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March 3, 2015
Baneling by Morxx
Featured by Moonbeam13
Suggested by ParadisiacPicture
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A new steampunk way of StarCraft 's units. Now a Baneling is rolling into you, so run!
This was a bigger challange for me, because Baneling is an organic unit and it has a specific shapeshift condition.

I hope you like it!
Best wishes,
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Duude! thats amazing
Capi-Larry's avatar
I love how there's a detailed piece of architecture in the background, fit to be the centerpiece in many artist's postings, just as a bonus grounding the figure.
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Now see I like this. Everyone always has the legged vehicles, just strait up legs. That seems to me pretty stupid when we have already invented wheels and treads. Both are so much faster than stepping. You will never get a mechanical horse to run at 200 MPH and even 100 would be difficult. Yet every fast wheeled vehicle does 200 while going slow and ordinary street cars easily make 100.
You should never build a transport that can only walk. Sometimes a walking vehicle could have an advantage, but it should also have either wheels or tracks or these speedy vehicles would remove it from combat in the first minutes of battle.
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Banelings are the apatimy of the worst units. They will turn your base into a nightmare if you're playing against them, yet every time you try to deploy them into battle you wind up facing down a bunch of Banshees. SCREW YOU BANELINGS
(great artwork btw)
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Now meh wallpaper 
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Cool, I really love the colors and the scenery. Great work!
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very good works . i pleasure to see your works . please check my works and say your idea about my works
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Epic! Gotta say, I think the car airfreshener really ties it all together.
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Wow, that little air freshener really makes it! :D lol'ed when I saw that. Wonderful piece! ^^
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you are a great artist !
i like all you works ;)

regards bernd
MASCH-ART's avatar
eally realistic picture, very good work :) (Smile)
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Terrifying! hahaha - that's awesome :)
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It look epic as a boss battle!
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Dude, the little pine tree scent air freshener... LOL...
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god this looks so movie quality !!!
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Uhahah, top of the pops, zerg here :D
Very cool yr artwork! ty
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