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I’ve been preparing to post this for years.

I know in the past few years I haven’t been posting on deviant art as much as I used to, but this is the place where I first started publishing my art online. I’m really grateful for the this site and the community it provided me in Jr High and early high school. It was something I really needed. It’s kinda amazing looking back and seeing that it’s already been 10 years that I started taking art making, and specifically drawing, more seriously.

I like looking back and seeing how my work has evolved. I don’t know how much I can say my technical skill has changed but the way I use materials and the subjects in my art feels to always be shifting slightly. I really just like being able to see that and look back. 

I remember when I first started drawing that I would cry because I never thought I would be good enough. I wonder what my 12 year old self would think if she saw my work from today. Would she be proud or would she feel it is different than what she had hoped for? 

Either way I am happy to always be changing and growing with my work. I look forward to what my art will look like in another 10 years from now when I’m entering my 30’s. I’m entering my last semester of college before I should be finding myself on my own working and trying to support myself. All I really want is to never stop growing and to never stop creating.

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YES MY QUEEN its so weird looking back at the pictures you were making when we first met. it almost feels like it was a different person back then compared to where you are now
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I know... and it's funny because whenever i look at my recent stuff i think "I've always made work like this" but in fact it's.. always changing..
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I mostly like looking at my 2008 drawings. It's funny how different they are!