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Turquoise Cthulhu Idol I by mortonskull Turquoise Cthulhu Idol I by mortonskull
This deep blue turquoise Cthulhu Idol is part of a set of three uncovered in an undisclosed area of Peru in the summer of 1956.

The history of the specimen is as follows:

While digging for fossils in an undisclosed area of Peruvian jungle near Lima, paleontologist E. Schuyler uncovered a small man made orifice in a cliff wall. The exterior form of the tomb-like enclose was lined with strange decorations. Inside, wrapped in several layers of bandages and animal skins were three oddly shaped bundles and the scattered and damaged remains of three children. Unwrapping the three bundles, Schuyler discovered three beautifully polished turquoise idols of varying shape and color.

In a letter to his colleagues shortly after the discovery Schuyler states:

“I have never in my career encountered such splendidly carved and colored artifacts as these idols! Words fail me as I gaze at them. Their colors sparkle in the glistening sunlight like gemstones and yet seem to glow even in the dark of night. Their sunken eyes and strange undulating tentacled forms captivate my waking moments and enthrall me even as I sleep, filling my dreams with exotic images of their mysterious origins.

Who or what these idols are meant to depict I do not know. All of my native guides refuse to go near them, or even look at them for that matter. They just mutter sentence fragments and cross themselves, saying words like “death,” “sleep,” and “crazy” and now choose to sleep in an encampment down wind from me. No matter.

I do not know why these idols would have been placed in such close proximity to the bodies of children. Perhaps this is some god of the underworld who watches over the dead? It is quite strange. The natives all say it is a demon, but I cannot believe such as thing. Why would someone craft such beautiful pieces out of precious stone to honor a demon?

Be it Ancient Aztecs, Peruvians or even the Moche who created these idols I know not. One thing is certain, these three idols will make my career and undoubtedly bring me a fortune comparable to Carter discovering King Tut. I’m sorry that I cannot be more specific as to where I discovered these three amazing pieces, but I fear grave robbers will follow if the location is published, and I can’t help but wonder if more burial crypts such as this exist in this area.

I will write more when I can.


This one-of-a-kind idol is hand painted polymer clay and stands an impressive 6.25 inches tall.

This deep blue Turquoise idol is offered for sale for the first time since the estate sale of Edward Schuyler in 1979.

ChendzeeaLi Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014
Well done turquoise! :) I love this kind of material. :)
mortonskull Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014   Traditional Artist
Thanks very much
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