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I feel like Shouting
I feel like Dying
How could you be happy is i am left aside
How could i be happy if you couldnt decide
Are you lying?
or are you Crying?
Why do i wait?
When i could just climb up the gate
Why am i with you?
Why do u need me here?
I just cant stand the pain
I thought u can take it away but u gave me more
I dont know why i give my heart to you for
I cant bare it
Promises change again and again
When would this end
I hate it this way
Take a gun and kill me now
Hate me for telling you this
Hate me for making you piss
I cant stand falling in love again
I cant stand making myself a burden for you
I cant stand to wait any longer
So why wont u just kill me now?
You be happy to see me go
As ur mind fresh and glow
Down with misery down down down
Frown frown frown
and drown
I wanna cry but i cant... so i just let it out here
lilitheternity Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2003   Writer
i agree with crackedmirror....its beautiful and very sad and think i know how you in a relationship with a guy who says a bunch of crap but does everything he promised not to...bleck, relationships suck....good luck to you though....
crackedmirror Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2003   Writer
aww :( (Sad) beautiful poem and a wonderful way to express things Hug
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January 31, 2003
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