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Striding Edge and St Sunday

By mortimea
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Striding Edge & St Sunday Crag on a brilliant crisp day :D
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Hey, I have featured this in my latest features, hope you don't mind :D
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No prob, thank you!
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:wave: you've been featured
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Thank you very much!:D :bow:
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great shot. i looked at it and did a double take, and i started wondering if i saw you on helvellyn that day (i see you've seen the shot of mine where the conditions were almost identical). how often do you get up there? helvellyn and nethermost and those chaps are my favourites in the snow
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I know, I saw yours and did the same. Took this a few years ago, december 2004 i think. I've been trying to get up to the lakes as often as I can, maybe once/twice a month on average, but conditions like these are rare indeed! (and I used to go maybe 3 weeks a month at one point when I lived in lancaster)
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twice a month isn't bad going. on average i've probably done about that this year, slightly less recently with the rain, where do you live at the moment?
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Burton on Trent, so its a bit of a trek to get anywhere. :( Sadly It works out quicker to get to Chamonix than to Scotland!
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Yeah I can imagine, I live in Ramsbottom (east Lancs) so the Lakes in a day isn't too bad; an hour and a half or so to most places, but Scotland still takes ages. I went to Harris (and St kilda in fact) this summer and my god that took a while. The drive is fun in good weather if you're not rushing though I think.
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Ah ramsbottom, I'm from burnley originally. Lived there 18yrs, so used to share the same journey times when I went walking with my dad!
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you have been featured :)

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Crisp and brilliant indeed - and not August, I'll wager :) To think there are people out there who don't know anywhere in England can ever look like this :)
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I took this a while ago on my film slr and 'forgot' about it on my parents home computer. I was visiting them a couple of weeks ago and re-discovered a few photos.

It was one of the better days I've had in the lakes... it's not grey for a start :D
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very nice captured..
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Wonderful shot!
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beautiful composition
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Thank you very much! :D
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Cracking stuff - no nits from me.
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Why thank you pete! :bow:
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lol! The B&W conversion was a great idea.
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