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Greetings to all of you, whether it be my watchers or simple patrons who stop by to look at the art I've done. I've been meaning to make a post about this for quite some time, I've just been too busy to sit down and initialize the post. In the past I have done requests mainly because of how I got the impression people really did like my art and what I was doing, now don't get me wrong I appreciate the sentiment, however, I feel as though I've reached that stage in my art (Still improving on things along the way) That my art should not be considered free (Again, not implying that's what people do, just my opinion). Requests are for close friends and family members, these are people I've spent parts of my life with and don't mind expressing myself through the art they ask for. Commissions will be for those that I don't know, anyone who is willing to get a piece done for themselves or someone they know.

-Side note: Anyone who does want a commission will have to wait until the start of November since Inktober is still going on.

Now from what I've seen this is the usual pricing for commissions;

$5 Rough Pencil Work
$10 Black & White
$15 Full Color
($5 for Time spent on the piece)
($3 more if customer wants a background done/drawing involves unfamiliarity e.g. Mechs, monsters, aliens, realism)

Those prices apply with the number of characters as well e.g. if a person wants 6 characters, 4 in B&W and 2 in color, that would be $70. 

I hope that isn't like, ridiculous-ish, if it is I'll try asking someone I know how prices should actually be and whatnot for this kinda stuff. That's all I gotta say really, just wanted to share this info for new people wanting requests done, or commissions (Requests aren't gonna be done by me unless it's for the reason I mentioned prior) Send me a note if you are interested
Sorry to those who look forward to my art, although that's not too many folks, but anyway, going through rough patches at home and I can't work on things in my usual space, so until then it'll be rough sketches and the like, I'll need to set up a payment method for anyone looking for commissions and whatnot, thanks for understanding