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Amazing Artists (Streetfair's raffle)
Streetfair's 1,000 Watcher Raffle *Streetfair ( is having a raffle to celebrate hitting 1,000 watchers! 1000!!!!!!! That's an AMAZING number!!! But the amazing person that they are didn't want to hog the glory to themselves, they want me to feature some other amazing talented artists that I've gone and followed and you guys should check them out too! Here they are: - This amazing piece is done by the wonderful Shadow-D-Husky it reminds me a lot of a Balto like style and I love the whole sticker aspect to this picture! How cheeky is that pose? HAHAHA - Can we just talk about the lighting in this amazing piece by the talented HoneyLov
Turik Devotum Ignalis Kaserix Family Tree
Turik Devotum Ignalis Kaserix Family Tree Hey all! So ever since I left FH I've noticed that Turiks family tree has grown... almost out of control! HAHAHA So I need everyones help to track down all the names and pictures to build a massive family tree =D Why Bother Helping?Well, any pups your character has or your siblings characters etc can come back to the tree that will be posted and see who their ancestors were. Who knows maybe this line will extend out of FH onto other websites and continue for years and years and they will never know the history of the fact they were related to YOU and me. So lets help out anyone wanting to learn ab
Points to Spend
Points To Spend (CLOSED) Hey all, I've got around 4,000 points at the moment and I'm really looking for some artwork to spend this on. I'm particularly in the market for MLP artists because I don't have enough artwork of Pixie Star and Mr Wright. However I am willing to spend some points on some wolf art if I see something in particular I like! I'm really fussy about the style my characters are drawn in so please do not be offended if I say no, it just means that I can't see your art style suiting one of my characters. If you're looking to make a few points then post your artwork down below (along with prices) or link me below to your comm


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MischievousRavenProfessional Digital Artist
*leaves plate of cookies on page* <3 
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Stumbled across your Youtube channel, I thought it was fascinating. 
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C0FFEEVODKAHobbyist Digital Artist
Have you heard that FH had a big update? Would love to see you on there again, even if it's on a fursona sort of character. 

No rush though. 
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Yeah I heard, think I've been back on a couple of times just to speak to some old friends, but I don't have time to play anymore :( sorry

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C0FFEEVODKAHobbyist Digital Artist
That’s valid dude. I’ve been doing the same thing ^^

And it’s okay! Most of the community are adults now so real life is becoming the main thing. And no it’s okay! I was just curious is all ^^; 
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S-P-A-R-T-A-NHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey it’s DrunkenRoyalty here, new account! Hope you’ve been well.