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winter cats.

I am resting from my contract drawings... :) for a moment.
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Oh now, this is just awesome...! :)
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Wow. Amazing atmosphere and I would like to see more drawings like this.
I feels so cold :)
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:D a w galerii gołe wyletniałe dupy.... :D ale czekaj czekaj, jeszcze zima nadejdzie!
HikageNeko's avatar
Nie chcem zimy ale takie obrazki oj. Jest kot, jest atmosfera :)
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veryy beatiful,i love this picture

laurart's avatar
I love this image, it's simple and yet it's beautifully mysterious. Like *Shirabelle said, I wonder what they're looking at . The cat looks really concentrated in contrast with the girl who looks like she's waiting for something or someone...

I don't really care about the stories behind the images, but this time you've captured my interest :lol:
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Amazing. Absolutely.
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Wow, I like this a LOT! I love the silhouetted look to the figures, and the blendiness going on toward the bottom of the picture. :heart:

(Totally thought this was a traditional watercolor+splatter piece for a few minutes there. :lol: )
Shirabelle's avatar
Oh looks so great.
I like the Atmosphere in this Pic. I wonder what they're looking at...

Really great :clap:
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I wonder too :) Perhaps it's a "who" thing?
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I love the Texture and you using in your work!
this is amazing!!
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Beautiful. I love the depth of color.
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