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Homecoming is a few hours away. I wait for the final call. I am coming home to the place where i\'ved grown. I heard the girl whom i once lost now calling me back to love her again. My parents leave the house to me as they move to a small one because of their age. Home coming is nothing better than knowing i will be welcomed as a son, a friend, a hero and a lover. Just Cant wait to see her again and to hold her in my arms again. I cant wait to tell everyone about this place. The call for boarding finally announced.

As the plane is still on the ground, the flash back on which i first came here its like a de ja vu its like im getting out of the plane again to live my life in this country but no.. ived done it with the so called country of the free.. im going back to the island of dreams. the flash backs on which i remembered all the time here from the very first time i got out of the plane till i board it for a one way ticket home. As i have awoken from the memories.. im already in the air.

A few hours later, the captain announces that theres a storm ahead. Nothing bothers me much because i assume thats its gonna be a smooth flight. I put al lthe fear away to the memories of my childhood and the time of adolescence in my homeland. I sigh.. and shocked by a sudden jerk. My heart jumped for awhile.. and theres the jerk again followed by a loud bang. I know sometimes isnt right, as the captain says over the announcer that a lightning has strike the left engine. Everyone panic and do the necessary stuff for emergency. I was about to cry because i may not have the chance to see my family my home and my friends ever again. i Put my head down and prayed and prayed.

The captain says that we are going to crash. We are all going to die. I know we all are. They say your whole life flashes infront of you before you die. It does, and i can see everyone i know in my life, my family, friends and the girl whom i cannot love because i will be dead soon. My loved one who expects me to return will never see me because in a few seconds time this plane will crash and im going to die.
inspired by foo fighter's A320
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May 26, 2003
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