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This finger is twitching
for years my love is nothing
empty like an unloaded gun
i look through that mirror
with anger and pain
my heart so vulgar
silent and vain
who will i kill tonight
myself or the one who breaks my heart
these bullets dive into ur tender meat
eating you alive
die my darling die
your blood so red
as i just shot your head
and insanity steps in
ived become muddled
I have killed you my love
this gun.. isnt a weapon
its the jelousy in me
that kills me too
i hate you so much
it disfunction me
Violence steps in..

i hate you..

u broke my heart

i love you

coz i cant get over it

im... crazy
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MadCatter Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer
Awesome poem :| I like dark poems... they make me happy *sounds demented and gets a lot of weird looks* But I like weird looks to :D

Keep up the good work, and dont think too hard about your relationship ;) Things will get better.
DawnFire84 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2003  Professional Photographer
it's a good poem, a bit dark and disturbing, but a good poem nonetheless, nicely written. Good job! :)
p0rn0cr33p Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2003
apadah, dun be a sadass lah. Wait I slap you ard. That's actually freaky. But anyways, anything that pleases you!
wolfsbane83 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2003
Dude, how long are you going to keep this up? Forget her, she's not worth a shred of your attention. You don't need her to complete you. She is just a memory, one you should just discard into the garbage bin.

BTW, nicely written Poem. At least you're directing your anger and feeling into art instead of actual acts of violence :nod:

Peace be with you, bro.
mortichro Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2003
haha im kinda like over her.. im just bored actually so yeah this is what i produced lol
wolfsbane83 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2003
Pawz89 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2003
It's beautiful, I love the wording, and the subject.
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