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Dimensional Shambler



Dimensional Shamblers are half formed creatures that dwell in the spaces between dimensions. They have rough, leathery bodies and huge claws. They can travel freely between dimensions, and wander from plane to plane as they will. Some Dimensional Shamblers act as servants of the Outer Gods and Great Old Ones while most seem to simply travel at random. Dimensional Shamblers are hostile to all who encounter them. At close range, they use their monstrous claws and when at a distance, they launch arcs of lightning from between their talons. It will also attempt to grab a victim and haul them off to another plane. Even other monsters fear them!

My own interpretation of a Lovecraftian/Quake creature. The dimensional portal in the background was made using a 3D rendering program and the ‘distort’ and ‘liquifi’ tools in Photoshop. While the ‘shambler itself started out as a drawing in my sketchpad to which added the dried splattered blood and the rendered lightning in Photoshop. I’m very pleased with the final product and what’s more it *almost* in colour!
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Peterson's guide to the mythos monsters was the sourse of the Shambler's teleport powers.