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The Goblin Supper



A 13 strong goblin warband about half way through a meal, the leader has become suspicious that one of his underlings is about to betray him, a few of them are ignoring him, some have daggers and others are passed out drunk, but let’s face it they’re Goblins …. they’re ALL going to betray him!

In case you haven’t guessed already, I based this picture on a very famous painting that also has the word ‘Supper’ in it’s title.

The picture started out as a rather ambitious sketch in one of my A4 pads - I was surprised that I managed to fit all 13 goblins round the table. The proportions of a goblin’s body is quite different to that of the figures in the original piece, so the exact positions are not quite the same, but I kept the basic layout and composition the same.

This is one of my favorite images of my own work, but the original image has started to look a bit ‘dated’ compared to my newer works. So recently I re-scanned the original sketch and took it into Photoshop for extensive tweaking.

I used the Dodge, Burn and Heal tools to ‘fix’ various bits of shading and also to add/remove lines where needed. The original background was removed and replaced with a new rendered background including rendered shadows and light-sourcing. As usual the image was finished with sepia tones and grain effect.

I recently re-toned the image to look better on LCD screens
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