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Dear Anna Chestire

Hi, Frank here. I know there might be thousands of men out there trying to get their hands on you and even sending you letters like this one. I first saw you at the cover of MAXIM magazine. I donít fancy these kinds of magazines sometimes but the other day I was on my way back from work when I came across it and saw you on the cover and yes I bought it. Well yes I adore your pictures in the magazine every single one of it and read the article about you. You love Led Zeppelin right? Well I love them too!! It is funny that most of the things you like are some how, mysterious.

I could not sleep the whole night just thinking of you. I kept flipping through the magazine and look at you. I have to confess Miss Anna; I am really in love with you. I know this is awkward and you would careless about it but it is okay Iíll understand. I just canít take my mind out of you. Your smile, that seducing eyes, I was mesmerized by your beauty. I just love it when you let down your long dark hair and smile at the same time making me go crazy over you. Miss Anna, you are a captivating beauty, a goddess and someone who made me smile everyday.

I may not be a prince charming or a hot celebrity, I donít have much money, I only own a scooter. I am just a low paid mechanic but I know I am in love with someone whom is possible to even get close to. I am not some desperate guy wanting to quickly have sex with you donít get me wrong. I am just in love with you. I really hope you reply me something back at least.

                                                                                                 Sincerely and loving Fan
                                   Frank Anthony Gordon
Its a fictional letter. It is written as thought it is for Anna.. but she doesnt exist. This is a story straight from a letter of this guy who is in love with this model from this men's magazine. A story about someone who doesnt really care about erotical sex fantasy but just plain true love.
nosugarjustanger Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2007
This can never be plain true love when they never met before and he was already getting erection in his pants.

Definitely lust. :P
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July 3, 2005
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