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It has been a year and a half ever since i laid eyes on you.
I didnt fall in love with a girl but an angel and the angel is you.
YOur beauty, Your Heart and your mind struck me likr a thousand knives
leaving me with a deep scar that will stain here in my heart. Your smile melted
my heart and oyur laughter and voice lifeted me up as if theres zero gravity.
I Still remember that dance we have last time, the way you hold me. How i wish
that could be forever. You are my goddess that i worshipped and the one i will submit
But for now XXXX, all hopes are gone. It seems that somebody else is in your heart
and i hope that your are happy with him. MY heart broke ionto pieces that my chances are
lost. I cant cey, i cant sigh because its too painful. I always preyed that to the almighty
that one day that you'll be mine but it seems that the prayers are not heard. As long as you
are happy to whom you are with. I want to see you happy XXXX, but for me, ill just sit here
in the shadows and be sad and depressed. It doesnt matter for me as long as you are merry
and smillin always. I dont think u place me anywhere in your heart but you will be in mine
always. I really love you XXXX and i hope you realize, how much i fall for you. Maybe i can
be your special friend, the one who can help you and even care in anyways. FOr now i will
suffer the painful times im going through now. Its either i wait for you or let you go, i let
you go once and i dont know if im going to let it happen again. I can only hope for a miracle
Hopefully one day, i will be yours, only God knows when. For now i'll pray for your
happiness and for your exams. Be happy to whom you are with, take care of him, he might love
you even more then i do.

I really hope you realize now how much
i care and love you

This is a confession letter i just send to someone i really like head over heals but it seems i cant manage to take her heart away. All names are protected
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smashingpumpkins86 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2002
that is a nice letter........ maybe something good will happen for you in the future. That's great
mortichro Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2002
hahaha sorry theres a lot of typos and mistakes coz i woke up at 8 with sleepy eyes to type this
mariamaria Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2002   Writer
If a guy sent me that, I'd buy him a dictionary. ;-) (Wink) Good luck, man.

jizzlet Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2002
I think that is really sweet, if a guy sent me that I would drop everything for him :) (Smile) That person is insane, if they didn't see you.
b2hanson Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2002
I didn't read the excert. The picture is upsetting my stomach. I hate dead animals.

That hurts. Lets Spit.

kaaos Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2002
i really don't know why.. but i read it truoght... :D (Big Grin)
werdna Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2002
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July 6, 2002
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