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Laying down on my bed to sleep
i close my eyes and i slowly weep
i try yo tire and breath in deep
but my heart beats faster
and sour tears drip
it hurts so much to see you go
i will follow whereever the wind will blow
life must go on and i must grow
but ill remember you from head to toe
no matter what consequences its going to be
its not going to happen between you and me
its written on the stars can't you see
because we live in a different world
theres no way you'll be my girl
i can accept this but for how long
im growing tired of listening to sad songs
those days i cant quit thinking of you
and the poems i wrote about you and me
and the paranoia i had
all wasted
your not a deliquent for stealing my heart
and i had never wished i fall for you from the start
i was at burger king alone munching on my turkey beacon :P (Lick) and i suddenly had flashbacks, took out my paper and start writting again :) (Smile)
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August 6, 2002
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