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I remember the day we first met
the stars shine like never before
oh, how i will ever not forget that
Your sweet smile
the long wavy hair
and the scent of your skin
reminds me of the time i hold you close
We sang our favourite song together
those wonderful moments
that i thought it will last forever
You told me to stay
and i promise not to go away
i call you sweetheart
you called me baby
and all of the art
we appriciate
even each other..

along comes an old memory
the once dark and unforgiven
finally shines its light
pulling you in again
away from me
once u told me to hold on
now i have to let you go
some one else is better than me
and much more needed

I only wish i could spend my life with you
I only wish for u to bear my child
im trying to put the words together from my feelings
so u will know how much in love i am
To show you what im made of
to show you the true colours of my heart
and do anything to make you happy
to hold u in my arms
telling you everything is going to be fine
if only i have that chance again..
only if...
my heart is... so so painful...
discombobulate Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2003
Crying *sniff* :( (Sad)
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April 12, 2003
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