidelines before using it ^^ 

5. Can we keep the character if you don't pick it to win?
I am happy for you to keep the character for yourself but may ask you to change the clothing / things are personal to me. Eg if you use my tattoo and hair colour / style and my outfits I may ask you to change these aspects because they all make up me :) 

6. What are your favourite colours?
I love Turquoise/Teal/Aqua they're my favourite along with pink and violet, but if I am being honest I think for this I'd prefer natural colours of the animal to shine through! Since I wear white a lot I guess I'd stick to lighter natural colours, that's why I love the look of the marble fox

7. What are leg warmers? 
These are legwarmers: 
 photo Screenshot_2016-04-09-09-36-39_zpsbcwmxldp.png</a

8. What about the jeans?
Jeans I prefer to be long, I prefer light blue, dark blue or grey and either normal or damaged is fine with me 


Current Entries: 

<da:thumb id="601755910"/> By
MoscoMoon Design CE by Shiinrai By :iconshiinrai: 

Design For MoscoMoons Fursona Contest by LipsynkFennec by :iconlipsynkfennec: 
Untitled by TUWKA by :icontuwka: 
 by :iconkisellee: 
Design a Fursona Competition by Loch-Naessy :iconloch-naessy: 
Contest Thing by TheLunaDaWolf :iconthelunadawolf: 
Fursona entry by LonewolfKumniver  :iconlonewolfkumniver: 
<da:thumb id="609839671"/>  :iconaliuh: 
ble by LeaveTheKing  :iconleavetheking:  
Moscomoon contest entry by AlphaArtist6    :iconalphaartist6:   

OC Tag - Turik

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 30, 2016, 10:15 AM
Thank you  Twisted-Bl00d for tagging me...


1. Post the rules. 
2. Write down 8 facts of your OC
3. Tag another 8 characters. 
4. Post their names with their creators avatars.

1. Turik's eyes aren't actually green, they're viridian which is the name I gave to the fact that close to the pupil they're a little blue then fade out to green :) 

2. Turik loves telling stories through rhyme, just give him a scenario and a character or two and he will give you an entire rhyming story on the spot. 

3. As well as being a Lead Unspeakable of the pack, he's a very intelligent wolf, travelling all over to gain more and more knowledge of other living things and other places. 

4. His design was actually made by AnexenSpirit who gave it to me to play as Raveks son :) Ravek is Turiks father! Thanks again chick <3

5. He's terrified of sex and ANYTHING sexual, even a joke makes him very uncomfortable. This conflicts with #6.

6. He loves pups, he was born to be a father and does it very well, he loves telling pups stories and very nearly became a Custodian as opposed to an Unspeakable in the Benevolent Wolf Pack. 

7. He has a 'mind forest' the same way most humans have a 'mind palace' to help him remember things, since wolves cannot write things down. 

8. I've had Turik for nearly 2 years now :) 










Welcome to my Page

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 9, 2016, 3:46 AM
Hello there and welcome to my page. Am I an artist? No. Above doing the odd adoptable, designs for pups of Feral Heart characters and presets for the game I have no real talent as an artist. However I do commission a LOT of artists all over deviant art and help put money in their pockets in exchange for some amazing pieces of work of my characters. I adore the more digital style art and I always look for artists that maybe aren't the most well known. Generally I'll only pay between $10 - $40 for a commission piece but really it comes down to complexity and how many characters are in it. If your an artist I think you should watch me because I'd like to start doing competitions for artists with big cash prizes for winners or big points payouts for winners. Some of my favourite pieces I've ever had done include:

Discovering Crystal Caves (Commission) by MoscoMoon This piece by the lovely TheDaylightWolf 

Rage Against the Fire - CO by MoscoMoon
This piece by the amazing 

Turik And Tauriel by MoscoMoon
This piece by the adorable MittensTheNoble

I lightly recommend you check them all out. As my list of commissioned pieces go the more artists I fall in love with. If you're an artist trying to get your work recognized I recommend you send me some samples and I may offer to commission you. I am always on the look out for artists!! 

My character you'd be drawing is the same as the pieces above, his name is Turik so if you think you can take the challenge then go ahead. 

Peace out~

Artwork of Turik Family

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 8, 2016, 11:41 AM
Currently I have paid a few artists for artwork of Turik and his family. Most recently the piece of playful pups was added. 

Playing Pups Commission by MoscoMoon

This awesome piece of artwork was done by the wonderful Brontonia

With more artwork of the entire family to follow soon, so watch this space... I've ordered so many. 

Everyone should check out and Enter Bradorr pixel give away contest :) 

Full details can be found here: 

<da:thumb id="545790664"/> 
So being the creator of a massively popular feral heart pack attracts a lot of negative attention, more time it attracts more negative attention than positive. 

Recently we removed 3 members due to their complaints (openly) in group about not liking the pack and generally not being happy in it. As a council we agreed that letting them go and find a new home would benefit themselves and us. They get to go and find a group that they actually like and can call home and we get to move on and stop having negative posts in group chat right? 

Well it's interesting as the Benevolent council don't like speaking about council matters outside of the council circle, so we never told anyone why (beyond general reasons like this post). The best thing these 3 could have done would have been to move on and watch as the Benevolent members who called them friends rose up and bashed against the council demanding reasons for their dismissal before following after their 'friends'. 

Instead these 3 banned together to try and get the council banned. Now myself and Anex were already banned so they went for one of the council members they knew that they could possibly get banned - Drae. Their friend, the ONE council member who stood up for them and argued for them, the ONE council member who fought and fought against the rest of council to keep them, the ONE council member they called their friend. After the shock it made things very easy for us, the rest of the pack who once called them 'Friend' now saw WHY we got rid of them in the first place. Drae was in shock, she couldn't see why her friends would do this to her, users she respected and appreciated. 

So take a bow you three, you've now proven (in a toddler rage) that you're happy to step on the paws of friends to get any kind of malicious revenge you want. You've proven to everyone in the pack that you're not Benevolent and that we were right. 

We've taken the hit, losing Drae from the game was a hard hit for this puerile point to be proven, now you can move on. Unless you've got some more childish agendas and points to prove? Like maybe the fact you can't grow up and move on? We have. 
Online on Feral Heart!

Made my first preset the other day when I got photoshop for my birthday and so will be making a lot more presets ^^ Picutres to follow =D